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Drug-Store-24H.com | Drug Store 24H Reviews & CouponsDrug-store-24h.com is the no. 1 Canadian Pharmacy, or at least that’s the first thing that I could see as soon as I have entered this domain address. So since this online pharmacy claims to be so good, it is obvious that I couldn’t resist not to check it out and determine whether is that true (the fact that it is such a good pharmacy) or not. They also have shared the reasons why they claim to be such a good pharmacy: low prices – they claim that the prices at this online pharmacy are 70% less than in your local pharmacy. In addition to this, they are also offering free shipping either – but they offer it only on the orders that are above $ 200. And lastly, they are also offering free pills – Viagra pills for free with every order. They claim to be all 100% confidential and I hope this is true either. According to the copyright information, the website has been around since 2004 and although I couldn’t find where exactly this pharmacy is located, I can assume in Canada. Another interesting thing that I have found are some seals on their website which suggests that this pharmacy is CPA approved, CIPA accredited as well as MIPA accredited pharmacy with the 5 stars offered by healthpricer.com. I can very easy determine whether is this true or not by going on official CIPA website – cipa.com and check it out. That’s what I have done and unfortunately drug-store-24h.com seems to lie about their accreditations as CIPA couldn’t find them in their database. That’s already alarming to be honest.

Selection of medications and prices for them at Drug-Store-24h.com

This online pharmacy seems to have quite a wide selection of medications with nearly all types and forms of medications for different needs being found here. Searching for drugs can be done via search function, first letter of the drug that you need and by checking the categories and that’s how I determined that the selection of medications is so high, there are a lot of medications for different needs such as: asthma, diabetes, depression, heart disease, anxiety, skin care, pain relief and a lot of other types of medications. I’m more interested in checking erectile dysfunction medications and that’s what I have checked. Except for finding the most famous ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both brand and generic forms, I have found lots of different drugs as well. In terms of prices I can say that the cheapest prices for generic forms of these famous medications is 0.36 USD for a pill of Viagra, 0.76 USD for a pill of Cialis and 1.20 USD for a pill of Levitra. These are indeed very good prices although I found few other online pharmacies with, seemingly, slightly better prices. This online pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering here.

Shipping and payment methods Drug-Store-24h.com

People all around the globe are able to order their needed medications here as they offer world wide shipping. The shipping can be done via 2 methods: airmail and EMS. The standard airmail shipping option would cost you 10 USD, it has a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks and unfortunately doesn’t have online tracking. However, there’s the second option EMS shipping which would cost 20 USD, has a delivery time of up to 9 days and does have online tracking for those who want to track their parcels. As in terms of payment methods, this online pharmacy, unfortunately, is only accepting credit cards and they are only accepting VISA and master card.

Customer Care Department Drug-Store-24h.com

They claim that each of their customers is a VIP and I have big hopes this is true because we’ve often met online pharmacies which were ignorant to their customer’s needs and enquires. If you’re having questions to ask then you can do it by their phone numbers (one is US number and the other one is EU number) or by contact form on their website which you need to fill up. Unfortunately, no other methods to get in touch with them are available.

Is Drug-Store-24h.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Drug-Store-24h.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Drug-Store-24h.com Coupon Codes

One of their special offers is the fact that people who are ordering over 200 USD in a single order they are going to get 10 % discount available. Plus to that, by ordering over 200 USD worth of medications, you’re also going to get a free standard airmail shipping. Ordering higher quantities of pills would also make you save some money because the prices per pill drop. And one last thing to mention here is the fact that they are offering free pills to their customers. These are all very good things.

Drug-Store-24h.com Reviews

The testimonials on their own website are fakes and I’m 99% sure in that and the reason why I say it is because those reviews are extremely familiar to me meaning that those reviews are copied from somewhere else and posted on the website. I am, instead, interested in customer reviews on independent websites but unfortunately there are no reviews anywhere. With no customer reviews on independent websites and fraudulent reviews on their own website this is all a big problem for me. I checked what does scamadviser.com says about this online pharmacy and it seems there are a lot of alarming things such as: it is classified as a rogue internet pharmacy by legitscript.com, it uses a free email address, website is involved in a high risk country (China),a malware report has been detected and also a high number of suspicious websites on the server. These are all quite some problems.


This online pharmacy might be having good prices and good offers, however what’s the point from them when there are no customer reviews to confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of this online pharmacy and instead there are fraudulent reviews on the website with a few other notes given my scamadviser.com that are a signal to stay away from using it? Because of all these reasons that’s exactly what I am going to do – stay away from it and will be rating it with 2 out of 5!

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