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As soon as I entered website it inspired me trust and even my Firefox browser showed that this website has a secure connection. A couple of minutes browsing on this website I have realized that this is an UK based online drug store where you can get your medications and you’re also able to get a doctor’s recommendation here because you can get doctor consultation. The first that I’ve seen entering the website is: online doctor and pharmacy as well as low cost prescription medicine delivered direct. This means that the customers should find it very easily to get the prescription that they need by discussing with a doctor and then get the medication that they need right at their front door by ordering them online. This online doctor and pharmacy is, as said, regulated in the UK and it is run by Index Medical Ltd. This pharmacy is a registered pharmacy with the General Pharmaceutical Council, it is in NHS, is in Trusted Shops list, approved to sell medicine online by Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), also registered with the Care Quality Commission and others. All of this means that the website is can be browsed safely and purchasing medications here shouldn’t involve any risks.

Drug selection of Doctor Fox

They are offering a wide range of medications such as Anti malaria, Erectile Dysfunction, Hair loss, Asthma Inhalers, Stop smoking, and a lot of other medications for a lot of other health conditions. I went further investigating their Erectile Dysfunction drug selection and I found Viagra (brand by Pfizer), Sildenafil (generic Viagra), Cialis (brand by Lilly), Levitra (brand by Bayer), and Spedra (active ingredient: avanafil). These seemed to be all the medications you can get from this website for Erectile Dysfunction. I can assume that this online pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling brand medications, but it doesn’t mean they do not have generic medications for other treatments than ED.

Drug prices on Doctor Fox

This website is UK based and that’s why all the prices are in GBP. They claim that Dr. Fox prices are 25% – 50 % lower than other well known UK online doctors and pharmacies for the same medications. And so, for getting Viagra 50 mg 4 tablets (by Pfizer) you would pay 29.40 GBP which means that a tablet is 7.5 GBP. Cialis 20 mg 4 tablets would be 34.00 GBP while Levitra 20 mg 4 tablets would be 27.00 GBP. If you purchase lower dosage per pill or more pills (they have 4, 8 or 16 pills) then the prices are a bit lower per pill.

Doctor Fox Prescription Requirements

It is obvious that they do require all their customers to have a valid prescription for purchasing medications that require a prescription, however as implied earlier, they are offering online doctor consultations and they are able to issue the prescription online direct to their pharmacy. So all their customers can get online prescriptions which is much easier to get medications than from a pharmacy which requires prescriptions but doesn’t offer online doctor consultations and prescriptions. Shipping details

The only thing I found is that they are only delivering within Europe. They don’t ship anywhere else. But besides this I haven’t found any other information about shipping like what is the shipping fee, do they have multiple shipping options and what are the delivery times. Payment methods

It seems that they are only accepting credit cards and only major credit cards like Visa and Master Card. besides these 2 it seems they do not accept any other type of payment.

Doctor Fox Customer Support Service

This is an online doctor consultation and drug selling pharmacy, it is obvious that getting in touch with such a website should be extremely easy and it does seem so. You’re able to call them by their UK phone number, by writing a mail to their address or by contact their doctor on a different phone number or by their email [email protected] in case this is not enough for you then you’re also able to write an enquiry form on their website. I personally haven’t contacted them but I assume that getting in touch with these people should be easy.

Is this Doctor Fox fake or is it legit?

Searching on the website itself, searching for customer reviews about this website and searching on google information about this pharmacy – everything implies that there is no chance this pharmacy is fake. They even have a Wiki page, they have different customer reviews on different websites and generally, the information that I was able to find on Google made me think that this is an extremely popular online pharmacy, at least in UK. Seemingly many people know about this website and when a pharmacy has such a big popularity online and has been accredited by so many companies and organizations then it means that the pharmacy isn’t going to scam you, but bear in mind that this doesn’t mean that there can’t be other problems.

Doctor Fox Coupon codes or discounts?

I’ve tried to search for at least anything here and nothing: no discounts, no bonuses, or coupon codes policy, no special offers, nothing at all. All the prices that you see on the website are actual prices that you will need to pay if you want to get anything from them and that’s because you won’t be getting any discounts or anything. That’s sad to be honest, in my opinion they should change something about this and add some discount bonuses. Or then again, at least I wasn’t able to find anything. Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews about this online doctor and pharmacy and it is easily noticeable that most of the reviews are positive. Like for example there’s a person with nickname toned which said: clear terms of business and said that it is easy to follow the website and the order progress with a fast delivery. Another person with nickname sianixx wrote that this doctor fox pharmacy is offering brilliant service. He (or she) said that has ordered and the delivery was within a couple of days. Added that it is very easy to use and they have fantastic service. Many other people said that they are having professional people and professional services. Nevertheless, there are still a few angry people who said that they are tired of getting emails from their online pharmacy. Another person complained on the fact that they have high prices and what’s the worst comment is that there’s a person who has ordered and hasn’t received his order.

What’s the conclusion in the end?

This online pharmacy has mostly only good things and good parts, however it MOSTLY has good things and good parts, but there are some bad sides as well. I do say that this website is safe to use as most likely they are not going to scam you (although there is a reviewer who said that hasn’t received anything after paying) and that means a lot. They have pretty nice prices but they are still not the best. They seem to be very popular with a lot of customer reviews and most of them are clearly positive but in the same time there are angry people. Plus to that there are no discounts and no coupon codes policy. That is why, all in all this is a good online pharmacy, however there are still a few things that it lacks and that’s I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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