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This online pharmacy with the domain is a pharmacy which claims, from a statement that I found on their home page, that they are one of the UK leading online clinics. From a little bit of research through their site I have come to the conclusion that they are having their own healthcare providers and they are specialized in the prescription treatment for the erectile dysfunction drugs mostly, but they also have contraception medications as well as drugs for different other diseases. I’ve been searching through their medications list and they seem to specialist on the ‘human reproductive parts issues’ as they are having mostly drugs for erectile dysfunction, genital herpes, genital warts, urethritis, STIs, diarrhea and others, but there are also others. As stated, they claim to be one of the leading UK online pharmacy and that’s while I barely could find information about this online pharmacy on external sites. I found that this pharmacy has been established in 2004, in UK, and they are still continuing their business from UK, London. Claimable they are highly reliable website that is mostly aimed at European customers only. Seemingly the site is run by Hexpress Healthcare Ltd. This is a site which can offer their customers online consultations for their customers. They’re also claiming that they have a database more than 7300 patients that think their pharmacy is ‘Outstanding’. So we’re about to find this out.

The Selection

As stated earlier, they are having a store of drugs that are mostly focused on erectile dysfunction, but there are other different diseases which their drugs can treat. However, I’ve noticed that most of their drugs are focused on ‘human reproductive parts issues’ since they are having drugs for diseases such as ‘genital warts’, ‘chlamydia’, ‘genital herpes’, ‘ bacterial vaginosis’, as well as many others. I’ve mostly looked at their erectile dysfunction medications and I could find a total number of 5 drugs for ED issues: Viagra, Cialis, Cialis Once Daily, Levitra, Levitra Orodispersible. Claimable, all of their medications are brands (like for example Viagra is made by Pfizer company). I am not sure if all the rest medications found in their stores are ‘brands’ but that seem to be so as much as they claim. I also wasn’t able to find an exact number of drugs that they have in their store but since you choose your medications based on your health condition and since they have an approximate number of 30-40 health conditions which their drugs can cure, I assume their list of drugs should be vast. Price comparison of drugs

The prices for 4 tablets of Viagra product would cost you £ 79.95 which would make it around 105 US Dollars, therefore that’s a little bit more than 25 US Dollars for one Viagra Pfizer pill. In regards to this I can say: the price is really high, but I have seen prices much higher. There are online pharmacies from which you get one Viagra Pfizer pill for like 70 US Dollars. 25 US Dollars is also too much, but it is ‘acceptable’ if I can say so. Haven’t checked the price for other drugs as I’m mostly focused on prices for ED drugs.

Do require a prescription?

Yes they do require a prescription. According to the information I found about it, the site won’t send you the pills without showing them a valid prescription. However, I have discussed with them through their customer service (online) and they said that they are able to write you a valid prescription themselves, but only after talking with one of their physicians (via online consultation).

What are the payment methods?

You can use your card (debit too) as they are accepting Visa and Master Card (only) and Bank Transfer. However, no other payment methods are accepted so if you don’t want to make a Bank Transfer and you don’t have either a Visa or Master Card then you won’t be able to buy anything from this online pharmacy. Shipping

This company is established in UK and it is aimed at European customers. This online pharmacy does not ship in USA. I’ve tried to purchase something from this site but the only countries I’ve seen listed in their checkout was United Kingdom, of course, and… Brazil? I found it super strange that they are aimed at *European* Customers but they do not ship anywhere else than UK and… Brazil? So they have one super strange shipping (at least in my opinion) only in UK and Brazil. Since I don’t live in UK nor in Brazil I wasn’t able to get it shipped to me and so I can’t talk about delivery times. However, the information on their site suggests that all orders that are placed before 4:30 PM are dispatched immediately and their patients are getting their items delivered the very next day (not sure if that applies to Brazil customers either). Also they suggest that the shipping is free for whatever order you place (be it only 4 pills of whatever). Customer Service

You can talk with their staff via Live chat and by calling them by their phone number 020 3322 1755. According to the information on their site, their patient support is available only Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00 (I assume UK time) which to be honest isn’t quite enough, as I said, I discussed with their staff via Live Chat and the person answered all my questions in a professional way so that’s good.

Is a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to is an unapproved pharmacy: Coupons and discount?

Yeah, they do have coupons and they do have discounts. Discounts though are only for women, not sure what’s the thing but they give a 10% discount on all drugs that are purchased by women. And coupons are offering discounts of 5% or 6% I guess depending on what you’re purchasing etc.

Reviews of

I managed to find reviews of on sites other than their own. Most of the reviews seem to be positive. Mostly people were complaining only on their price (putting rates of 2, 3 and 4 on price) but 5 on everything else. As much as I can understand, those are only UK people. Most generally, most people seemed to get quality products, firmly packaged and nobody complained on their delivery service.

The conclusion:

My personal rate for this online pharmacy is 3 out of 5. The reason is that they should be shipping to USA customers too, in my opinion, or at least in other European Countries since they are claiming to be aiming at European customers. That’s one big minus in my opinion. And another big minus which is why I took away 2 stars out of 5 is the big prices. Again, there are online pharmacies which have much bigger prices, but there are online pharmacies that have much lower prices (even for Viagra from Pfizer). In conclusion I would recommend this online drugstore only for rich people based in UK (and maybe Brazil) for the rest, this is not a good store.

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