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When I’m searching for online pharmacies I’m finding all types and sorts of online pharmacies that I can some of them are oriented in selling a single type of medications, others are being oriented in selling a lot of types of medications. The pharmacy that I have found today is and as soon as I have accessed their main page I have noticed that this is a French website. That’s the moment when I realize how important it is when the pharmacy is offering the option to change the website language. Unfortunately, this one does not. I still decided to write a review about this pharmacy as maybe there’s some French people who might be interested in purchasing something from the site and I think that it would be a good idea to write this review. Problem is that I am not speaking French and so, my review will be in English. So, with the help of Google Translate I started doing my review about The website of this pharmacy looks fairly good, it is user friendly and the information seem to be well arranged on the site. Seems, this site pharmacy is having 2 different pharmacies named Genappe and Tamines, both of these pharmacies seem to have their exact addresses shared on the site, pharmacy number and their own working hours – all of which you can see on their website as soon as you enter the website. I was not able to find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been online. You can check the information about the pharmacy’s services and either google translate has translated it strangely, either the information is very strange. That’s because according to the information there their services include: your pharmaceutical file, control of drugs, expired drugs, home delivery and leasing. Selection of medications and price

To check the selection of medications I have checked the products and there I have noticed they are offering a limited selection of medications for limited health conditions: rental service; sports nutrition; first aid/ home care; herbal teas; body care; hair care; foot care; baby; pregnancy; men’s care; veterinary care; foods/ diet; product for contact lenses and that’s it. I searched for Health – AZ and there I found that you can read information about each health condition you can find there. I expected to see some drugs in *erectile dysfunction* but by clicking on it I got an error message. The website, generally, seemed strange after a few minutes of browsing through it – and it doesn’t seem to be fully functional now. In the end, I couldn’t determine what’s the selection of medications in this online pharmacy. I used the search function and I searched for Viagra. There I have seen that Viagra by Pfizer 50 mg 4 tablets would cost you 45 EUR. That’s quite a big price compared to the prices on other online pharmacies to be honest. There’s not an FAQ page and there is no information if they require a prescription, but I think that they won’t send prescription drugs without showing a valid prescription first. Shipping and payment methods

I was trying to get to the checkout page in order to check what are the shipping and what are the payment methods available since there is not a FAQ page available anywhere on the site where I could read more information about these points. In fact, there’s absolutely no information absolutely anywhere on their website about the shipping and about the payment methods. With this being said, I can’t talk about them except for them fact that when I tried to access the checkout page I couldn’t show where to send the medications, but I was only to select the collection point at either Genappe or Tamines Pharmacy to go and collect them myself. With this being said, I’m not sure if the pharmacy offers shipping at all! Customer Support Service

As I have said it a bit earlier, this online pharmacy has 2 pharmacies addresses shared on their website. With this being said I can assume that you can go at either one if you wish. You can write a mail at either one if you wish and each of them has their own phone numbers you can call. Or I have noticed that you can get in touch with them via email if you wish. Coupon Codes

As much as it seems, at this moment, the pharmacy does not offer coupon codes, in fact, I couldn’t find anything in this matter – no free pills, free shipping (if they’re offering shipping), discounts for medications or anything. Maybe I couldn’t find anything because, as I said, their website seems to be pretty strange, whatever the case, there doesn’t seem to be anything. Reviews

By searching for reviews I could only find 12 of them all of which were written in *google reviews* and all of which were addressed to Genappe pharmacy. Problem is that the reviews were only sharing their experience IN the pharmacy and with this being said, the pharmacy does not seem to offer shipping. Although most of the pharmacies were positive, there were a few who didn’t had such good words to say about this pharmacy. I was searching for information on and it seems that the site is safe to use according to tried to search if the pharmacy is legit on legitscript but they don’t have any information. Anyway, the pharmacy seem to be safe to use.


The reason why I am going to rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 is because the prices here are much higher compared to prices at other online pharmacies, because of their strange website and because of no coupon codes or ways to save money as well as, seemingly, no possibility to get medications shipped. It has good reviews, and trust from scam warning engines, but that’s just not enough.

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