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When we’re having a health issue it is obvious that the first thing we’re doing it is we are going to a doctor in order to check out what it is wrong with us and how to solve the given problem. In most cases, solving the health issues pills are coming our way. However with the nowadays prices for medications it is often very hard to keep up with the prices as medications can be extremely hard to obtain due to such expensive prices. This is the reason why online pharmacies are there – offering medications at much better prices than local pharmacies and the pharmacy I will review today is, an online pharmacy which claims to solve all your health problems offering best quality medications and the best prices. As soon as I have entered the website I have been said: welcome to the new doctor solve improved website which means that the website has been changed recently. Not sure how it used to be, but the website is currently user friendly and everything seems to be easy to access and navigate through. They claim to be safe simple and secure since 1999 meaning the pharmacy is in business for a long time now. You can register and login to your account here. They are a Canadian pharmacy which has earned the trust of more than 200,000 patients. There’s a seal on their website suggesting they are CIPA approved pharmacy and so I checked if this is true on cipa official website and I found out that is indeed an active CIPA member and that’s very good.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

Unlike many other online pharmacies, they are not offering categories of medications with all drugs being listed under categories. They are only having a list of most popular prescription drugs but that’s by far not all the drugs they have in their drugstores. But they still seem to have prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and pet drugs. I am not very sure but seemingly they are having a pretty wide selection of medications here. The only way to find the drugs is via search function. This online pharmacy, simply from their categories of drugs, is requiring a valid prescription for selling such drugs. I have searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but simply to give example of prices here I can say that Viagra generic 50 mg 88 pills would cost you 176 USD and to be honest, compared to other online pharmacies, that’s a really high price. Shipping Options and Payment methods

This online pharmacy does not offer world wide shipping as they are only shipping to Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. They do not accept orders to other countries. It seems that they are having a single shipping option and it costs 10 USD, but for overweight packages additional shipping fees may apply. Unfortunately I couldn’t find information if they provide online tracking and what the shipping delivery timeframes are. This online pharmacy seems to accept payment through Personal Checks, International Money Orders as well as certified Checks. Plus to all of this, they are also accepting American Express and eChecks. But eChecks it is only available for US customers.

Customer Support Service

As soon as you enter the website you can see that you can sign up to their newsletter and you can also see a phone number with the help of which you can get in touch with them. But I checked the contact us page in order to see all the methods available so besides the phone number listed there, I’ve seen they are also having the contact form on their page and email (both of which are basically the same). There are fax toll free numbers (toll free and international) and there are 3 different phone numbers: Spanish, international and toll free number. Make sure that you’re going to try to get in touch with them in their business hours. No other ways to talk with them are available, unfortunately.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

It seems that the more pills you’re ordering then the lower prices per pill is getting. However it seems that except for this they are not offering anything else like free shipping, free bonus pills or coupon codes. Generally nothing at all. Either because they haven’t shared this on their website or they don’t have anything at all indeed, but if someone would like to order here then I recommend you talk with customer support service first and ask if they have some offers as I can’t find any. Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I was nearly sure that I would find some and indeed I was right. I did have found customer reviews on few independent websites such as, and few others. Although most of the reviews are positive written by people who seem to be happy with’s service, there still seems to be people saying they are scammers. There is a person saying that they are giving him false shipping confirmation and they never answer phone calls (other person mentioned their customer support is terrible either) so they recommend never to do business with them. Another person said an even worse thing like paying money and never receiving anything! As I said, most people are happy, but seemingly not all of them, by far. According to legitscript, this is not an approved pharmacy online and according to a malware report has been detected and an even bigger problem: the owner uses a service to hide their identity.


As much as we can see from customer reviews and from scam warning websites, there is quite a good risk of losing your money if you would pay here. Most of the reviews are positive and that’s a big plus for the pharmacy, but scam warning sites have some alarming notes and there are reviews saying they lost money. And in the end, the prices are by far not the best here with no good offers or coupon codes. Because of all these reasons I will rate with 3 out of 5.

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