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Drugpillstore.us is the domain address name of the online pharmacy that I am going to review today. For those who are interested, they can enter the pharmacy’s site themselves and check all the information themselves, however I’m going to try to write a review including the most important things and therefore you could make a conclusion only by reading this review. So, the site of this pharmacy seems to be pretty well done, it is user friendly and the information on the site is pretty well arranged which facilitates the navigation through the site and understanding of the information on the site. I have also noticed, that you can register an account on their website and by doing this, the customers can easier purchase the medications that they need in future. Or maybe, there are pharmacies that require you to have an account before ordering and I will determine this later. You can check the categories of medication on their main page and some medications as well. but according to the information on the site, they offering customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed, they offer safe and secure shopping and a few deals as well. they claim to give the best client administration to their customers with the goal that they can appreciate the prosperity of living healthy. They try to give quality pharmaceutical that are safe, useful and affordable. They claim that they are offering very good prices for very good quality medications that are approved by all FDA and WHO standards. I’ve been trying to get information where this online pharmacy is located and for how long they have been operating, they claim that the pharmacy has been established in 2003 and they claim that they are active in USA, UK, India and Mauritius with offices in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, no exact address is given.

DrugPillStore.us Selection of medications and prices

You can search for the needed products by using the search function on their website but you’re also able to shop for products using the categories and there seem to be quite a lot of categories of products including such as: weight loss, anti smoking, asthma, steroids and anabolics, pain relief, eye care, antibiotics and many, many others which means that there are a lot of different products for a lot of different needs meaning that the selection of medications is indeed very wide here. I have been trying to get information about what kind of prices they are offering for medications here and so I was searching for medications that I am familiar with which is Erectile dysfunction. There I found out that they have many ED drugs and I found out that the price for 100 pills of generic sildenafil 150 mg would be 82.60 USD which is 0.83 USD per pill. To be honest, that’s really good price for this quantity and this type of medication. The pharmacy claims that there are some medicines that are able to be obtained only by showing the pharmacy a valid prescription which you need to fax it or email to them.

DrugPillStore.us Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting that they are able to deliver their products to any country in the world and that’s very good. they claim that all deliveries will need a signature and delivery is by registered international air post and is going to reach their destination in 10 to 15 business days. There’s no information suggesting that they are offering multiple shipping options so I’m not sure if this means that they do not have any and the shipping fee, according to the information on their site is 25 USD for normal shipment. According to the information there, this online pharmacy is accepting echeck only. Not sure if that’s true as only US customers can pay using this method.

DrugPillStore.us Customer Support Service

This online pharmacy seem to be among those pharmacies offering multiple ways to get in touch with them, like for example, you’re able to contact them using the live chat function available on their website which is very good or you can also get live assist by their toll free phone number (make sure you call them in the working hours) or there is also the contact form on their website. I can assume you can also contact them using the social media pages. They claimed to have a fax number but I can’t find it.

DrugPillStore.us Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are a great way to save money when ordering medications from online pharmacies but unfortunately, DrugPillStore.us does not seem to be among those pharmacies offering coupon codes. Instead, they claim to offer discount shipping facility in a seasonal manner and to regular customers. Plus, by using e-check people are able to get 5 USD off their price.

DrugPillStore.us Reviews

Although I can’t say that I have found a lot of customer reviews about this pharmacy, I’m glad that I did found at least any. And although they don’t have a lot of reviews, they were all mixed when people are sharing information suggesting that this pharmacy is worth using, trustworthy and reliable but there are others saying otherwise and complaining that they lost their money. Those people claim that they offer fault tracking number and fake promises from their agents. To be honest, this is very alarming, but when there are mixed reviews I had to check the information on scamadviser.com which said that the email used for the site is free, the website is only one year old and the site is rarely visited meaning that it is not very popular among customers. It has a trust rate of 71%.


DrugPillStore.us offers one of the best prices that I have ever seen and there are positive customer reviews and this really makes me tempted to try this pharmacy myself. However, there are negative reviews suggesting that the site is fake and according to scamadviser.com there’s quite a high chance that it is indeed a scam pharmacy. In the end, I’m not brave enough to risk with my money ordering here and therefore I give it a score of 2 out of 5 stars.

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