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According to the online pharmacy that I have found, ordering medications from reliable online pharmacies is easy, with its domain address name easy.md. Also according to the information on the site, Easy MD is your one stop destination for affordable high quality medications. They claim to sell exact generic equivalents of US FDA approved prescription drugs through their fully licensed overseas pharmacy. The site of this pharmacy seems to be pretty user friendly with information well arranged on their site. They claim that with the help of the medications they are offering and services they offer, people are able to take control over their health. This pharmacy is run by a dedicated team which has responsibility for all aspects of technology, supply-chain management as well as customer service. According to the information on their site, their only function it is to save money on your medication. I have managed to find information on their site (on the copyright info) suggesting that this online pharmacy has started to operate a long time ago in 2004 meaning this is a 14 years old pharmacy and they are run by Green Park Health Limited which has an physical address in Port Vila, Vanuatu which people could pay a visit if they want to. There are a few reasons of why this online pharmacy claims to be worth choosing: Save up to 70% off retail prices by ordering online; Experienced, trusted, fully-licensed pharmacists; Serving customers for more than a decade; On-line real-time order tracking from their pharmacy to your doorstep; Total confidentiality; Over 1100 different drug products in stock; 24 x 7 customer support. As much as we can see, all of this sounds really good, but there are other things to check as well. They claim that by trying their services, you are not going to be disappointed which I really hope is true.

Easy.md Selection of medications and prices

As I have earlier mentioned, there’s information on their website suggesting that they are offering more than 1100 different drug products in their stock and if that’s true, that’s indeed quite a big number of products and this means they have a wide selection of medications. You can search for the drugs by first letter, by name (using search function) or there is also categories of medications including medications for: allergies, HIV, Skin care, weight loss, cholesterol, antibiotics, men’s health, cardio and blood and many other types of medications for other health issues. I can assume there’s indeed a wide selection of drugs. In terms of prices I’ve checked their men’s health drugs where I found lots of different drugs in both brand and generic forms. In order to get generic Viagra 50 mg 100 tablets you would need to pay 250 USD or you can pay 95 USD for 28 tablets. To be honest, that’s a really really high prices compared to other online pharmacies prices for the same medication in same dosage and quantity. According to the information on their site, if a prescription is required, it is provided by them as part of your order.

Easy.md Shipping and payment methods

There’s a shipping page on their site, which comes of a great help in determining more details about shipping options. Like for example, I found out that they are offering a single shipping option which is registered airmail. According to the information on that page, they are offering this option absolutely for free and they are able to ship to every country in the world meaning that people would only need to pay for the drugs. They claim that delivery in USA typically is 10 days but no information about delivery times abroad. They claim to accept credit cards and echeck only as reliable payment methods.

Easy.md Customer Support Service

I earlier mentioned that this online pharmacy has shared an exact address which people can visit if they want to, plus you could write a mail at that address if you wish. Except for this, there are faster way to communicate such as email or contact form or even faster ways (real time answers) via their phone number or there’s also a live chat function as much as it seems on their website. These seems to be quite enough methods to get in touch with them, but it would be better if this service is actually helpful.

Is Easy.md a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Easy.md a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Easy.md Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are great, but anything that might make you save money is good. That’s why I was searching for anything that could make you save money and unfortunately, I have only seen that they are offering the free shipping as I earlier mentioned, and the more pills you are ordering, the better the price per pill is (because buying 100 tablets at once instead of 28 tablets would make the price per pill better). These seems to be the only methods as there are no discount codes or other forms of discounts.

Easy.md Reviews

It seems that this online pharmacy has quite a good number of customer reviews on independent websites, the problem is that it has quite a bad reputation and that’s because, although there are a few positive reviews in regards with this pharmacy, most of them seem to be negative and full of people who said that they ordered medications here and got nothing back – no money back, no products and no answers from their customer support service so it is clear to them that they got scammed, therefore to suggest everyone else to stay away from easy.md. I can’t be sure how there can be comments saying that this pharmacy is good and in the same time comments saying this pharmacy is scam but anyway, since there are most negative reviews, I doubt this company is worth our trust.


As I earlier said, there are more negative reviews than positive with people saying they got scammed. Plus there are no coupon codes and as I said, compared to other online pharmacies, they are offering pretty high prices for medications. With this being said, I am going to rate this online pharmacy with 1 out of 5.

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