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There’s a very familiar pharmacy to me in terms of website’s design but I know for sure that I never visited this site – and that’s why I am going to start reviewing it. Generally, the fact that the design of the site is so familiar to me, from my experience, is not a good sign, but I still cannot already say that the site is scam or not worth using and that’s why these pharmacy reviews are so important. That’s especially since the design of this pharmacy is really user friendly and well made with well arranged information on it. in addition to that, it has very good options and features, especially for foreign customers and that’s because people can change the site’s language and can change the currency on the site according to their needs. The pharmacy claims to have a social offer consisting of Viagra and Cialis pills and they are offering Global Meds which helps for your health. Although they seem to offer many medications they seem to be mostly focused in selling ED types of drugs. They claim that their drug prices are 70% less than in your local pharmacy and by using their services you can save 70% on drugs which is amazing! They also have other things that I will talk about later. They claim that some reasons why this pharmacy is worth using are: fast world wide shipping; FDA approved medications; no prescription required and lastly; 100% confidential! The site is Geo Trust secured and there’s information on copyright suggesting that they have been online since 2004 but I found no information where their headquarters is located. What’s very important to mention is that this pharmacy claims to have amazingly good accreditations such as: CPA approved pharmacy, top star rated by, CIPA approved pharmacy as well as MIPA approved pharmacy. in order to determine if that’s true I checked the info on cipa’s official website – where I found that does not seem to be in the cipa member data base – unfortunately! Selection of medications and prices

There’s not listed an exact number of drugs that can be found in their drugstore, however I can see the categories of medications which seems to be a lot of them. As I said, they seem to be focused in selling ED drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (and many others) but there are many other drugs such as: asthma, anxiety, blood pressure, allergies, cancer, cholesterol weight loss, quit smoking and many many others. Among their drugs there seem to be OTC medications and prescription medications and both generic and branded medications as well. I would say that the prices at this pharmacy are pretty fair – to moderate. In order to give example I can say that 50 mg 90 pills of generic Viagra would cost you 1.28 USD per pill. I’ve seen prices better (less than 1 USD) and prices worse (more than 2 USD). This online pharmacy is not requiring a valid prescription for purchasing whatever medications on their website according to the information that I have managed to find on the site. Shipping and payment methods

As much as I could find information on the pharmacy’s site, they are offering world wide shipping to all countries in the world. There are 2 shipping options people can choose from which includes: airmail that has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 3 weeks and usually has no tracking online and there’s the second shipping option which is EMS that has a delivery period of 3 to 8 business days and does have tracking online but unfortunately not all countries can use this option. Airmail shipping has a fee of 10 USD while EMS has a fee of 30 USD. Payment methods include only 2 credit cards: VISA and Master Card. Customer Support Service

From as much as I have noticed on their website, the pharmacy seem to offer 2 methods to get in touch with them, or that’s what it seems. I have managed to see that they are offering 2 phone numbers that you can call and get live assist if you need so or you could fill up the contact form on their website if you do not have an urgent inquiry and they claim to respond by your email as soon as possible. Their customer support specialists speak English only.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I said earlier, this pharmacy claims to offer a special price for ordering both Viagra and Cialis together. In addition to that, they claim to offer free standard airmail shipping for orders over 200 USD, also orders over 200 USD get 10% discount too. The pharmacy is also offering free bonus ED pills, better prices by purchasing more pills at once (if purchasing in bulk) and lastly they offer coupon codes. They are offered to people who have previously ordered from them. Reviews

I was already not expecting too much from this online pharmacy, to be honest, after I have seen that they are lying about their accreditations. But I still checked for customer reviews where I found none on independent websites. I did have seen they are offering testimonials on their own site but there’s a high chance those are fake reviews (especially because they were super familiar to me meaning that I’ve read them somewhere else). In the end,’s verdict was – high risk! Low trust rating (of 0%), this site may not be safe to use. No other scam warning engine had trust in the pharmacy and said this is a rogue internet pharmacy. I guess that’s all enough to make a conclusion about this pharmacy.


As much as it seems, this pharmacy is definitely not trustworthy. All scam warning engines are telling the same – having trust in this pharmacy might end up really bad and there are no customer reviews to say otherwise except for the testimonials which are most likely – fake. All in all, due to all these reasons, my rating for is 1 star out of 5.

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