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Another Canadian Pharmacy is Drugs-365.com, or at least that’s what I could see as soon as I have entered their main page. They claim to be a Canadian Pharmacy and a world famous pharmacy which I hope is true as a world famous pharmacy means that it is used by a lot of people meaning that a lot of people have trust in this pharmacy and therefore that means the pharmacy is indeed worth it. So let’s hope for the better but to be honest, I don’t have too much hopes. Let me explain it, the pharmacy has a good and very well done site, it is user friendly, the design is good and the information is well arranged. Problem is that this pharmacy has a very familiar website design to me which means that I have reviewed pharmacies in the past with same design of the site and this means that one pharmacy has stolen from another its design. We would try to find this out later. Anyway, there’s information suggesting that this pharmacy is VeriSign Secured site, they are offering FDA approved medications and this pharmacy is PGEU GPUE approved pharmacy. plus to that, their site offers a good option to their customer to change the language and the currency on their site. There are a few reasons of why to choose them: No prescription; low prices; high quality and lastly fast delivery. Although they claim to be a Canadian Pharmacy, there’s no exact address offered so we don’t know where this pharmacy is located. According to the copyright information, the pharmacy has been operating for the last 17 years as the information states; 2001 – 2018. The pharmacy claims they have a big sale of 80% off on all medications and this is a time limited offer. The pharmacy offers high quality medications through the world at discounted prices and this really sounds good which is why I hope is true as well.

Drugs-365.com Selection of medications and prices for meds

You could use the search function using the keywords searching for the needed drugs or you could also search for the medications by using the categories of medications. According to the list of categories there are a lot of meds, as much as it seems, as there are medications for: allergies, depression, asthma, anxiety, muscle relaxants, cholesterol lowering, hair loss and many other types of medications. Analyzing the list of categories on their website I would say that the pharmacy is indeed offering a wide selection of medications as much as it seems including both branded names and generic drugs. As an example of price I can say that 50 mg of generic Viagra 90 pills would cost you 84 USD meaning that the price per pill is 0.94 USD. Compared to other online pharmacies, that’s a really good price to my opinion. There are very few pharmacies offering better prices for this type of drug and this quantity. I have mentioned this earlier – the online pharmacy does not require a valid prescription to order prescription drugs on this store.

Drugs-365.com Shipping and payment methods

The information on their website suggests that this pharmacy is offering world wide shipping meaning that everyone across the globe can order their needed drugs here. There are 2 shipping options to choose from but the second option which is EMS (express shipping) cannot be used by all countries. This option costs 20 USD, has tracking online and delivery of up to 10 days. The first shipping option which can be used world wide is standard airmail which has a shipping fee of 10 USD, no tracking online and delivery timeframe of 2 to 3 business weeks. There is also information on their site suggesting that the only payment method accepted by the pharmacy is by credit card; Visa or Master Card.

Drugs-365.com Customer Support Service

There are 2 different ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include contact form available on their contact us page where you need to fill up your details and wait for a response in your email or by calling them at one of the 2 phone numbers listed on their website. They made it clear that customer support speaks only English although their website supports different languages.

Drugs-365.com Coupon Codes

Before you’re checking out on their website, the pharmacy has a space for *coupon code* which you can apply in case you have one. As much as it seems, the coupon code is only offered to people who have previously ordered from this online pharmacy. Except for the coupon code given to loyal customers, the pharmacy is offering free bonus ED pills, they are offering better prices for medications if you buy more pills (the more you buy the better the price) and lastly they are also offering free airmail shipping for orders over 200 USD.

Drugs-365.com Reviews

Searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy drugs-365.com is much harder than I thought and that’s because there are none. The lack of customer reviews is already a big problem which makes me stay away from the pharmacy as this means that the pharmacy has no customers and a pharmacy with no customers means that there’s something wrong. Or at least to my opinion. Luckily, scam adviser can help more and they did helped in confirming that ordering here can be a big mistake. Scamadviser.com has a trust rate of 0%, they noticed the site has been created less than 2 months ago, the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity, high number of suspicious sites on the server and plus to that, the website has a high probability to be operated from a high risk country – Ukraine. That’s all pushing me away from this site.


As I just mentioned, there are multiple reasons of why I would stay away from this online pharmacy or most likely, from this scam online pharmacy as there’s a very high chance that it is a scam pharmacy due to all those reasons earlier mentioned. For this reason, my score for drugs-365.com is doubtlessly 1 out of 5!

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