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Drugsforhealth.org is the online pharmacy which claims to have the safe and high quality medications or at least that’s the first thing I have noticed when I entered their website under their logo. However, taking a little bit closer look at this pharmacy I realized that the website’s design and interface is very familiar to me which means that I have earlier visited online pharmacies with same design/ interface and although that’s a user friendly interface where everything is clear and easily accessible, usually that’s not a good sign as it might mean the fact that this design has been copied from somewhere else and that’s, as much as you can understand, not a good thing at all. The website of this online pharmacy is supporting other languages and other currencies than English and USD and that’s a very good thing for foreign customers. This online pharmacy claims to have over 7 years of experience in the business and they seem to be run by europharm group inc. which is situation in Europe, in Czech Republic, Praha. This online pharmacy claims to be offering the following things to their customers: free pills with very order, safe and secure payments, fast and free delivery, highest quality generic drugs as well as money back guarantee. Hopefully these are people which do keep their promises as I’ve often come along online pharmacies which are lying about these kinds of things.

Selection of medications and prices for them at DrugsForHealth.org

According to the information on the website, there are a lot of medications you can find here. Or at least that what it seems by checking the categories of medications here. There are medications for erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, allergies, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, pain relief and many other types of medications. For this reason I can say that the selection of medications here is really wide as people could find many different drugs for many different health conditions. A wide selection of medications is really good but good prices for medications is even better so for checking them I have checked the prices for erectile dysfunction medications (where, by the way, I also found a lot of different drugs). I did have found Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and each one of them where having brand and generic forms and different dosages forms. Viagra generic is priced from 0.35 USD per pill, Cialis generic from 0.77 USD per pill and Levitra generic from 1.15 USD per pill. These are the lowest prices per pills for these medications but they can be higher. Nevertheless, these are fairly good prices, among one of the best prices online to be honest. This online pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering drugs here.

Shipping and payment methods at DrugsForHealth.org

This online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to all countries around the globe and there are 2 different shipping options that customers need to choose from before ordering here. These shipping methods include: regular airmail option which has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 4 weeks, does not have online tracking and has a fee of 15 USD. The second option is EMS (express mail service) which as a delivery time of up to 14 business days, does have online tracking but it is more expensive – 25 USD. As in terms of payment methods, this is an online pharmacy which is accepting credit and debit cards (only Master Card and VISA) and they also accept Bitcoin. No other payment methods are available at this pharmacy.

Customer Support Service DrugsForHealth.org

When you just enter the front page of drugsforhealth.org you can see that there are 2 phone numbers being listed on their website, one of which is European and the other one is US phone number. You can dial these phone numbers and get in touch with their customer support. But except for talking with them on the phone, you can also use the contact form on their website and this is going to get you a response in your email. No online live chat function or anything in this matter is available on this website.

Is DrugsForHealth.org a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is DrugsForHealth.org a scam or legit online pharmacy?

DrugsForHealth.org Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is offering free shipping options – 200 USD and more and you get free airmail delivery, 300 USD and more and you get free EMS shipping. Plus to this, they are also offering free bonus ED pill with every order. One last thing is that they are offering discount code which offers a discount off your total sum, but this code is offered only to returning customers who have ever had previous orders with this pharmacy.

Drugsforhealth.org Reviews

Since the website had a design that I did have seen before I was hoping that at least the testimonials on the website wouldn’t be the same but I was wrong. Those are testimonials which I surely read somewhere else on other online pharmacies and this is why, those testimonials are most likely fake and it is not a good idea to have trust in them. Reviews on independent websites are worth having trust in and that’s what I was searching for. But, unfortunately, I was not able to find any! This is an extremely big problem to be honest, but I still went further checking what does scamadviser.com say and there I found information suggesting that the website has been reported as being untrustworthy, the website has been given a low reliability rating by other websites and lastly, according to legitscript.com the website has been classified as a ROGUE internet pharmacy.


I definitely cannot have trust in an online pharmacy which has no customer reviews although it seems to be online for quite a while and it does not have trust from scam warning websites plus has been reported as being untrustworthy. Due to all these problems I will rate this online pharmacy with 2 out of 5 and say that ordering here is very risky.

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