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EDWordWide.net is an online pharmacy which, from its name of ED, I can assume that it stands for Erectile Dysfunction and besides from this, analyzing the front page for a while I really think that the pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling such kind of medications. The website is user friendly with good features that makes it easy to understand and plus to that, the pharmacy facilitates the understanding of the website and prices for foreign customers as well because you can choose between multiple website language and multiple currencies. The pharmacy claims to connect the customers with the most trusted sources of generic and brand medicines suppliers in the world and they claim to have a team of professionals. However, I failed to find out where the pharmacy’s headquarters is located exactly as they haven’t mentioned for how long time they have been in the pharmaceutical business. The pharmacy haven’t shared any accreditations and that’s strange because most other online pharmacies I’ve visited so far, claimed to have accreditations, unlike edwordwide.net. What’s strange is that the domain address of this pharmacy is edWORDwide.net and not edWORLDwide.net how you can see its name when entering the website.

Selection of medications and prices EDWordWide.net

Searching for the medications that you need is very easy on this online pharmacy because you’re offered 3 different methods to do so: easiest way by entering the name of the medication that you need in the search box. Another least used method is searching by first letter of the drug’s name or lastly, a more convenient way is searching for the medication that you need by categories list. Their drugs are being categorized by health conditions and to give you an example of health conditions their drugs can treat are: anti depressants, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, diuretics, allergy, blood pressure and many other medications, therefore I assume the drugs variety is a lot. Checking for erectile dysfunction medications I could conclude the following: the pharmacy has a lot of ED medications and they are selling both generic and brand medications. Like for example there is brand Cialis, and generic as well, the same goes for Viagra and Levitra. The prices are fairly good, but they are not the best compared to other online pharmacies. Like for example, generic Viagra, 50 mg, normal quantity of 90 pills would cost 130 USD which means 1.44 USD per pill. Compared to other online pharmacies, these are *moderate* prices I would say. The pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription.

Customer Support EdWordWide.net

The pharmacy seems to have enough ways to get in touch with their customer support care specialists. That’s because you can call them by the US toll free number, by the UK number, you can contact them by filling up the form on contact page and lastly, what I really prefer is they do have online live chat function where you can chat with them and ask whatever you need or if you have order problems.

Shipping and payment details on edwordwide.net

As most of the online pharmacies, there are 2 shipping methods. First one is international unregistered mail which has a delivery time of 14 to 21 days, it costs 10 USD, it doesn’t have tracking and can be used to delivery products world wide. The second option cannot be used world wide as not all countries support this method of shipping and plus it is more expensive – 30 USD, however the trackable courier service can be tracked and it has a delivery time of 5 to 9 days. In regards to the payment methods, there are 2 of them: echeck, however it is only available for US customers only and the second option is available to everyone: credit cards. They accept only the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and American Express.

Coupon codes EDWordWide.net

The pharmacy offers discounts for people ordering medications in bunk. The more pills you order the more the discount (savings) is. In addition to that, the pharmacy is offering gift pills as a bonus. The bonus pills can be only Viagra, Cialis or Levitra generics 4 or 2 pills. Unfortunately the pharmacy doesn’t actually have the coupon codes policy as there are nowhere coupon codes, but instead of coupon codes they are having discount code which is offered to people who ordered from them, and so, with that discount code, you get 10% discount for all next orders. One last final thing this online pharmacy offers is free standard airmail service for all orders with a sum that exceeds 200 USD.

Customer Reviews EDWordWide.net

Even though this online pharmacy has testimonials page where they suggest that people wrote their experiences with the pharmacy there, I personally believe that this pharmacy didn’t actually had any customers and those testimonials were actually fake/ stolen testimonials written on their website. The reason I say so is because I checked for customer reviews online and besides the fact that I didn’t found a single customer review on foreign/ independent websites, I didn’t found any words in regards to this online pharmacy at all. Then I went on scamadviser.com and I understood why: domain age is 101 days. Unfortunately, having trust in new online pharmacies if often a very big mistake as you might end up without your order and without money back. In addition to the fact that the pharmacy is very new, the real location of the site (and owner’s site) is being hidden and that’s makes me wonder why, but I guess we all know why.


I’m not very sure if the website deserves 1 or 2 out of 5. The reason I say that is because there are nothing to make us think that the website is authentic but there’s nothing that makes us be sure the website is scam and fake. Whatever the case, what I am sure about is that ordering here is a big mistake even if you’re tempted of their prices and their deals and that’s why ordering here I wouldn’t recommend. In the end I would rate it with 1 out of 5 because they decided to hide their identity and usually scammers are doing that.

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