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Through all the reviews that I’m writing about different online pharmacies that you can find on the big Internet I’m just trying to recommend some of them that are trustworthy and I’m also trying to warn about other online pharmacies which are not credible and ordering from there can have consequences. So now that’s what I am about to do as I have found another online drugstore, which is an USA based pharmacy and I will try my best in finding out whether is this a pharmacy that I can recommend you or warn you about. So as much as it seems, the is a ‘connection’ site between the customers (buyers) and the suppliers (sellers) and they claim to have the most affordable health care products. The goal they seem to have is to provide good products at low prices through services offered by professionals. Needless to mention that they promise their services are easy to be used and the shopping it all secure. The site supports a few languages that each user can choose from. Whoever has questions they can contact their customer support service.

So let’s talk about their customer support service

They seem to care about their customers because you are able to contact them, as usual, via their contact form by writing an email and they promise to respond promptly as their customer support service works 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. In addition to that, you’re also able to contact them by their US Toll free number +1 888 524 7141 if you have questions that cannot wait a response by email or if you simply want to talk with them. But if you don’t like any of the above methods to contact them then there’s another way of getting in touch with them, my favorite way: live support online. You can start chatting with their customer support service without calling and without waiting for a back response by email. That’s very good.

Drug selection that has

Although this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to carry so much medications, the categories list of drugs still seem to be enough as you can find medications for most needs.  I don’t know what’s the full number of medications that they have in their drugstore, however there are medications such as diuretics, general health, hair loss, men’s health, women’s health, antibiotics and many others. Having this said, you will most likely find a good variety of medications, medications that you need. I couldn’t find a ‘proof’ that the drugs found in their store are FDA approved, however it does seems that the medications that they are selling are from manufacturers that are approved by FDA which, therefore means that the products themselves are FDA approved. Although they do have all sorts of ED medications, they do not have branded medications (no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra brand). However, besides men’s health (and there’s also erectile dysfunction category but it seems to be the same) there’s also Men’s ED packs which is very good because this way you can save some money. and now, since I’ve started to talk about money let’s go to the next *chapter*:

DomesticRX Prices

It is obvious that they have Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra and other of such medications, but are the prices good or not is what makes me, and everyone else (I guess) take a decision whether purchasing from an pharmacy worth it or not. I won’t be talking about other products (like Kamagra jelly, Viagra or Cialis soft and so on and so forth) but I can say that, for example, price for a generic Viagra is 1.01 USD which although it could be lower, that’s a fair price. The price for Cialis (also generic) is 1.31 USD per pill and for Levitra (generic) 1.88 USD per pill. As I said, there are no branded products. But the prices for these generics are pretty well. However pay attention that these are prices if those medications are purchased in larger quantities. These are discounted prices if purchased in larger quantities, for lower quantities the prices are higher. This applies to pretty much 90% or so of all online pharmacies.

DomesticRX Shipping policy

This is an online drugstore which ships only within the USA and their shipping is believed to be really fast. Although they have 2 shipping methods as most other online pharmacies, they are not as usual because unlike other pharmacies, they don’t have regular and EMS shipping but they have priority mail which promises to have a delivery time of 2 to 4 business days (and costs 30 USD) and the second shipping method is even faster: overnight which promises to have a delivery time of 1 to 3 business days but it also costs more: 50 USD. The fees for shipping might be a bit higher compared to another pharmacy, however the delivery times is considerably faster.

DomesticRX Payment options offers their customers a lot of shipping methods as they accept credit cards systems like for example: VISA, Master Card, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club as well as EChecks. This variety of payment options should be enough for pretty much all the customers who decide to purchase something from this pharmacy. They are having the return policy which means that you will get a refund in case something is wrong, you need to return the parcel in 30 days.

DomesticRX Discounts, special offers and coupon code?

They seem to care about their customers and they are promising to do it in a saving-money for you method and that’s because they promise to give 10 % discount for all orders after your first order. So loyal customers are having a discount. In addition to that they are having ED pack which they claim that you will save 20% too. As I said earlier, they are offering discounts for larger quantities of pills purchased too. One more thing they are offering is that all orders with erectile dysfunction pills are being given free pills of the same type. And lastly, seem to have coupon codes as well and that’s super amazing because besides all the bonuses I just enumerated, you’re able to save more by using the coupons.

What do people say? DomesticRX Reviews

It is impossible to say anything, good or bad, about something or someone without having an personal experience with that something or that someone or by at least talking with someone who did had experience. Since I haven’t had any experience with them all I could do is to check for reviews about I was happy to see that most of the reviews on external sites (I did read their testimonials but it is obvious that there will be only positive reviews) were positive reviews as well. People said that they are happy with their services and products. They said that delivery times were acceptable and the drugs were working as expected. Like for example there’s a random reviewer named luther16 who said that he has got his kamagra soft very fast, he said that everything was clear enough so he didn’t required help from customer support because everything was done according to their policy and time frames. He said that the products have an excellent products and even said that this is a ‘top notch source!’. That’s promising to be honest.

So DomesticRX is a legit pharmacy then?

Yeah it is, or at least it most likely is and that’s the conclusion I’ve made by reading the big number of positive customer reviews. I doubt that a scam pharmacy can gather such a number of positive reviews on other external sources.

What’s the conclusion?

A big number of discounts, bonuses, coupon codes and special offers in combination with a big number of positive feedback from people who already used this pharmacy is obviously an online pharmacy that deserves a high rating and that’s why I think that deserves 5 out of 5 meaning that shopping here is going to be a pleasant experience.

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