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No. 1 Canadian pharmacy claims to be drug-24h.com, or this is what their logo suggest and I’m about to check whether is that true or not. As soon as I entered the website it seemed to me to be user friendly and the first thing I’ve done I went on their *About us* page to find out more. As their logo has suggested, they claimed again that the pharmacy is the leader in delivering medications throughout the world and their main goal is to sell medications to everyone who want to save some money as they claim to have medications 70% less in terms of prices than your local pharmacy. They are selling high quality generic drugs at the lowest prices and therefore they are helping people save money and time as well. Since they claim to be No. 1 Canadian pharmacy, of course, claimable they are located in Canada and they are having accreditations from Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) as well as the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA), or at least that’s what their website suggests. Seemingly they have stated the pharmaceutical business in 2004 so they should be experts now in 2017. The website is supporting a total of 5 different languages their customers can choose from and a total of 5 different currencies as well.

Drug-24h.com Selection of Drugs

From the first observations it seems that this online pharmacy is mostly focused on selling ED medications, or at least that’s what it seems like because their main page is mostly displaying ED meds and they suggest that the best sellers are also – ED medications. Among these medications I found generic forms of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, also I found their brand forms too. In addition to that there are trial erection packs too. They do seem to have both generic and brand versions of medications and I guess this is for all types of medications, I am not sure. Claimable they have a big variety of generic medications on the most part and either you choose generics or brands they claim that every med found here is FDA approved or manufactured by FDA approved company. But besides ED medications you can also find meds for: hair loss, muscle relaxants, herbals, weight loss, woman’s health, allergies and many, many others. Drug selection is vast and most customers should find what they’re looking for here.

Drug 24H Prices for those drugs

Prices are fairly good, or at least they are fairly good for ED medications like generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and that’s because the lowest prices (for a pill) of each one are: $0.36, $0.76 and $1.2 respectively. Prices for brand of Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Lilly) and Levitra (Bayer) per pill are: $3.8, $4.18 and $4.34 respectively. Then again, these are the lowest prices which mean that you are able to get those medications at these prices only if you purchase lowest dosages (per pill) and highest quantity. Either you purchase less quantity or higher dosage you need to pay more per pill.

Drug 24H prescription requirements

I’ve searched through their FAQ page to see whether do they require their customers to show a valid prescription upon ordering and they don’t. Regardless of what medication you choose to buy from this online pharmacy – your order should start be processed as soon as you pay without additional questions. They are only recommending their customers to talk with a doctor before taking any kind of pills, but nothing more than that.

Drug 24H payment methods

This online pharmacy is accepting 3 different types of payments: VISA, AmEx and eCheck. I’m quite sure that eCheck is only for US customers which means that the rest of the world needs to pay either via VISA or AmEx.

Drug-24h.com shipping policy

As usual, there are 2 shipping options which their customers can choose from: Regular (or Standard) Air Mail service and EMS (express mail service), not sure if all countries have EMS since they claim to order all over the world. As usual, the regular air mail has a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks while the EMS has a delivery time, as usual, of 3 to 8 business days. However the pharmacy has made it clear that in both cases there might be delays because of the customs (because customs can keep it there for a while) and this doesn’t depend upon them, however they still say that success rate of delivery in time is in most cases. Fees, as usual are – $ 10 for standard air mail and $ 20 for EMS. You can get a free standard air mail if your order is more than $ 200. As soon as you purchase something that item(s) is yours because drug-24h.com is not accepting returns.

Drug-24h.com customer support team

If you have any questions or you need to get in touch with this pharmacy customer support team you can do it by the following 2 ways: you either call them by the 2 phone numbers listed on the website (one is US number and another one is UK number), they don’t have toll free number, or you can contact them by writing them a form and wait for a response in your email. Since there’s no online chat function I personally haven’t contacted them so I am not able to comment more on either do they promptly respond or not.

Drug-24h.com Coupon codes or special offers

As soon as you enter the online pharmacy you can see all their offers: prices that are 70% less than your local pharmacy (and I guess that’s when you purchase big quantities of medications and only certain medications), free shipping on all orders that are above $200 and they also offer free Viagra pills with every order (the amount and types of pills gets better the higher the order sum is). They are also having a discount number which you are going to get only if have already ordered from them which means they offer discounts for returning customers. Sad this is they do not have coupon codes which are the easiest way, in my opinion, to save money.

Is Drug 24H a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Drug 24H Reviews

I’ve searched for customer reviews other than those I was able to find on their *Testimonials* page because I tend not to believe those kind of reviews written on pharmacies but the problem was that I didn’t found any customer reviews on independent websites. It is obvious that the testimonials on that website are all positive but for me reviews on independent websites are much more important and yet, I didn’t found any. I found only one single customer review which called them scammers, however I’m not giving my credits to that person because he said that they are scammers due to the fact that the online pharmacy hasn’t said anywhere that they are selling generics and he thought he ordered brands. The thing is that this pharmacy did mentioned on their website that they are selling generic medications.

So what’s the conclusion?

No. 1 Canadian Pharmacy without any customer reviews other than those on their own website. To me that sounds like a big lie and when a pharmacy lies to me about ANYTHING, I think that I’m always being lied so this is an pharmacy that doesn’t get my trust. In addition to that, simply the fact that there are no customer reviews on independent website although the pharmacy claims to be in the pharmaceutical business since 2004 that’s another problem. With all of this being said, the website itself, with all the offers, do seem to be OK, however I still think that high risk is involved in purchasing anything here and that’s why I rate it with a 3 out of a 5 rate.

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