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A good online pharmacy is the one in which we can have 100% trust that spending money there won’t get us scammed and we would get quality medications and exactly important – saving up money while purchasing medications there. By trying to search for such an online pharmacy I have been doing my pharmacy research so I have come along envisionrx.com, the site which claims to offer a lot of useful tools for those who need health care. This company claims to have the unique ability to design and deliver tailored programs that are helping health plans, labor groups as well as employer populations of all sizes meet their cost, care as well as quality of life goals. According to *their services* on the website, they can offer: pharmacy benefit management (PBM); pharmacies; savings programs; insurance as well as clinical care and member engagement. According to the information that I could find on their site, Envision RX Options is a health care as well as pharmacy benefit management company that is being headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio. Currently, they claim to have over 1,500 employees that are supporting a rapidly growing membership base of more than 23 million members so the company creates savings for them as well as thousands of plan sponsors. The company has been created in 2001 by a group of former pharmacists and in 2015 Envision has been acquired by Rite Aid and so they claim that this is improving their retail network option as well as expanding their access to retail clinics, limited distribution drugs as well as clinical programs and some more. People can register and sign in to their accounts on the website – a user friendly site which people can easily navigate through. The company claims to have expanded capabilities deliver greater savings as well as satisfaction. They also claim to have improved portal and app help member save both time and money. They also have new approach saves the average plan 7% on drug spend. And one last thing: updates, trend and insights on key industry topics. All of these are some things that you’re able to find on their website. According to the information there, Envision has been awarded the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) accreditations for PBM and Drug Therapy Management. This is very good.

Overview of Envisionrx.com

Unfortunately, there is very little that I can say about some most important things I usually say in my pharmacy reviews such as selection of medications and prices for them or shipping and payment methods. This is because I was not able to find anything in regards to these points. There is not a list of drugs and a price list for medications anywhere on the website. However, according information I could find, EnvisionRx contracts with more than 72,000 network pharmacies across the country and they are owned by Rite Aid. With this being said, EnvisionRx.com is not a pharmacy themselves, they just provide solutions. The problem is that they help get a bit of discount out of the prices on the local pharmacies while there are high prices so often online pharmacies are a better solution. Also, there is no information about shipping or payment methods. I can only assume that they surely won’t deliver medications outside USA or without a prescription.

Customer Support Service at EnvisionRx.com

Regardless whether they are operating as a pharmacy or not, a good customer support service is always a must because people might need to ask lots of questions regardless. So people might want to ask questions here too and that’s why the customer support is important. The company claims to have a customer support working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. For getting in touch with them you’re able to use 4 different methods. The first one includes by phone, or you could also write them by the fax number. The third method to talk with them is via email at their address in Ohio which would require a bit of time for getting the response back. But there’s one last method to talk with them which is the contact form. You need to fill it online and wait for their response either by phone or email (you need to indicate both and which via which method you prefer to get contacted).

EnvisionRx.com Coupon Codes

I was searching for ways of saving money by using this company and I was especially searching for coupon codes. The problem is that I was not able to find any. I mean, I couldn’t find coupon codes available, I wasn’t able to find this company offering anything else like free pills, free shipping or something in this matter. The company just claims to make their customers save money by using their PBM service and insurance.

EnvisionRx.com Reviews

I have started to think that this company can indeed be helpful to people who need such offers and companies for their health care needs. But, unfortunately, I have then changed my mind. I have changed my mind when I have searched for customer reviews where I expected to find a lot of them since the company claimed to have helped over 2 million people save money. Although I haven’t found as much as I expected reviews, I did found quite a good number of customer reviews and the problem is that nearly none of them are positive. On BBB (and by the way this is a BBB accredited business) it has 15 complaints only and no positive reviews. This company is also on pissedconsumer.com with 127 reviews and only one issue got resolved. People said that this is a horrid company to deal with and even said that they are doing fraudulent activities. People said there’s no customer service, worst prescription prescriber and many other horrible words.


It is impossible for me to rate high a company which as a lot of negative customer reviews and no positive reviews and that’s because, as much as it seems by reading the customer reviews, the company will most likely disappoint you by doing business with them. That’s why I can’t recommend it and I will rate it with 2 out of 5.

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