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It is an amazing good thing to save some money when you’re purchasing medications but for doing this you need to find a reliable online pharmacy which sells exactly what you buy at discounted prices. For finding such a pharmacy I am writing my usual pharmacy reviews trying to determine if the pharmacy is among the reliable ones or among the scam pharmacies. is the pharmacy that I have found while doing my research online and I will try my best to find out as much as I can about this pharmacy. As soon as I have entered this online pharmacy I have seen a well done website, it is user friendly and everything seem to be clear and understandable. People are able to access their accounts here after they are registering on their website. You can search for the medications with search function here and there are a few things, which this pharmacy claims to be offering such as: free shipping, auto ship program and also you can *save today with an expressmed business account*. According to *about us* page, express med is the result of over 80 years of combined experience servicing patients in the healthcare industry. Plus, Express Med is claiming to be headquartered in San Diego county, CA and there’s their exact address shared. I have been doing a bit more research, trying to find more information about this pharmacy and I have found that they are also having social media pages as well, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. so people who wish are able to follow the pharmacy’s activity there. Selection of medications and prices

I have found information on the website suggesting that they are offering more than 40,000 products with an ever growing amount of supported educational materials to accompany them. so there are a lot of medications treating chronic and acute conditions such as: diabetes, mobility, nutritional insufficient, breaks, burns and more. But by researching through their products and categories I have found out this pharmacy is actually a company selling many other different things such as diapers, chairs, walkers, blood meters, drinks, degreasers and many other items. Then I have realized they are not having ED medications such as Viagra. While searching for this product I was offered ImpoAid Ring Kit but no Viagra. On impotence categories there are: condoms, tension bands and penis rings, lubricants etc. but I couldn’t find any prescription drugs there. With this being said, I am not sure if this pharmacy is selling any prescription products at all. If this pharmacy doesn’t sell prescription products it is obvious they are not requiring a prescription either. Simply to give example of prices I can say that Aspirin Children’s pain relief *chewable orange low dose* 36 tablets would cost 4.62 USD. This is simply to give example of what prices are found at this pharmacy. Shipping and payment methods

They claim to have numerous warehouses across the United States and for this reason their standard shipping time is 3 to 5 business days although 90% of all orders will get delivered within 2 business days. There is information on their shipping page that they are not offering international shipping at this time. There is some information about shipping fees which claims that it is 8 USD for standard delivery and orders under 50 USD and there is also information that they are offering next day delivery, but this option costs 40 USD for orders under 50 USD and 30 USD for orders more than 50 USD. They are also offering a tracking number when you order from them. This pharmacy claim to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. does not accept payment by cash or check at this time. Customer Support Service

I am not very sure if this online pharmacy is offering prescription drugs or not and I am quite sure that there are people who might be having some other questions as well. For asking all these questions, people are able to give the pharmacy a phone call (but make sure you do this in the regular business hours), you can use the contact form available on the contact page, social media pages and lastly, they claim to have live chat function on the site either, however they claimed that their agents are not available right now so I can only leave them a message. Coupon Codes

While searching for coupon codes I was not able to find anything except for the fact that this pharmacy is offering free standard shipping for orders above 50 USD. The problem is that except for this offer they do not seem to be offering anything else. I was not able to find any coupon codes, no discounts or anything in this matter. Maybe we should contact the customer support service first. Reviews

According to and to all the information that I was able to find while searching for information and reviews in google about this pharmacy, is an popular pharmacy, nevertheless there are not very much customer reviews as much as I have managed to find. Plus to that, except for the fact that there are not too much customer reviews, there seem to be quite a good number of negative reviews either. In the end, it seems that this pharmacy is reliable and there’s a very small chance that you’re going to pay for something and you’re going to get scammed. However people writing reviews have described other problems going around such as rude customer reviews, incompetent staff and others problems going around.


In the end, I would say that this pharmacy might be worth it, but there are chances that something would go wrong, like getting nearly expired meds, getting rude responses, not getting the medications you asked, delays in delivery and others. Plus to that, there does not seem to be prescription drugs. All in all I would say that deserves 4 out of 5 and I would say that there are better options.

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