| Euro Med 24×7 Reviews & Coupons | Euro Med 24x7 Reviews & is the domain address of the online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing, an online pharmacy which has a really well made design of the website with user friendly interface, where everything is easily accessible and you can easily navigate through the website. I really like such websites because it greatly facilitates the navigation and simply because it looks good. But besides the fact that it has a good looking website, they also seem to have a functional website with good features where you can change the currency on the website in case you do not use USD, you can use the search function for finding the needed medications or you can go to your cart and see the items added. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information stating for how long they have been in the business or from which country they are operating. I personally don’t really love such kind of *mysteriousness* but that’s not an extremely big problem. Instead, has shared reasons of why this online pharmacy is so good: high quality medications, free discreet shipping, secure online transactions, money back guarantee and lastly: fast world wide delivery. In case these are not only words but actual promises which would be kept – this is all very good and worth using. But let’s hope that it is all true and not only lies.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As I have mentioned this a little bit earlier you’re able to search for the medications needed by using the search function available on the website and that can quickly show you the results of the needed drug. However in case you don’t actually know the exact name of the drug then you can search for it through the categories of medications which are categorized by health condition they can treat. So there are medications for: weight loss, anti anxiety, ADHD, Smoking Cessation, Pain Relief and many other drugs capable of treating many other health conditions and with this being said, I can conclude that they are having a lot of different medications and therefore, their drugs selection is very wide. In men’s sexual health there are a lot of different medications with the famous drugs being there as well, drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both generic and brand forms either. Talking about the prices I can mention about these medications in generic forms so: Viagra 0.92 USD per pill, Cialis 1.61 USD per pill and Levitra 1.56 USD per pill. If brands: Levitra: 6 USD per pill, Cialis 7.20 USD per pill and Viagra 6.80 USD per pill. Honestly, these are fairly good prices, but definitely not the cheapest prices for these medications compared to other online drugstores. There’s no mention of prescription and therefore I can assume that they do not need prescriptions for ordering from them.

Shipping and payment methods

There are 2 shipping options available: registered mail which has a delivery time of 14 to 22 business days and costs 15 USD but there’s also EMS shipping option which costs 25 USD but has a faster delivery time of 7 to 17 business days and plus it does have online tracking while Registered mail usually doesn’t have it. There’s also shipping insurance for an additional cost. They claim to accept orders world wide to all countries on the globe. Payment methods include only credit cards and only visa and master card. In fact, there is a second payment method available, however it is only available for US customers: echeck. And those US customers paying with echeck would pay 15% less.

Customer Support Department

If you are having some questions that need to be asked then you can do it by giving them a phone call at a phone number which is listed on their website. however in case you do not like talking then you can use the contact form available on their website and then wait for a response back in the email that you need to mention. Sadly but there are no other ways of getting in touch with them except for these 2. Coupon Codes

I have already mentioned one method that can make you save some money and that’s paying with echeck (giving you 15 % off) but this is only available for US customers. But they are also offering discount codes which can make you save money (I can assume that it is only offered to customers who already ordered here), they are offering cheaper prices if you are ordering in bulk pills and they seem to offer free shipping in case you order more pills either. Although I have seen more/ better offers from pharmacies, these are still good. Reviews

By searching online for customer reviews I wasn’t able to find a single customer review anywhere online about and this greatly makes me doubt in the fact that this pharmacy actually has customers. However, in the time that I was searching for customer reviews I did have found the report about this pharmacy from and analyzing I found some alarming things which makes me want to stay away from this pharmacy. It is the fact that doesn’t have trust in this pharmacy and the reasons are: the domain age is less than half a year; the owner of the website uses a service which hides their identity; the website seems to be operated from Russia and that’s a high risk country and plus to that, the website looks like it is being hosted on a compromised server. It doesn’t have any customer reviews (except for testimonials on their own website which I recommend not to have trust in those testimonials) either and this is all too suspicious.


I will recommend everyone to stay away from and recommend you all to search for a better place to shop prescription medications and that’s because all the reason I mentioned above makes me think that ordering here would most likely end you being scammed. I will rate it with 1 out of 5 for all those reasons.

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