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Drugsdepot.com is the domain address to an online pharmacy that I have found today and I will try to review it making a conclusion whether it is worth purchasing here medications or not. Drugsdepot.com claims to be an online pharmacy since 1996 and if that’s true it means they have over 20 years in the business which is very good. I’ve been analyzing the main address for a little bit more and to be honest, I think that this is a very cheaply made website. Except for the fact that it is quite hard for me to understand what’s going on, on their website, I think that the designer of this online pharmacy doesn’t have enough imagination. To my opinion (but this is my opinion) this online pharmacy doesn’t look good at all because of such a cheaply made design of the site. Whichever the case, this online pharmacy claims to be named: Valley Medical Pharmacy and according to BBB (Better Business Bureau) this is indeed an accredited BBB pharmacy, which is very good. And according to BBB this is a pharmacy that is 32 years in business! The headquarters address on the website of this pharmacy also coincides to the address on BBB and that’s very good. plus to all of this, the pharmacy claims to have a Facebook and Twitter page where you could follow their activity if you wish.

DrugsDepot.com Selection of medications and prices

According to the number of categories of medications that I could find here on the website (which was pretty hard to find, to be honest, because of the way the site is made) there seems to be a wide selection of drugs. Besides the fact that they have a lot of different medications for different health needs, this online pharmacy also seems to have medications for pets as well. In fact, their drugstore claims to have a list of over 50,000 items and that’s a lot! But except for purchasing prescription medications, this pharmacy is also selling lots of different products (for or not for health needs) such as: bath products, batteries, baby products, acne treatment, sore throat, cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, condoms and many others. With all of this said, you can find a lot of different things here. As in terms of prices I have searched for Cialis, Levitra and Viagra and I did found all of them being sold here, however, none of them were in generic form – all only brands of different dosage. And another problem is that none of these products were having a price shared on the website and that’s why, I cannot say which kind of prices they have. This online pharmacy does sell prescription drugs without showing a valid prescription first.

DrugsDepot.com Shipping and payment methods

Due to the way of the site is made, it is extremely hard to understand anything on the website, but I will try to understand it and describe it the best possible way. They does not seem to ship medications outside the USA and as much as I could find, they are only shipping prescription medications to only 3 states in USA. Not sure if that’s true though so I would firstly ask the customer support whether I’ve understood this right or not. The shipping is done via US mail, Parcel Post, Priority mail and UPS. Either I simply couldn’t find such info because of this strange site either there’s no such information at all but I couldn’t find what are the shipping fee and whether or not do they provide online tracking. Also no information about what are the delivery timeframes. All I could find on payment methods is that they accept FSA cards. Either they accept anything else I am not sure.

DrugsDepot.com Customer Support service

Except for using the contact form that it is available on their website when you click on *ask us a question* people can also use their yahoo email address for getting in touch with this pharmacy which, to my opinion, doesn’t seem to be very serious. But except for email and contact form you can use their address for mailing or there’s also a phone number and fax numbers. So you can write them via fax or call them as well.

Is DrugsDepot.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is DrugsDepot.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

DrugsDepot.com coupon codes

I was not searching for coupon codes alone as I was searching for absolutely any possible ways to make people save money. And by searching for such ways I did found something. The pharmacy claims that all orders that weigh less than 2 lbs and are more than 100 USD will get a free shipping. Plus to that, orders above 100 USD MAY get something for free, but that’s not guaranteed. There are some medications that they could send you free samples. One last thing: coupon code. People can obtain this coupon code and get 5% discount only after already having a successful order so this 5% discount can be applicable on next orders.

DrugsDepot.com Reviews

I did have managed to find a few reviews about this online pharmacy but they do not seem to be anything clear. Like for example there’s such a review as: recommended internet pharmacy from nabp.net. I do not think this is a review worth taking on consideration. Plus to that, those reviews were written back in 2011 – 2012. I have found reviews on yelp which are more credible, but the good reviews were written in 2013 – 2014 while there’s a negative review in 2016. It is all strange to my opinion. According to scamadviser.com, the website doesn’t have a big trust rate and a malware report has been detected for this website. Plus to that, the site has been considered unapproved internet pharmacy by legitscript.com, these are some alarming things.


This online pharmacy claims to be VIPPS accredited pharmacy and it does seems to be a BBB accredited pharmacy. But its chaotically represented information on the website is an absolute problem, exactly as it is the fact that it is an unapproved internet pharmacy and plus to that – malware reports. There are few positive reviews but they are very fishy to my opinion. All in all, I wouldn’t have trust in drugsdepot.com and I will rate it with 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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