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As much as we can determine simply from the online pharmacy’s name that I am going to review today which is Equine-Mega-Store.com, this is a pharmacy that’s selling veterinary products. I have accessed their main page where I found, to be honest, quite a cheaply made online pharmacy site, I definitely won’t call such a site being user friendly as it doesn’t have a good looking aspect even though, at least, the information on the site seem to be well arranged which is good for me as I can navigate through it. To be honest, if I would be the pharmacy’s owner, I definitely would try to pay more attention to the site’s aspect as to my personal opinion, it is not a good looking site. Anyway, I do realize that there are much more important things to check instead of the pharmacy’s site aspect. There is no information on the site suggesting for how long this veterinary pharmacy has been online, however there’s an exact address of the pharmacy which is located in Australia. There’s information on the site that they do not require a valid prescription and I’m not sure if that’s because they do not have any prescription drugs or simply because they do not need one. According to the information on their site those people who are looking for quality non prescription pet medicines online have come to a right place and that’s because Equine-Mega-Store.com states there are good chances that you are going to find the products that you need in order to cover all the pet supply needs. They claim to have the best products available as well a good prices for them. I can guess that it is important to mention that although this is an Australian vet pharmacy as much as it seems, all the prices are being in US Dollars. There are still many other things to check first.

Equine-Mega-Store.com Selection of medications and prices

Since this is an *quine* mega store it is obvious that we won’t find any medications for humans, however they do seem, indeed, to have quite a wide range of medications for pets – dogs, cats, horses, cows and not sure, but there might be others as well. I can’t be sure if this online pharmacy has any prescription products since there’s the list of products given but I’m not a veterinary so I’m not sure which vet products require a valid prescription and which doesn’t. Whatever the case, you won’t need a prescription to purchase any drugs that you can find in their drugstore. As said earlier, the pharmacy claims to offer the best quality products for your pet friend. Since I’m not an expert in these products, of course, I can’t comment on the prices for medications either but instead, I can give an example so people could know if that’s a good price or not. So, for example, a product called Frontline Plus Heartgard Plus Combo For Large Dogs has a price of 106 USD. I have no idea if that’s a good price or not.

Equine-Mega-Store.com Shipping and Payment Methods

As much as it seems, there’s a shipping page which I expected to find a lot of information, however there was very limited information. The information there suggests that they are servicing international community within 5 to 8 working days not including weekends and on holidays such as Christmas allow up to 12 working days for the delivery. Flat fee shipping charge is 6 USD per order regardless of how many items you’re going to purchase. They claim to ship products world wide and it seems there are is second shipping option except for airmail – registered with a fee of 10 USD. I couldn’t find any information about payment methods and I couldn’t go on payment billing page. therefore I can’t comment on the payment methods available on their pharmacy.

Equine-Mega-Store.com Customer Support Service

As much as I have noticed this online pharmacy is offering 4 different methods to get in touch with them and they include: by post at their exact address shared on the site; by phone number and there are 2 USA and UK phone numbers, by fax (Australian and International fax numbers) and lastly – by email. They do not seem to offer live chat function available on the website, but at least, it seems that you can get real time assist using their phone numbers which is good.

Is Equine-Mega-Store.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Equine-Mega-Store.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Equine-Mega-Store.com Coupon Codes

At this moment, this pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer any coupon codes, any freebies or anything at all. I just noticed that when checking out and choosing the shipping options, the registered mail was 10 USD but the airmail was 0 USD which means the price was free of charge for this shipping option. Other than that, I can’t say anything as there doesn’t seem to be any other methods making you saving some money.

Equine-Mega-Store.com Reviews

I found a very limited number of only 5 reviews about this pharmacy and although all 5 of them seemed to have been positive, I am still not sure if the pharmacy is worth it – all 5 were written in the same place and all 5 were written in 2012. With this being said, there are 6 more years when nobody has reviewed this pharmacy and that’s quite a bit of a problem to my opinion. I have checked the information on scamadviser.com and the site has been listed as rogue internet pharmacy, the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity and one last thing to mention is that a malware report has been detected for this site. All of this, to be honest, is a bit alarming. According to scamadviser.com it has a trust rate of 53 %.


I’m pretty sure that recommending this online pharmacy would be a mistake. It has super strange website, it has no customer reviews in the last 6 years and has no trust from scam warning engines and is not considered a legitimate internet pharmacy. I think that the risks are too high and that’s why I rate it with 3 stars (only thanks to those old positive reviews I found).

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