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Lately I have been reviewing some of the biggest pharmacies in the United States and now I have realized that I haven’t yet wrote a review about Express Scripts with the website Since it is such an big American company writing a review about this company is a *must* as well and to make a general idea about what is Express Scripts I can say that according to Wikipedia information, this is an American Fortune 100 company, in 2017 the company is being considered to be the 22nd largest in the United States company and also it is the largest pharmacy benefit management organization in the United States. According to the information I could find the number of employees working for this company (in 2016) was 25,600 people. This company has been founded in 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States and it has its headquarters there. I have went to their website to find out more information about this company and I’ve found the fact that this Company is URAC, VIPPS as well as NCQA accredited which means they are a 100% legal company which are licensed to sell drugs across the US territory. I’ve analyzed their website which I’ve seen that it features Spanish languages for those who need it, you’re able to register an account on their website and sign in to it. I’m not very sure if creating an account would give you some privileges or if that’s a *must* for their clients. Those people who cannot speak English are able to talk with them in the language that they need by calling a phone number listed on the Express Scripts’ website.

Selection of medications and prices on

As all big pharmaceutical pharmacies in the United States, there are no drugs listed on their own website and there’s no way to find out what kind of prices for medications they have by checking the website. What I can suspected is that this pharmaceutical company should be selling all known drugs that are approved to be sold in USA and that’s why I think that whatever drug you may need, you may find it on Express Scripts. As in regards to the prices, the reason why many people start searching for online pharmacies are the big prices for medications offered by big US pharmacies and I doubt that Express Scripts is an exception. I’ve searched on google for: Viagra on Express Scripts and I still couldn’t find a price for it. I guess there are no prices listed because they depend on your insurance plan and many others. There is no doubt in the fact that this company is requiring all their customers to show a valid prescription upon ordering medications that are requiring a prescription and that’s because the company is 100% legit and legit companies are obligated to require a valid prescription before dispensing medications that need Rx.

Shipping and payment options on

I am not able to talk about the payment methods due to the fact that there are none of them listed on their website so I am not sur what payment methods they accept. What I can assume is that you are able to pay cash if you go to one of their stores yourself and get the medicine yourself. Another thing what I can assume is that you’re able to pay with credit/ debit card both ordering online and going to one of their stores. However I am not very sure in none of them. In regards to the shipping, as much as I could find on their website I saw that you can get home delivery from this pharmacy depending on some things like insurance plan and so on. You can order online via their website or via their mobile application. You’re getting a free standard shipping but I found out that they are also offering express shipping, unfortunately no information on delivery times or delivery fees. I can assume that they are accepting orders only within USA.

Customer Support

This is one of the largest company in the USA and with that being said, it would be extremely hard in my opinion for such a big company to *hide* from their clients. You can reach this company in multiple ways like multiple phone numbers, social media platforms, emails or even by going to their offices. So reaching them shouldn’t be a problem, what I am wondering is whether their customer support department is really good or worthless.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have found any coupon codes on their own website and that’s why I started to search to see whether do they have coupon codes on external websites and they did. Express Scripts does seem to offer coupon codes to their consumers and this way making them save some money. In addition to the coupon codes, as I said, they are offering free standard shipping. Other than these I couldn’t find anything else. Reviews

This was the point when I’ve got disappointed by Express Scripts company, be it even such a big company in USA. I got disappointed when I’ve searched for Express Scripts reviews in google and I read some reviews on different reviewing websites like, and The average rate of this company is 1 – 2 out of 5 from each of those reviewing company rated by anywhere between 120 – 300 customers of this company. There were some people saying that they are happy with the services offered by this company, but it could be easily noticed that most people were complaining on multiple things like unprofessional staff, rude customer department and many others. I’ve also found reviews on (and BBB said that this Business is not BBB accredited) with 192 total customer reviews 187 of which are negative. These reviews aren’t encouraging to use this company at all.


The fact that this company is one of the largest in USA making it 100% legit and scam free that’s very good. However the fact that customer reviews are so disappointing plus the fact that the prices here, compared to online pharmacies, aren’t by far the best, I am going to say that it deserves a rate of 3 out of 5 because everything seems fine except for these 2 very important things: prices and customer reviews.

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