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An online pharmacy that is offering medications as well as prescription filling services is eDrugStore.com. This pharmacy made me think that they are mostly oriented in selling ED treating medicine like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and that’s because as soon as I went on their website front page I’ve seen a list of ED treating medications and their ads again, about ED treating medications like, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra and a number of other drugs. After analyzing the front page for a little while and making my conclusion that this is online pharmacy is not a standardly made website as many other online pharmacies – I went on their *Company Info* page to find their claims that eDrugstore.com is the internet’s leading safe, private, secure and convenient source for FDA approved prescription medications. As said earlier, they are also providing online doctor consultations and they are mostly focused on some specific drugs and health issues treatments. They claim that this pharmacy has been opened back in 1998 and since then over half a million of customers have put their trust in this online drugstore with over 2 million orders already fulfilled. This medical company has its location in Tempe, Arizona, USA. They also claim to have a number of credentials: they work only with US licensed doctors and pharmacists, they are powered by Secure Medical Inc., accredited by American TeleMedicine Association (ATA), accredited by BBB.org (Better Business Bureau), Verified IDology, HIPPA Compliance as well as a number of other things.

Customer Support Team EDrugstore.com

You’re able to write a mail to their address that’s listed on the website, however we all know that nowadays that’s not practiced and that’s why you’re able to call them by their phone number 1-800-467-5146  which you should find a customer support worker in certain hours in certain days. In addition to that, you’re also able to contact them online via live chat function. When I’ve tried to contact them via online live chat I’ve been said that an operator is going to respond to my request as soon as possible saying that the position in line: 1. I waited for a while in like 3-4 minutes and then Mario was available to talk with me. I asked him a couple of questions which he has answered without any problems, seemingly, he was very polite. It seems that they do not want to be old fashioned and so they removed the *fill a form* to get a response back by email.

eDrugstore.com prescriptions requirements

I’m writing about the prescription requirements on this online pharmacy because they made it very clear that you’re going to be unable to get any type of medication that does require a prescription without you having one. However, you’re still able to get a prescription in case you don’t have one from your local physician by requesting an online consultation which eDrugStore.com can offer you with their licensed to practice medicine doctors.

Selection of drugs on eDrug Store

This online pharmacy doesn’t sell any other medications than brands like Viagra by Pfizer, Cialis by Lilly, Levitra by Bayer and so on and so forth. All other medications you can find here are all branded names. They do not have generic medications on this online pharmacy. Another strange this in regards to this store is that they do not have search box function. You can find their medications only by the health conditions list of drugs that they have shared on the website which are: erection problems, hair restoration, male belly fat loss, sexual diseases, heartburn relief, skin health, smoking cessation, allergies and lastly sensual lubricants. These are all drug categories that you can find here and you can find the medications only by searching through these categories. They don’t seem to have A LOT of drugs, but it seems to me they’ve decided to place only the most famous drugs.

EDrugStore.com Prices for those drugs

As usually, I’m only going to review the prices for 3 different drugs that treat ED: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. As I said, there is no generic version for these medications (for no medications on this website and that means that all prices I am going to share are for branded tablets for each medications). So, either you chose Viagra 50 mg or 100 mg the price is the same and that’s really strange. BUT, what’s super strange is that a single tablet would cost you 87 USD! You can save by purchasing more tablets and 4 tablets would cost you 320 USD with 28 USD savings. I’ve went further to see what they offer for Cialis and the same goes for Cialis, only 2 dosages: 10 mg and 20 mg and the price is the same for both. The price for a single pill is 86 USD but for 4 pills that’s 316 USD and you save 28 USD. I didn’t even wanted to check the prices for Levitra further because these are some INCREDIBLY high prices, especially for an online pharmacy. In fact, I would say that compared to other online pharmacies, these prices are a complete rip off prices. However they claim to have such prices because they offer free medical online review and a free pill splitter as well. Even so the prices are still unbelievably high!

EDrug Store Payment methods

They are accepting 2 payment methods: by credit card (VISA, Master Card as well as American Express ONLY, no other credit cards), and the second method is US Money Orders for those who want to mail the payment.

EDrug Store Shipping options

Their customers can choose from FedEx or USPS and there’s also Next Day or 2nd Day FedEx options or also USPS priority mail for 2 to 3 days delivery. Shipping fees all vary upon what shipping option you choose: USPS 3-5 day mail: $13.95; Military (APO/FPO/AA/AE): $13.95; 2nd-day delivery (FedEx): $19.95; Next-day delivery: $26.95; Saturday delivery: $29.95, exactly as the shipping delivery times. They don’t ship world wide as they are only shipping to: United States, Canada, Japan, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Guam and US Virgin Islands. They don’t accept orders to other countries than these listed.

Is EDrugStore.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes or discounts on EDrugStore.com

Besides the fact that the more pills you purchase the more you save (which is in a way or another like a discount bonus, but those are still robbery prices in my opinion) they also have the coupon codes. You can you some coupons to get 5% discounts or 7 % discounts or others, depending on the coupon and offers. But as I said earlier, they claim that special offers are the fact that the medical review and pill splitter that is already included in the price for the pills. Prices are very high but at least there are the coupon codes which save you some money.

eDrugStore.com Reviews

I’ve checked what do other people say about this pharmacy with big prices on independent websites and I have found that 279 people had something to say about this online pharmacy on trustpilot.com with an average rate of 4 out of 5 and according to trustpilot this rate is *Great*.  Most people were, obviously, writing positive reviews and that’s obvious by the average rate it got. However there are unhappy people as well which said that the customer service is too rude, another one said that the prices are too expensive (in fact, there were many other people saying that it is too expensive) and one person said that when he has got his mail one pill has been pushed out of its bubble. Another person complained on the fact that their doctors are too rude as well. There were a lot of other types of complaints as well, exactly as there were a lot of other customer reviews which were positive. In the end I would say that it is a very good thing that most people were happy with the services they have got using this online pharmacy and doctor consultation. I have also found some other online websites which had some people to review EDrugstore.com and the reviews were also positive. Although the pharmacy seem to have a high trust rate from the customers, it doesn’t have from scam analyzing websites. scamner had 0 % trust rate, LegitScript called it unapproved and scamadviser.com had a trust of only 17% saying that the site is of a high risk!


The fact that there are most people leaving positive reviews that’s obviously a very good thing exactly as it is the fact that they have coupon codes. However, to be honest, it seems that these are the only good things about this online pharmacy. I cannot leave out the fact that none of the scam analyzing websites have trust in this website as much as I cannot leave out the fact that there are still unhappy people who had experience with EDrugstore.com. And plus, over the top, the prices are simply way too high, therefore I think that it deserves 3 out of 5, shopping here might be safe with only few risk chances that you won’t get what you paid for or that you would get fake stuff (but as much as we see there is still some) but the prices are too high so I can’t recommend this pharmacy because of these 2 reasons.

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