| Euro Clinics Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I will review today as it is the pharmacy that I have found by doing my research in attempt of finding reliable online pharmacies. Checking the main page of this pharmacy I would say that they are having a very well done website since it is user friendly and everything seem to be easily accessible and understandable by navigating through the site. This, to my opinion, is something pretty important since you can easily find whatever you need on the site and this give the site a sense of reliability which is good. The pharmacy claims that the site is all 100% secure, they claim to have world wide shipping and high quality drugs for affordable prices. All of this sounds really good but later I’m going to check if all of this is true or not. While checking for website’s options I noticed that people can change the website language to English or Spanish and they can change the currency as well to either USD, GBP or EUR. I have tried to find more information about the pharmacy where I have accessed *about us* page but what’s strange is that even though the language that I selected was English, the information on this page was all in Spanish. That’s strange but I used translators, there the pharmacy claimed to have more than 8 years in the pharmaceutical business and they are offering best quality medications at affordable prices and they claim that their main objective is their customers health. Selection of medications and prices

As soon as you enter the website you can see there’s *categories* and there are categories of medications, there seem to be a lot of categories of medications by health condition and with this being said, I can assume that the selection of medications is really really wide. There are medications treating: diabetes, anti herpes, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, cholesterol, blood pressure and many other health conditions. With this being said, I can assume that the selection of meds is wide here for different needs. With this being said I tried to find what kind of prices they are offering here and so I have checked the ED medications where I found lots of different drugs including the famous drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra all in generic, brand and other forms. I have to say that to my opinion, the prices are fairly good, not the best and not the worst. That’s because, for example, 50 mg of generic Viagra 90 pills would be 109 USD and that’s 1.21 USD per pill. A fair price for such medication in that quantity. I was not able to find a single mention about a prescription therefore I can assume the pharmacy doesn’t require anybody to show a valid prescription. Shipping and payment methods

As I mentioned a bit earlier, this online pharmacy claims to offer shipping word wide to everyone and that’s a very good thing to my opinion as everybody can order medications here and that’s amazing. As a lot of other online pharmacies, euro clinics is also offering 2 shipping methods and they include: air mail delivery which costs 26 USD, it does comes with an online tracking option and the shipping varies as it may be anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. The second shipping option is delivery EMS which costs 30 USD, it also has an online tracking but not all countries can use this shipping method and it has a delivery timeframe of 1 to 2 weeks. In terms of payment methods they accept just credit cards as American Express, VISA and Master Card and also they accept Bitcoin only. Customer Support Service

People who are having questions might ask them to the customer support service and for doing this people can either call the pharmacy by the phone number either by contacting them via contact form on the pharmacy’s contact page. Make sure that if you’re going to call them you do this in their working hours. The last method they claim to be available is chat online which is available 24 hours, however when trying to click it, the page is unavailable so it seems they do not have this option, yet/ anymore.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Except for the fact that the more pills you’re ordering the more the discounts (because ordering in bulk gives you cheaper prices per pill) this online pharmacy also seem to offer free bonus ED pills and the more pills you order, the more free pills you receive. In addition to that, the pharmacy claims that everyone who orders medications more than 150 USD will receive free standard shipping. The last thing to mention here is that on their checkout page you can apply a *discount coupon* but truth is that I don’t know where to get that coupon. Reviews

The reviews are a great source to find out whether the pharmacy keeps their promises or not and that’s why it is so important to read customer reviews before ordering. I have tried to find out customer reviews about this pharmacy and yet, I haven’t found anything. In fact, I have noticed that this pharmacy is barely mentioned anywhere which means they are not popular. I went on hoping to find more information and there I found that it is a pharmacy not very trusted, it is an online pharmacy that’s being hosted in Russia and that’s a high risk country and plus to that, rated this as a rogue internet pharmacy. All in all, such information doesn’t sound really good, at least to my opinion.


This online pharmacy cannot be trusted, or at least I wouldn’t do it. There are no customer reviews to confirm the fact that this pharmacy is reliable, it has no trust from scam warning websites plus it operates from a high risk country. Although it has good prices, good selection of drugs etc. I think this is just for attracting people into making them sending money. I will rate with 2 out of 5.

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