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Most of the online pharmacies that I have reviewed are either shipping world wide or are shipping online within USA, however has come the time to review an online pharmacy that is based and ships within Europe only and this pharmacy can be reached if going to the domain address As the address implies this is European store (EU) and this store seem to sell only erectile dysfunction (male impotence or inability to reach or maintain an erection during sexual stimuli). Unfortunately there is no information about when this pharmacy started its business and from which country it operates, but it is obvious I can assume it operates from somewhere in Europe. They claim that even though they are selling medication only for EU customers, their medications are manufactured in India as they are selling only generic versions of medications. The website itself is easy to use and easy to understand. Plus it offers to select your country and as soon as you do, the website changes language based on your country and plus to that they change the currency based on your country. Therefore it is easy to understand both the language and the prices based on your country. Since I only speak English, I’ve chosen United Kingdom so the prices would be in British pounds.

What’s the drugstore selection?

They do not seem to have a very big variety of medications as on this online pharmacy you can only find generic medications and only ED medications meaning that this online pharmacy can’t help you with other health conditions than erectile dysfunction. There’s a full list of drugs that they are offering right on their front page and there’s a total of around 30 medications (Viagra, Viagra professional, Viagra super active, Viagra soft etc.; Cialis, Cialis professional, Cialis soft etc.; Priligy; Levitra; Female Viagra and others).

What are the prices?

The lowest price that I have found for Viagra is 1.14 British pounds which means that the lowest price in USD for a Viagra pill is 1.50 USD. For further reference: 1 British pounds is 1.31 USD according to google today. The lowest price for a generic Cialis would be 1.49 British pounds and for a generic Levitra: 1.64 British pounds. These are good prices for these medications, however the prices are so low only if the customer purchase in bulk and they are more expensive per pill if you purchase in small quantities. I think that the prices are good in case the medications are of a good quality and do what they are supposed to.

What about their customer support?

There’s a live support which claims to work 24/7 meaning that you can chat with them regardless of what’s the time period of the day. Since they have this option that’s enough for me because usually I prefer to online chat with customer support. However in case you want to talk with them then there’s also an UK phone number (that’s the reason I assume that they are operating from UK meaning that UK is their location): +44 (203) 011 0138. As long as they are working 24/7 and they have both online chat function plus a phone number it shouldn’t be hard to get in touch with them in event you have some questions to ask.

EUMedStore Prescription requirements

I’m not living in Europe and that’s why I am not sure whether do the laws in UK (or in any other European country) requires you to have a valid prescription for getting ED medications. However I assume that at least some countries in EU (if not all) do require a valid prescription from a licensed doctor and that’s because the information on their site implies that some products (but since they only sell ED medications then that’s all products) that are available in their pharmacy require a valid prescription. But as they said, it mostly depends on the country or territory that you’re living in.

EUMedStore Coupon codes, special offers, bonuses or maybe discounts?

Yes they do have coupon codes and this is a very easy way of saving money and that’s why, this is my favorite ‘special offer’ an online pharmacy can have. Besides coupon codes they are also offering other bonuses: 5% discount on your second order and 7% discount on your third and further orders. They are also offering free standard airmail shipping for orders that are above 150 Euro and free trackable service for all orders that are above 200 Euro. One last thing they are offering is free pills (only free kamagra oral jelly), 1, 2, 3 and 4 free pills with every order that is above 100, 200, 300 and 400 respectively. To be honest, these are very good and enough bonuses and special offers which, to be honest, would attract me if I would live in Europe.

EUMedStore Shipping methods and details

They are shipping in all countries in the Europe. There is a big list of countries listed on their checkout page when choosing *country*. They don’t ship to USA or to Asian, or African countries. However they do seem to ship in countries that aren’t in European Union, they just ship in countries that are in European Territory. As for the shipping options, they have 2 of them: courier service which costs 8.88 British pounds and the delivery time is 5 to 6 days and it comes with a tracking. The second shipping method – standard International Airmail costs less (5.31 British pounds) but it doesn’t come with a tracking and it has a longer delivery time of 7 to 8 days. As I said earlier, they are offering free shipping (both standard and express depending on the order sum).

EUMedStore Payment options accepts payments via any given bank card and bitcoin. There shouldn’t be any problems in my opinion with the payment methods as long as they accept any given bank card and Bitcoin. I personally would choose Bitcoin but I do know that most people still favor bank cards so far.

Is EUMedStore legit or is a scam site?

I think that this is a legit online pharmacy which will most likely send you the medications that you have paid for without scamming you around. The reason what made me think this way is the website itself and, of course, the customer reviews (I couldn’t say that an online pharmacy is legit without firstly seeing what other people think about it). So if talking about customer reviews:

What do other people say about it: EUMedStore reviews

As I said, the reason why I just mentioned this is most likely a legit online pharmacy that inspires trust is because of the customer reviews. I found a number of positive customer reviews which implied that they have saved money by using this pharmacy. Like for example a person named Thomas said that he is impressed with the website fast loading as well as user friendliness. Plus he said that it is all easy to use, good live support, speedy delivery and affordable prices. He said that he is going to come back to order from this drugstore and he recommends it to other people either. Another person from another external website with nickname Alleat said that he had great service, great prices, fast shipping to UK (got the parcel within 3 days) and said that he’s going to come back to this pharmacy.

What’s the conclusion?

I start being jealous that I am not living in Europe. I’m a person that searches for ED medications myself and this pharmacy seem to have everything I need – good prices, discounts and bonuses, coupon codes, fast delivery and most importantly – reliable online pharmacy. This is a perfect online pharmacy for European customers that need medications to treat ED and that is why I will rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

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