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Online pharmacies are a very good alternative to local pharmacies for those who look for saving money as online pharmacies are offering medications at a much better/ cheaper price than those in local pharmacies, however there is a risk purchasing from online pharmacies as there’s a very good number of scam online pharmacies that would either steal your money and not send you anything or send you not the products that you ordered. Because of this reason I’m writing these pharmacy reviews, trying to diminish the risks as much as possible so people could safely order from online pharmacies saving money and not getting scammed. Exact-pharma.com is another online pharmacy which I will write a review about and would try to determine whether is it worth to purchase medications here or not. As soon as I have accessed this online pharmacy’s website I realized that it is a pharmacy oriented in selling medications treating erectile dysfunction problems. By analyzing it a little bit more I realized that this is an online pharmacy selling only such kind of medications exclusively and that’s simply by reading the first message I could see on their main page – Exact Pharma – for kamagra and erectile dysfunction. The website is well done, it features language and currency changes, an option which I have used since the pre established currency was GBP and I changed it to USD. You can also register and login to your account on the website. Unfortunately no information about their pharmacy is shared however, since the pre established currency was GBP I can assume this is an UK pharmacy, but I can’t say this for sure.

Selection of medications and prices at exact-pharma.com

As I have mentioned a bit earlier, the selection of medications on this online pharmacy is reduced exclusively to medications treating erectile dysfunction medications. the medications are categorized in 2: tablets and jelly. There’s a total of 9 medications 2 in jelly and 7 in tablets. vardenafil, kamagra, tadalafil, eriacta, super tablets, chewable kamagra soft and aurogra and all meds found in tablets category while kamagra and apcalis are the only meds found in jelly category. Although I changed the currency to USD, the prices on the website still remained in GBP so I assume this is a website technical issue. But when I checked a specific product (vardenafil for example) the prices were in USD. Simply to give an example of price, vardenafil is priced from 1.80 USD to 1.10 USD per pill depending on the quantity of pills – from 10 to 400 tablets. Honestly talking, these are fairly good prices, but by far not the best. This online pharmacy doesn’t mention the fact that they require a prescription so I can assume that they do not require one at all.

Shipping and payment methods Exact-pharma.com

From as much as I could notice on the pre –checkout page where you need to select the country where to ship your products, I noticed that they do not offer world wide shipping, however there’s still quite a good list of countries. Most of them are in EU territory, however there’s also USA, but no Canada. You would need to check if this pharmacy ships to your country. Shipping costs depend on the country selected and products ordered, but I can’t see multiple shipping options. Maximum delivery time is 14 days, but they say that most customers receive their packages within 5 days. This online pharmacy doesn’t accept any other payment methods except for credit cards by VISA or Master card.

Customer Support department exact-pharma.com

If you have some questions then you’re able to ask them by calling the phone numbers listed on their website, there are 2 different phone numbers which you can dial. If you don’t like talking (like me) then you could go on contact page and use the contact form to write your enquiry and then wait for a response back in your email. Unfortunately, there are no other methods to talk with them as there’s no live chat function or anything in this matter.

Is Exact-Pharma.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Exact-Pharma.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Exact-Pharma.com Coupon Codes

On the pre-checkout page, there’s a space left for *discount code* and I am not sure where to get this code as they haven’t mentioned it anywhere online or on their website. Except for that, I couldn’t find anything else. I think that coupon codes are extremely important because as I said, people searching for online pharmacies are searching for methods to get medications are cheaper prices, exact-pharma.com doesn’t seem to offer coupon codes or anything else.

Exact-pharma.com reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important as customer reviews are helping us determine whether is it worth or not using the online pharmacy. I did have found some customer reviews on different independent websites but the problem is that those customer reviews are by far not the most encouraging as most of them were negative. On trustpilot it has 4 reviews, 2 of which said that they have got their products but extremely slow but the other 2 said that they haven’t got anything at all – no products, no refund and no answers. Another independent website I found 6 different reviews with only one being positive saying that everything went fine, however 5 other people said that they also haven’t got no products, no refund and no answers. Most of these people recommend to stay away from exact pharma saying that they are only looking to steal your money and they urgent everyone not to send any credit card information because this way you would get scammed. Scam warning websites also do not have trust in this online pharmacy so with all of this said – it is enough to make a conclusion.


This online pharmacy shared very little information about the pharmacy itself and that is already quite a problem making me guess they are scammers, and then there are customer reviews and scam warning engines that confirms my theory. There are a few positive customer reviews and there’s a high probability that they are fake, written by the online pharmacy staff. With this being said, I can’t recommend a scam pharmacy and I rate it with 1 out of 5!

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