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EDPillsStore.com is the online pharmacy that I found while doing my research for reliable online pharmacy and it is the pharmacy I am going to review now. as much as I can see from this online pharmacy’s name, this seem to be an online pharmacy that is selling ED pills (erectile dysfunction) and by analyzing their front page for a few minutes it does seems as this pharmacy is selling only such kind of drugs. The website is well done, is user friendly and it also features good options especially for foreign customers as they are having options to change the currency and the language of the site and that’s a very good option since foreign customers can have a hard time to understand the language and the prices for medications. I have seen this online pharmacy claims that their site is a Hacker Free site and it is secured by GeoTrust. I was hoping to find information about where this online pharmacy has its headquarters and unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about this and I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been operating. They claim that all of their mediations are having certificates and are approved by World Health Organization and plus to this, they are offering the best prices for medications which can make people save up to 90% off the cost of many well known medications. By claiming this the pharmacy claims that this way, they are making the life of their customers more convenient and stress free. The pharmacy also claims to have a few special offers mentioned on the site either. So far, all of this sounds very good, but there are many other things to check as well before actually purchasing from this pharmacy, like for example there are the following:

EDPillsStore.com Selection of medications and prices

As I have earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is offering only ED medications meaning that there are no other types of medications that ED drugs. As in terms of selection of ED medications I would say that there are a lot of them. there are the most famous drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra including their generics and branded names and also other types such as: kamagra, viagra super active, viagra professional, vigora, suhagra, revatio and many other medications as well. I’ve been searching for the prices for the medications in order to determine what kind of prices are featured here and I noticed that viagra generic 90 pills 50 mg would cost you 0.83 USD per pill and to be honest, that’s one very good price for this quantity / dosage of medication. I would really consider using this pharmacy with such prices in case it turns out to be reliable. According to the information on their FAQ page, this pharmacy does not require a valid prescription for ordering medications at this online pharmacy and while this might sound a good thing for some people, this is usually a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy.

EDPillsStore.com Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping meaning that everyone regardless of where they live, they are able to order here medications. There are 2 shipping options that people can choose from and they include: international unregistered airmail for 10 USD, does not have online tracking and has a maximum of 21 days to receive the purchased items. There is also the second shipping option which is trackable shipping option named Trackable Courier Service, however it costs more: 30 USD. The maximum delivery time is 9 business days for this option. The payment methods include: Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, payments via SEPA and lastly: credit cards such as Visa and Master Card only. That’s good when there are multiple payment methods to my opinion.

EDPillsStore.com Customer Support Service

The customer support service is extremely important for every online pharmacy as people might have a lot of questions to ask so I was trying to determine what methods are available to get in touch with this pharmacy. They include: live chat support online or also live support by calling them at either their CA or US phone number. For non urgent enquiries they are also having contact form available on their website as well.

EDPillsStore.com Coupon codes

Before paying for medications at online pharmacies, people should carefully check if the pharmacy offers anything and it seems that EDPillsStore.com does have coupon codes offered to customers and it is important to do so as this might save you some money. Except for coupon codes, people are being offered free bonus pills and also purchasing in bulk would also make you save some money. like for example, price for viagra 50 mg can greatly depends on how much pills you are ordering. Plus, they have discounts by ordering using trial packs of ED drugs and they also offer free shipping on orders above 200 USD.

EDPillsStore.com Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important to check but I need to pay attention here that only customer reviews that are written on external sources are so important. There are testimonials on their own website but these are not so important review due to the fact that there might be a chance they are fake reviews. Problem is that I could not find a single customer review anywhere online and that’s one very big problem. I have then checked scamadviser.com to see what they can help me with and I found out they have 0% trust in this pharmacy. this is because there is a big list of notes as to why this pharmacy is untrustworthy and to be honest, I wouldn’t try purchasing here with such information obtained.


I personally wouldn’t try to purchase from a pharmacy that is Ukraine based, has 0% trust rate by scam adviser, lacks information on legitscript.com and has absolutely no reviews anywhere online. This all leads to the fact that the pharmacy is a scam. I rate it with 2 out of 5 since its trustworthiness is very low but there’s still nothing to confirm they are scammers.

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