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Another UK pharmacy that I am going to review today is Express Chemist and I say that this is an UK pharmacy simply by checking its domain address name: and later I hope I will get this confirmed. I have accessed their main page and I saw a good website, user friendly, with information well arranged on the site making it much easier to navigate through the site which, to my opinion, is very important. In addition to that, people are able to change the currency on the website and although the site is UK so obviously the currency is preselected GBP, I had the opportunity to change it to USD which is very good. according to the information you can see as soon as you enter their website, Express Chemist are a UK online pharmacy. They claim that since the year 2000, they have been specializing in providing fast, discreet delivery of their carefully selected range of pharmacy medicines. So that’s very good if true because a 18 years old pharmacy should have a lot of experience in pleasing their customers and it is much easier to have trust in a pharmacy that has been around for the last 18 years. In addition to that, they claim to have medicines that is able to treat the symptoms of all types of ailments which is very good either. I have managed to find information claiming that they are all fully legally and they are a registered pharmacy in UK. Plus they have Facebook and Twitter social media pages. There’s information suggesting that they are located in London, UK. The pharmacy promises to offer: confidential service; express delivery and helpful service. They also claim to be specialized in medicines that are treating common conditions. They are only listing treatments that they are believing are high quality and effective. They would give you an honest advice instead of just selling stuff and many other things. So far, this all sounds amazing. Selection of medications and prices

As I mentioned earlier, this online pharmacy is claiming that they are offering medications that are capable to treat the symptoms of all ailments and with this being said, I can assume that the selection of medications on their site is wide. Indeed, according to the categories of medications, there are a lot of different medications on their website for a lot of different ailments. There are meds for: head and mind; blood and heart; sexual health, first aid, skin, nose, ears and many others. There are even medications for pets. In the categories, there are *prescriptions* and since these medications are differently categorized, I can assume that they require a valid prescription to offer such medications. As in terms of prices, I have seen they are offering Viagra, Cialis Levitra and many other types of drugs but I noticed the prices are really really high here. For example Viagra 100 mg would cost 50 GBP for 8 tablets. As much as it seems, they do not have generic forms of these medications, but even for brands those are some really high prices. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting to which countries they are shipping to and there’s a list of countries, according to that list, this online pharmacy is selling to a lot of countries and even if there are some few countries to which they do not ship to, I still can assume they do ship worldwide, however most of medicines, as they claim, cannot be delivered to USA and Canada. Not sure if they sell prescription drugs to other countries though. There is no information about the shipping charges and about the shipping fees on their site, unfortunately but on their checkout page there are like 5 different options to choose from. In terms of payment methods there are different credit cards such as: visa, delta, mastercard, maestro JCB and Visa Electron. They offer a few other payment methods Customer Support Service

A good customer support is very important for any online pharmacy to my opinion. To get in touch with this online pharmacy I have checked the methods available and they include: the contact form on their website, to use one of their phone numbers listed on the site or you could also use their exact address to write a mail. I can assume that you could also get in touch with them via their Facebook or twitter page. no live chat function is available on their website, unfortunately. Coupon Codes

According to the information on their website, people can save money by purchasing some certain medications that according to the pharmacy are on a discounted price. There are also some other products that have the policy: get 1 and get one for free. However, besides these methods to save some money you cannot save money as they do not seem to have free shipping, there are no coupon codes or anything in this matter. Reviews

Luckily, I did have managed to find customer reviews online and that’s very good as they can really help us determine if the pharmacy is worth it or not. What’s even better is that as much as it seems, most of the customer reviews are happy and wrote positive reviews about this pharmacy. Scam warning engines like also have trust about this pharmacy. There are people who said this pharmacy is the best and they often use it. Nevertheless, there is a quite good number of negative reviews as well which we shouldn’t ignore. In fact, there are few people who said they never got anything (no products and no refund) and there are people who said they got expired products which is pretty disappointing.

Conclusion indeed does seem to be a pharmacy that is reliable, registered and doing legal activity since it is so popular among customers and has so many positive reviews. Nevertheless, there are a lot of negative reviews and that should be taken in consideration, exactly as it is the fact that they offer very few deals with no coupon codes and high prices. This is why, all in all, my rating is 3 stars out of maximum 5.

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