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ExclusiveRxSales.com is an online pharmacy which seems to be really well made (by analyzing only the site’s design) so this is why I am going to write a review about it. Talking about the design of the site, everything is understandable and well made with user friendly interface and therefore this greatly facilitates the navigations through this pharmacy’s website. Those customers having a hard time understanding English language or converting USD to their currencies are able to change both of these on the website and to my opinion this greatly helps them navigate through it. No mention about where the pharmacy is located and for how long they have been operating, unfortunately, but they did have mentioned to offer affordable FDA approved medications word wide so that’s very good. The pharmacy claims to be accredited business by Better Business Bureau and has some seals suggesting the site is all secured and hacker free, therefore all your credentials are in safe. The pharmacy claims to offer a range of medications that are offered here including some well known brands as well as some generic products from a variety of categories and since I started talking about this:

Selection of medications and prices ExclusiveRxSales.com

There indeed seems to be a very wide variety of medications or at least that’s what it seems by checking their categories. There is a very long list of categories and that’s the reason I said so. There are medications for: eye conditions weight loss, both men’s and women’s sexual health, sleeping aid, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, allergy and many other medications as well. Checking the men’s sexual health medications I also found a lot of medications and indeed they are offering both brands and generic medications. There are most famous meds like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis generic and brand as well including other meds treating erectile dysfunction too. All in all, I would say that selection of medication is indeed very wide. As in regards to the prices I have checked ED meds and I can mention here that usual dosage of generic Cialis 20 mg in usual quantity of 80 pills would cost you 2.17 USD per pill and to be honest, that’s by far not the best price that I have seen for these medications at online pharmacies. The same goes for all other medications (ED medications) as well. This online pharmacy hasn’t mentioned anything about a prescription and therefore I assume they do not require one for ordering meds here.

Shipping and payment methods ExlusiveRxSales.com

There are 2 shipping option available: EMS and registered mail. EMS has a delivery time of 7 to 17 business days while registered 14 to 22 business days. EMS does have tracking online while registered does not. The problem is that EMS can’t be used by people in all countries while registered is available word wide and EMS costs 25 USD while registered is offered for free for all orders by this pharmacy. Shipping insurance has an extra fee depending on order sum. In terms of payment options, there are 2 available for US customers and only one for all the rest of the world. US customers can choose from credit cards (VISA and Master Card) and eCheck while all the rest of the world only credit cards.

Customer Support Service Exclusiverxsales.com

The toll free phone number is listed on the website so you can call that phone number and talk with them in case you have some questions. The phone number, claimable, is available 24/24. Except for the phone number there is a second option for talking with these people which is contact form that you need to fill up and then wait for a response in your email. No other methods getting in touch with customer support service are available like live chat function online.

Is ExclusiveRxSales.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is ExclusiveRxSales.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

ExclusiveRxSales.com Coupon Codes

That’s extremely good in my opinion when an online pharmacy is offering coupon codes or some discounts because people go through risk of ordering online because they are looking to save some money by purchasing meds online and when an online pharmacy offers discounts that’s amazing. Luckily, this online pharmacy is among those who do offer them. 10% discount is offered to those people who have an account on their website and another 10% discount is offered for those who pay with Master Card instead of VISA. In addition to that, US customers can pay with eCheck and get 20% discount. Every order is offered free shipping by the pharmacy and that’s amazing. Plus to that, you are getting free pills and the more pills you order, the more free pills you get. Also, the more pills you order the more the discount per pill is as well. Plus to all of this, there’s a discount code which you can apply and get extra discounts! That’s all amazing IMO.

ExclusiveRxSales.com Reviews

Except for the testimonials which I found on their own website I have found 2 other reviews online on independent websites and due to the fact that I do not have trust in the testimonials authenticity I’m just going to pay attention to those 2 customer reviews found on independent websites. Both reviews are written in 2017 and the problem is that the reviewers opinions are completely different. One of them said that everything was alright and he is going to order from them again (even though he agrees that the prices are not that great!) while the other reviewer said that it is not worth to trust this pharmacy. Since I found only 2 reviews and they are both different I checked scamadviser.com which seemed to have agreed with the second reviewer: having trust in this pharmacy is not worth. Owner uses a service to hide their identity and the website is only a year old.


There is only one good customer review but he does agree with the fact that the prices are high. The second customer review recommends to stay away from this pharmacy exactly as the scam warning websites do. To be honest I would recommend the same since the owner wants to hide their identity and usually this is done when the pharmacy is a scam. For all these reasons I rate exclusiverxsales.com with 2 out of 5!

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