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Ephedrawarehouse.com is the online pharmacy that I have found and is the one that I am going to review right now. Ephedra is the name of a drug and as much as it seems, this online pharmacy is mostly oriented in ephedra but I will check what other drugs they are offering here. For those who don’t know ephedra is a herb and is mostly used for weight loss and obesity, however this herb has been banned in the US due to safety concerns. I thought that it is very important to know such information before checking an online pharmacy selling such medications. Ephedra Warehouse claims that they can help you achieve your goals by using their products. For those who want to get more information about this product they can check it all online or there is a lot of information about it on their website. The site is well done, is user friendly and it offers a lot of information which seems to be well arranged on their site. According to the information on their website, Ephedra Warehouse is providing the best weight loss supplements available with their focus being on the most in demand ephedra diet pills at the lowest prices. I truly hope that they are a pharmacy offering best prices and best quality of medications. Plus to that, they have shared a list of *why to shop at ephedra warehouse*: guaranteed satisfaction as they have the best ephedra, guaranteed low price as they beat all prices by no less than 10%; security when it comes to confidential info; fast same day shipping; free shipping for orders over 50 USD, speak with a customer care rep and lastly: high quality customer service. They claim to have social media pages and they also have shared their exact address location which is in Memphis, TN, USA but I couldn’t find for how long they have been online.

EphedraWarehouse.com Selection of medications and prices

Except for selling Ephedra, this online pharmacy is also offering other types of products. There are Ephedra diet pills, ECA stack fat burners and pre workout medications you can check here.Or you can click on *all diet pills* and check whatever you need. While there you might choose those ones that are with or that are without ephedra. However, as much as I could find, this online pharmacy is only selling such products, products for weight loss. From as much as I could find, the total number of items found in their stores is 133 and all of them are only for weight loss. So I would say that the selection of weight loss drugs is very wide but it is none when it comes to other types of drugs. Since this product is banned it cannot be obtained with or without a valid prescription and therefore, this online pharmacy surely doesn’t ask anyone to show a valid prescription for getting this product, that’s one pretty sure thing. As in terms of prices I can only give an example and say that Megadrine RFA (ephedrine 10 mg) would cost you 35 USD for 120 capsules if purchasing less than 5 bottles and 33 USD for more than 5 bottles. Not sure how good of a price is that.

EphedraWarehouse.com Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, they do offer international shipping options but there’s no information if they ship worldwide or not. There’s also no information about the shipping fees or delivery timeframe for international delivery. They just claim that international delivery has no refund policy in case the packages are getting lost. As for shipping options in USA there are a lot of them: USPS First Class, Priority, or Express Mail as well as, UPS Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air. Shipping fee and delivery timeframe depends on where you live and what option you choose of delivery. They seem to accept only credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

EphedraWarehouse.com Customer Support Service

Although they seem to sell banned herb, this online pharmacy, as I earlier mentioned, doesn’t seem to be afraid to disclose their exact address which you can use for paying a visit or writing a mail. But besides that, the pharmacy claims to have an email, there’s the contact form available, you could call their experts at the given number, write them on social media or lastly, they do seem to offer live chat function.

EphedraWarehouse.com Coupon Codes

I was searching for information about coupon codes or anything in this matter but I couldn’t find anything like a coupon code. However what I can mention here is that this pharmacy claims that all of their products should have been more expensive and they are now sold for less as if they are on a sale. Plus to that, the pharmacy offers an even better price by purchasing more bottles at once. One last thing is that they offer free shipping on orders above 50 USD within USA.

EphedraWarehouse.com Reviews

Before I checked the customer reviews online I have checked its authenticity on scamadviser.com where I found out that this pharmacy is pretty popular and yet, I found that the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity. Nevertheless, scamadviser.com seem to have trust in it. I have checked the customer reviews where I found quite a lot of them but they are pretty mixed reviews. While some people said only good words about this pharmacy, there are others who said that this company is horrible. There are reviews on yelp, Facebook, bbb.org, rip off report, trustedsite.com and others sources and everywhere the reviews are mixed. However there seem to be people who said they lost money.


There are people who said they received their orders and plus to that, the products were even working fairly good for them. That’s making me think that the pharmacy is indeed sending products to people. However, there still seem to be people who said they got scammed. As much as I can see, the average rating stars given by all customer reviews is 3 and I guess that’s going to be my rating as well.

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