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DrugsPillsMart, according to the information on their website, is the house of medications that supports livings of well being of society. This online pharmacy has the website named DrugsPillsMart.com and they claim that this online pharmacy is being dedicatedly working to ease the supply chain of pharmaceutical products so that safest and effective medicine can easily come within reach of commoners. The website of this online pharmacy is very well done, with information that’s well arranged on the site which is very important. The design is user friendly and generally, the site is done well enough to give a sense of reliability which is important as a first impression but anyway, there are many other things to check. People are able to register an account on the site and login then. There’s a welcome message: welcome to drugspillsmart – a place to get authentic medications with the right pricing. All of this sounds and looks really good so far. According to the information on their site, DrugsPillsMart is under the flagship of the world best known Pharmaceutical Group of Companies and therefore they have offices and stores that are spread all around the world in countries such as: USA, UK, India and Mauritius. Nevertheless, I could not find an exact address being offered on their website as in terms of how long they have been operating, there’s copyright information suggesting: 2014 meaning they are online for 4 years. They claim to offer the following to their customers: availability of drugs, authenticity of their website (drugpillsmart is absolutely a credible online pharmacy as they claim); quality of their medications; convenience and lastly – combined efforts. They also have shared some reasons of why to choose them as your online medicine supplier, some of them including that they are a house of reliable and popular generic alternative medicines. They have social media pages you can find and they claim to have exclusive deals, promotions and free gifts either.

DrugsPillsMart.com Selection of medications and prices

Searching on their website for medications, you can do by using their search function or by the first letter A – Z or, lastly, you could check the categories of medications on their website and according to those categories, there are a lot of them such as: anti smoking, eye care, ADHD, anti cancer, pain relief, birth control, asthma, diabetes and many others. What’s really important to mention here is that this online pharmacy claimed to have a wide selection of medications and they have high quality medications only. What’s important to mention is that, as much as it seems, they are also offering both generic and branded names medications either, or at least that’s what it seems by checking their men’s health medications where I found a lot of different drugs (generic and brands). In order to give example of prices, I can say that Viagra soft tablets generic would cost you anywhere between 1.05 USD to 0.85 USD per pill depending on how many pills you buy (from 40 tablets to 100 tablets). Compared to other pharmacy’s prices for such medications, this is quite a good price. According to the pharmacy’s information, you cannot buy some medicines without showing a valid prescription first.

DrugsPillsMart.com Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting that they are able to provide shipping to absolutely any country in the world so it means that everyone is able to purchase medications from this online pharmacy. There’s information suggesting that they have standard shipping charge which is 25 USD for normal shipment but there is no information suggesting that they are offering multiple shipping options so I am not sure if they offer any. Anyway, their standard shipment has a delivery timeframe of 10 to 15 business days and it requires a signature and they claim that there’s tracking online. There’s information on their website suggesting that they are accepting payments by Western Union and E-Check only.

DrugsPillsMart.com Customer Support Service

I was searching for methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and as much as I could notice, there is live chat function on their website, there is a toll free number and a toll free fax number (but you should make sure you get in touch with them in their working hours). There’s one last method to get in touch with this online pharmacy and that’s via contact form on their website.

Is DrugsPillsMart.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is DrugsPillsMart.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

DrugsPillsMart.com Coupon Codes

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy claims that if you are going to get a subscription to their newsletter then you’re going to get Exclusive Deals, Promotions and Free gifts. Nevertheless, there are no details given about them. There’s no information about what kind of exclusive deals, promotions or free gifts they offer. Plus, before checking out, the pharmacy asks you if you have a coupon code to apply and get a discount. But there’s nowhere a coupon code offered on the website.

DrugsPillsMart.com Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews to determine if this online pharmacy is worth using or not as all the information on the site looks good, but the customer reviews can help much more. Well, they did helped and they help in terms that ordering anything from this online pharmacy might be a big mistake. That’s because there are a lot of negative customer reviews. There are people saying that they got wrong products, there are people saying that the site is involved in fraudulent activities and there are people saying that they got ripped off money, didn’t got sent anything and no responses back to their emails or no phone answers. According to legitscript.com the site is not a legitimate online pharmacy and scamadviser.com confirms that there is risk purchasing anything from this pharmacy.


Although this online pharmacy is offering good prices for medications, world wide shipping, a big variety of medications, coupon codes and other deals and offers I still do not recommend ordering here and that’s because according to the customer reviews and scam warning engines, the pharmacy is most likely a scam. I would recommend ordering here if the pharmacy would be trustworthy due to prices/ deals etc. etc. but as much as it seems, those prices/ deals etc. etc. are so good because they want to attract people to scam them. That’s why I rate drugspillsmart.com with 1 star!

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