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Online pharmacies tend to do a lot just to keep their old clients and make new ones and among the list of what they are ready to do is to make an online website that has multiple domain addresses and that’s about drugs-1.com. I have accessed that website (the first time in my life) and I knew that I already been on that online pharmacy as I recognized it by the design, offers, prices etc. So drugs-1.com is a domain address of the same pharmacy which on their Copyright information I found: Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. with an indication of 2001 – 2017 and therefore I can assume that the pharmacy has started its business back then. If that’s true then the pharmacy seem to have an experience of 16 years meaning that it should have quite a good experience in pleasing customers. As their Copyright suggests, the pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy which, as they claim, is trusted a famous all around the world. They banners on their website suggests that they are approved and accredited by American FDA, European PGEU and GPUE and suggests to be a secure shipping website since they are VeriSign Secured. The website supports other languages than English as well as other currencies than USD. The problem is that the website seems to be having a pretty low speed.

Customer Support Team on Drugs-1.com

I wanted to ask their customer support how many domain addresses do they have but I was able to find 2 phone numbers – an UK number and US number but since they don’t have a toll free number I didn’t wanted to spend my money just to ask that question. However for those who have some more serious questions to ask their customer support service then they can contact them by either one of those 2 phone numbers. In case you still have a question but you can wait with the response and you don’t want to call them then you can go on the website’s “contact us” page and there you’re going to be able to fill a form and then wait for a response. Unfortunately they do not have a live chat function. I went on their FAQ page to see what kind of questions they answer and the only one which seemed to be pretty interesting is that they not require prescriptions for any drugs you can find there, although they recommend you to consult your local doctor though.

Drugs-1.com selection of medications as well as the prices for those medications

If my memory serves me right, I already wrote a review about this website but under a different domain address and I remembered it better after I’ve seen their selection of medications and prices. There’s a big list of health conditions that the medications found in this drugstore can treat and this makes me think that the total number of drugs that you can find here is really big. Their catalog of medications include drugs for: blood pressure, anxiety, anti fungal, erectile dysfunction, muscle relaxant, heart disease and others. This doesn’t mean that the pharmacy has all the drugs that you can ever find, however I am pretty sure they have lots of drugs that can be used as alternatives for drugs. Anyhow, I inspected more closely the medications found in erectile dysfunction category and I found a very big list of medications there with both generic and branded names: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. You can also find there Kamagra, Sildalis, Dapoxetine, Caverta and many others. The prices for the most famous medications (generic) per pill are: Viagra with active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate is $ 0.27; Cialis with active ingredient: tadalafil $ 0.68; and Levitra with active ingredient: vardenafil $ 1.00. The prices for same medications per pill but their branded names are: Brand Viagra: $ 2.56, Brand Cialis: $ 3.72; and brand Levitra $ 3.71. Best prices that I have seen and I guess the last time I saw these prices were on this same site but when I entered with a different domain address.

Drugs-1.com payment and shipping options

There’s just one payment option which is via credit card (VISA and Master Card). Usually online pharmacies offer their clients a multitude (or at least 2) of payment methods but this online pharmacy seemingly didn’t shared the same opinion so you can only pay via credit card. The pharmacy has standard shipping options and details: standard shipping which is offered for free for orders above $ 200, however for orders less than $ 200 it would cost $ 10, it has a delivery time of 14 to 21 days and doesn’t have tracking. As for the second option, as usual, that’s a faster but more expensive shipping option – EMS (express) which is offered for free for orders that are above $ 300 USD, however it costs $ 20, it does have a tracking system and a delivery time of 3 to 8 days, but this option isn’t available in all countries.

Is Drugs-1.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Drugs-1.com discounts, bonuses and coupons

As I just mentioned they offer both free shipping options for orders above $ 200 (standard) and $ 300 (EMS). In addition to this there’s a discount number that you can apply and you’re going to get a discount off your sum, that’s an amazing option IMO because discount coupon codes are the easiest way to save money: without doing anything but finding a code you save money. That’s already all very good, but that’s not all because they also offer free erectile dysfunction pills, but I guess they are offering these free bonus pills only if you order ED pills yourself (I doubt that if you’re going to buy for example skin care products you will be sent ED pills, but I am not sure). Plus the more pills you order the more the discount you get, like for example the prices I mentioned above there are the lowest prices per pill if you order big quantities of pills. All of this seems to be amazing so let’s just hope that the customer reviews would be positive too.

Drugs-1.com Reviews

The customer reviews, in my opinion, is the most important part from any of my reviews and when an online pharmacy doesn’t have customer reviews that’s a big sign to STOP and not order otherwise you risk very much that you’re going to get scammed. I have tried to search for customer reviews about drugs-1.com on independent websites and I have found only one single customer review. Good thing is that the customer review was positive. Joseph said that his package was delivered promptly without any problems or damages to the package calling it an *excellent package* and as he said, the prices are awesome. I do agree on the part that prices are awesome but to be honest I’m still not fully sure if this is a credible online pharmacy as a single customer review isn’t enough. There are more customer reviews but they are all only on the website itself so I don’t actually believe those reviews. Went on scamadviser.com which said that ordering here is a high risk (0 trust %) and the site may be from China.


Well, scam warning websites do not have trust in this website and there is just a single customer review all over the internet. That’s obviously not very good. But that’s still a bit better than absolutely nothing especially since the customer review said that the prices are awesome which I do agree with him and that the package was very good as well as the delivery time of only 3 days. But due to the fact that this is not enough to make me fully believe this is indeed an online pharmacy that we should have trust in I rate it with 3 out of 5 which means that the risk of losing your money here is something that you need to think about before ordering.

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