/ EU Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which is mostly focused in selling Viagra and from the information on their logo I think that they are located in the UK: *Buy Viagra in UK*. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information in regards to where the headquarters of this online pharmacy is located and I couldn’t find out when the pharmacy has been established. There is no *about us* page so there’s no information about the company. All I can say about the pharmacy is that it is selling Viagra and many of its forms (they generally seem to have lots of ED treating drugs) and the reason why I think that it is an UK website is that even the prices are listed in GB Pound, however you can also change the currency in USD and that’s what I’ve done. The website seems to be user friendly and understandable.

Selection of drugs and prices on

As soon as you enter the website you can see on the left side of the page *categories* and there is listed a big list of ED treating medications such as generic Viagra, generic Cialis, generic Levitra, Kamagra, sublingual forms, soft, professional and many others. But they also have a page *all products* and when I entered it I saw their claim to have 96 products in their drugstore and seemingly all of the products are ED treating medications. So although they have only one type of drugs, this type of drugs seems to be having a very big variety. 20 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 50 USD. Generic Viagra 50 mg x 180 pills would cost 184 USD. 180 pills of generic Cialis 20 mg would cost you 237.08 USD and 20 pills = 52.95 USD. To be honest, these are by far not the best prices for these types of medications and that’s especially for an online pharmacy that is selling ONLY ED treating medications. The only pharmacy does require their customers to show a valid prescription before ordering from this online pharmacy.

Customer Support on

The only way that you can get in touch with this pharmacy is by going to their contact page and write them an email. Also there you can see an email listed which you can write them directly from your email. So you can contact them only via filling a form or via directly to your email. They claim that they are going to respond to your enquiry Monday – Friday within 24-48 hours. No live chat function and no phone numbers listed. For this reason I’ve never contacted them myself. shipping and payment methods

The pharmacy claims that the medications they are offering are manufactured and shipped from India and there are 2 methods for shipping you can choose from: Express Mail which has a delivery time of 5 to 7 business days, or via Registered Airmail which has a delivery time of 7 – 19 days. Both these shipping options are having tracking but the rates for them are: Express mail: 15 GBP, and registered mail airmail: 5 GBP. This is an online pharmacy that ships ONLY in UK, so no other countries are able to order from here. In regards to the payment methods they also have only one option: VISA. They are only accepting VISA card, VISA Debit and VISA Electron. No other payment methods available.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

The only thing that makes you save a little bit of money, as much as I saw, is free shipping on orders that are over 99.95 GBP. Except for the free shipping on orders above 99.95 GBP I haven’t seen anything that can make you save some money as there are no discounts, no coupon codes, no free bonus pills or anything in this matter. They just claim to have the best price and Price Match which they would beat it in case you show them an online pharmacy with cheaper prices, but I assume they would compare only with UK pharmacies. Reviews

This online pharmacy does seem to have a little bit of customer reviews on foreign websites like for example on trust pilot. Although it doesn’t have lots of customer reviews, it seems that they have happy customers but they also have least happy customers. Like for example on trustpilot they have a rate of 2 out of 5 based on 10 reviews, 9 of which rated the pharmacy 5 out of 5 and one of them rated it with 1 out of 5. Allen W said that he waited for his order for a month and when he contacted the pharmacy they responded back saying that his credit card company declined the payment which he said that they did not. He said that customer service was extremely unsympathetic and unapologetic and that’s not something that we would actually want from a customer support of any online pharmacy. He said that this company messed up his life plans and all they’ve done was to lie to him. That’s, of course, not very good. But on the other hand we have other people who *highly recommend* the pharmacy because they were happy with their services and with their products. What made me be a little bit more concerned is the fact that none of the scam warning websites had trust in this online pharmacy, plus to that, suggested that the owner is not disclosed plus the owner country is hidden meaning that they might not be from UK and meaning that they might disappear any minute.


The fact that they have good customer reviews that’s very good and a big plus for the pharmacy, but there seem to be very unhappy customers with this pharmacy and in addition to that, the pharmacy’s owner has hidden its location and identity and that’s not very good as this might be because the pharmacy could disappear any minute at their choice. Because there are 2 negative things in regards to this pharmacy I take away 2 stars out of 5 and that’s why I rate with 3 out of 5 saying that ordering here still might not be safe.

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