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Empowerpharmacy.com is an online pharmacy which claims to be PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy and FDA 503B registered pharmacy as well. Or at least that’s the first thing that I have noticed as soon as I have entered this website. I also can mention here that the website is really well done, it is user friendly, everything seems to be understandable on the website, easy to access and the website seemed to have no problems in speed and accessibility. I have also seen they are offering to customers to see their drug catalog and to see where do they ship. Those people who are having prescriptions and want to order here are able to login to their accounts. You can see their products and see more information about the company so that’s exactly what I have accessed as I obviously want to know as much as possible about this company. There I found out their claim to provide healthcare practitioners and patients with high quality formulations and outstanding customer service. Now they claim to be *proud to be a leader in the compounding pharmacy industry*. I was not able to find for how long this online pharmacy has been online but I did found their exact address on their website which, claimable is in Houston, TX. They are having a few videos uploaded on their website which people can access as well and watch them. The pharmacy claims to have some social media pages on Facebook, Google+ as well as LinkedIn. With all of this being said, it all looks very good so I went further checking for more information.

Selection of medications and prices for medications at EmpowerPharmacy.com

By clicking on Drug Catalog you’re going to be given the medications that you can find at this online pharmacy. The drugs are being categorized by either area of treatment (IV Therapy, Fertility, Growth Hormone, Weight management, Erectile dysfunction and few others), drug form (injection, nasal topical, troche, capsule/ tablets and that’s it) and also by gender male or female. Next to each category there’s a number suggesting how many drugs are found in each category, for example in erectile dysfunction there are 14, testosterone – 12, fertility 4, growth hormone 3 etc. there are 73 products for females and 83 products for males. there does seems to be Cialis, Viagra and Levitra both generic and brand but now the problem is that I am not able to say anything in terms of prices because clicking on either one on them would only give you information about it (how to use, how to store, mechanism of action etc.) but no prices. With this being said, I cannot comment on the prices here. the pharmacy claims that absolutely all of their medications are requiring their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering any.

Shipping and payment methods at Empowerpharmacy.com

This pharmacy claims to have license to ship and sell medications to all 50 US north states and with this being said they are able to offer shipping to all US territory but nowhere outside it would they sell medications. There are 3 different shipping options available for customers which they can choose from: Fed-Ex Ground (delivery of 1-5 days) which costs $15.00; Fed-Ex 2nd Day (delivery is done in 2 days) and costs $25.00 and lastly Fed-Ex Overnight (which is just 1 day) but has an shipping fee of $30.00. As in terms of payment methods this online pharmacy claimed to accept the following: cash, FSA cards and most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Customer Support Service at EmpowerPharmacy.com

When you click on *contact us* page on their website you would see a map (google maps) where the pharmacy shared their exact location and as I said earlier, it is being located in Houston, TX. Except for the mail address, you can use one of the 2 phone numbers to dial and talk with them (one of which is toll free and the other is regular), you could use the fax number (I guess for sending prescriptions) and that’s pretty much it. there’s no way to get in touch with them via contact form or email address as much as it seems so you either write them at fax or mail or you call them. if you call them make sure you do this in their working hours.

Is EmpowerPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is EmpowerPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

EmpowerPharmacy.com Coupon Codes

One problem is the fact that this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer any coupon codes to their customers and no offers at all like free shipping or anything in this matter regardless of the order sum. The only thing I found is that they are offering free supplies such as syringes, alcohol wipes, needles and reconstitution kits. But except for this – nothing. Either because they haven’t shared their drug prices or maybe because they indeed do not offer anything.

EmpowerPharmacy.com Reviews

Been having big hopes to find some customer reviews online on independent websites and although I haven’t found many – I did found some. I have found more employee reviews with people explaining what’s like to work for this company, however these are not reviews of my interest. I found 11 reviews on yelp, 3 reviews on BBB (Better Business Bureau) and this is a BBB accredit by the way and 26 reviews on their Facebook. It seems that the customer reviews are mixed with people complaining on poor customer support and high prices while others said that they really love empowerpharmacy.com. people mostly complain on no answers from customer support service. On yelp.com it has an average rate of 3 out of 5, on facebook 4 out of 5 and on BBB 2 positive and one negative review.


This online pharmacy seems to be legit, many people have trust in this pharmacy and they are happy using it. But on the other side of the coin we have negative customer reviews saying to stay away from this pharmacy. Plus to that, we don’t know what are the prices here and that’s something I do not like and there are no offers given by the pharmacy. Due to price hide and lack of customer reviews in combination of the mixed customer reviews I rate empowerpharmacy.com with 3 out of 5.

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