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The pharmacy that I will review today is DutyPharmacy.com and according to the information on their website, this is a reliable and trusted online pharmacy that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I have noticed that they are claiming to be a trusted online pharmacy with affordable prices and I really hope that is true. The reason I say this is because I have reviewed a lot of pharmacies which were only claiming that they are offering amazing things like great prices and high quality of products but they were scam pharmacies. Hopefully this is not such a pharmacy. The website of this pharmacy is very good looking, the information is well arranged on the site and people can easily browse through the site. Plus to this, people can easily register on their site and login to the accounts which would make it easier to access the information they need and buy medications in future. I have also seen this online pharmacy is offering some bonuses and they include: 10 % discount for each reorder, people can get up to 40 bonus pills and lastly, they offer free shipping worldwide. On their front page you can also check their bestsellers. They claim to have the most attractive prices and they claim to have 5 years of experience in pharmaceutical business. They claim that their site is all secure of purchasing drugs as they are McAfee secured and GeoTrust 128 bit SSL encryption protection. I have not been able to find information suggesting where this online pharmacy is located and usually that’s a problem when pharmacies do not share such information, but I hope that scam warning sites would help me determine this. anyway, all in all, the pharmacy so far looks fairly good.

DutyPharmacy.com Selection of medications and prices for them

You can check all the categories of medications that this online pharmacy is offering and also on that page you would be displayed all the medications under each category. So there are medications for: allergy, arthritis, cancer, herbals, stomach problems, weight loss, stop smoking and many other categories on their website. All in all they do seem to have quite a good list of categories of medications and a wide selection of medications for different needs and health conditions. If this turns out to be a pharmacy worth purchasing medications from then you might find lots of different drugs. As much as it seems, the pharmacy is not offering branded names medications but only generic drugs so people who are searching exclusively only for brands might need to move on. As for those who want generics I can talk about prices where I would say that the prices here does seem to be fairly good for medications. That’s because, for example, you’re able to purchase 90 pills (+8 bonus pills) of generic Viagra 50 mg for 1.07 USD per pill. To my knowledge, that’s quite a good price for this quantity and this type of medication. Since there’s not a single mention about prescription requirement I can assume the pharmacy is not requiring a valid prescription to order drugs here.

DutyPharmacy.com Shipping and payment methods

I was searching for information about shipping where I found out that they are shipping world wide, however with a few exceptions. As they claimed, the shipping should be for free to everyone world wide but that’s, as much as I can assume, if you choose regular airmail that usually has no tracking option and has a delivery timeframe of 10 to 15 business days from dispatch. The second option is express delivery that usually does have an online tracking, has a delivery timeframe of 5 to 10 business days from dispatch (but it is usually no available in all countries) and it costs 25 USD. On checkout page, regular airmail costs 14 USD so I can assume it is for free only if you order more than a certain sum. Payment methods include VISA and Bitcoin.

DutyPharmacy.com Customer Support Service

As much as I have noticed, this online pharmacy is offering 4 different methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and to my opinion that’s very good as multiple ways to get in touch with a pharmacy is very good. They include live chat support, email address, contact form on the site and a phone number for live support as well.

Is DutyPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is DutyPharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

DutyPharmacy.com Coupon Codes

As I said earlier, this online pharmacy is claiming to offer 10% discount for those who reorder. The 10% discount can be applied via a coupon code that you receive after your first order. Except for this coupon code with 10% discount on reorder, the pharmacy is offering free bonus pills and the more pills you get the more free bonus pills (but up to 40 bonus pills). Lastly, by ordering more than a certain sum, which seems to be more than 150 USD, you get free shipping.

DutyPharmacy.com Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this pharmacy I found very few reviews suggesting that this pharmacy is not very popular and that’s not a good sign. Now, I have 2 news – one is positive and the other one is negative. The good news is that there are 3 reviews and they are all positive and the negative news is that there are ONLY 3 reviews and each one was written back in 2012. No customer reviews were written anywhere online since. I have then checked scamadviser.com that doesn’t have trust (29% only), because the site has been listed as rogue by legitscript.com, the owner uses a service to hide their identity and a malware report has been detected for this website, plus it seems to be operated from Russia.


That’s really sad that this online pharmacy, although has been online for 10 years, couldn’t gain customers’ trust and is not popular right now, it has no recent customer reviews and it seems to have many other problems going around according to scamadviser.com. It has good prices and good offers, but since it is hard to have trust in this pharmacy due to all the reasons I earlier mentioned, I rate it with 2 stars out of 5.

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