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I was searching for pharmacies online and then I have found the website and that’s the site that I will review now. The website seems to be user friendly, it seems to be well done where everything is understandable and you can easily access everything that you need. The well done website with user friendly interface gives a feeling of reliability and although this is not always true, I still love the good looking websites over those which are cheaply made and I barely understand anything and can’t normally navigate through. People are able to change the website’s currency and I tried to change it to USD since it was pre selected GBP, however I couldn’t do it since there’s no USD currency which is strange to my opinion. There only seems to be different European currencies with Euro, of course, being included. Information on the website suggests this is Europe’s Leading Online Clinic. Plus to that, there are some reasons shared by the company describing as to why this company is worth using: private and confidential service; genuine and branded medication; all inclusive service and lastly: next day UK delivery. They claim to be an UK Registered Pharmacy. They claim to be running since 2011 and according to the information on their website, the site is run by Hexpress Healthcare Ltd with the headquarters in London, UK. They claim to provide confidential medical consultations online, offer private prescriptions issued by a registered doctor, dispense medications from an accredited pharmacy, offer free next day delivery, provide free medical advice and support and others as well. So far, the company with all the claims including their website are all looking good, but we have to check it further. Selection of medications and prices

The medications are categorized by: men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, general health, travel medicine and skin care. Each of these categories have sub categories where, for example, men’s health have sub categories as: hair loss, premature ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction drugs. So you can search for drugs by categories or you could use the search function. I checked the ED Drugs where I found Viagra, Cialis and Levitra being there, but the generic form was only available for Cialis. You cannot get medications without a valid prescription, however as I said earlier, if you don’t have an valid prescription then applying for an online consultation might end up in this clinic offering you one. I’ve checked the prices and so to give example I’ve taken generic Cialis (tadalafil) where I found out that for 4 tablets you would need to pay 29 GBP and for 16 tablets: 85 GBP. To be honest, compared to other online pharmacies these are some extremely high prices for this medication. There are pharmacies offering a lot much better prices. Shipping and payment methods

For going on the checkout page you need to *start your consultation* and since I will not do this, I tried to find out information about these points by FAQ page which I have accessed. There I found out that they are offering same day shipping in London only and to addressed living within approximately 40 miles from the centre of London. All other countries will have a 1 to 2 days delivery. Due to lack of information on FAQ page I am not able to say whether they are offering shipping to all countries, but they seem to ship only to European territory and there doesn’t seem to be any information about shipping fee or if there’s an online tracking. They claim to accept major credit cards as payment methods as well as bank transfer and various invoice payment (where it is available). Customer Support Service

As I said, the exact address was shared online so you could use it for mailing if you wish to. But a much faster way to get a response if you have questions is email that’s also available or live chat function for getting instant responses. But last method to get in touch with them which also gets you instant response is by calling them, there are various phone numbers listed in different countries: UK, CH, NO, FR, DE and others European numbers. Their customer support service is available in different languages.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Regardless of how much I was searching for coupon codes I simply couldn’t find any. This online pharmacy/ company does not seem to offer any coupon codes, discounts or special offers. The only thing they claim to offer (which is free) is online consultation and free shipping as nobody needs to pay for these 2 since they are included in the prices for medications. However, frankly, to my opinion, this is by far not enough, especially taking in consideration they have extremely high prices for meds. Reviews

According to the big number of reviews on the website is worth using as 85% rated it 5 out of 5 and only 3% rated it with 1 out of 5. Nevertheless, there are other reviewing website like where I didn’t found so good reviews. The overall satisfaction seems to be unsatisfactory and many reviewers said this pharmacy is no good to use. On there’s a reviewer who said that used this pharmacy for quite a good while when out of a sudden, the pharmacy simply stopped to send him medications that were already paid for. He said he’s now sure he got scammed by the pharmacy. according to the pharmacy is unapproved and doesn’t have trust in this pharmacy.


The fact that this pharmacy has so many good customer reviews is of course a very good thing, nevertheless, except for those lots of good customer reviews and good looking website there’s nothing else good I can say about it: high prices for medications, no discounts or coupon codes, no shipping to USA, no trust from and unapproved on with a few negative customer reviews. Not sure if the pharmacy is reliable, but even if it is, wouldn’t say that it is worth it so I rate it with 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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