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Divvydose.com is the domain address of the online pharmacy that I will review today. As soon as I have entered the website, there was a video played, displaying that this pharmacy is getting your medications ready so you could take them when needed and via their smartphone application they remind you that it is time to take the medications. Or at least that’s what the video suggests. The pharmacy claims that this is *your pharmacy personalized* and with this being said, I can assume that the pharmacy is making sure that each patients need is taken care of. The website is very well done, it is super user friendly and this gives a sense of reliability which is important. The pharmacy claims that they are having real people to assist you at all times when you need it, you would never need to go to the drugstore again (I can assume they always send the medications) and their experts are taking care of your health. This all sounds super good. As I said, this pharmacy seems to be having smartphone applications, they are having social media pages where you can follow them and plus to that, this pharmacy claims to have earned Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) accreditation through NABP and they have got these accreditations on February 1, 2016. The pharmacy seems to have started their operation in 2015 or at least that’s according to copyright information. You can find the names of key people of this pharmacy on their website for those interested. Also online you can check the pharmacy’s availability (only through USA) by entering the ZIP code. I checked whether the VIPPPS accreditation was not a lie and it seems that it is indeed true. The pharmacy also shared their exact address which is in Rock Island, IL. I have then checked more information.

DivvyDOSE.com selection of medications and prices

I have encountered quite a bit of a problem when I was searching for these points to comment on and that’s because I couldn’t find anything about these things. The pharmacy doesn’t have a list of drugs on their website or a price list and for this reason I cannot comment on these parts. However, the pharmacy claims on their *pricing* page that your copays stay the same. With this being said, I can assume that you would pay quite the same prices as you would do at any other major pharmacy in USA and as we all know – the prices are very high and that’s why people resort to online pharmacies. The selection of medication I can assume is very wide, but as long as you do not actually save money, there’s no point in it. This pharmacy sends you the medications according to your prescription so without one, you cannot order medications.

DivvyDose.com shipping and payment methods

There is a FAQ page with few details about shipping which include: they are using UPS and they are providing people with tracking number. They claim to offer shipping free to everyone and they only ship to USA but you need to check availability map in order to see if they are offering services in your specific area. I was not able to find if this pharmacy is offering any other shipping methods unfortunately and generally, these are all the points I could find here. in terms of payment methods, this pharmacy claims to accept most major insurance plans, co pays and other costs can be paid via electronic check, credit card, health savings account HSA or flexible spending account FSA. That’s all the information according to their FAQ page.

divvyDOSE.com customer support service

for any other questions or anything else, people would need to get in touch with the customer support service of this pharmacy in order to find out more information about this pharmacy or about anything that they need. As soon as you enter the website you can see there’s a phone number listed on the website but except for the phone number you can send them a message via contact form online. There’s also an email with the help of which you can get in touch with them and there’s also an chat function available on their website either. But when I clicked on it, I was given the message *leave us a message*.

Is divvyDose.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is divvyDose.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

divvyDose.com Coupon Codes

this online pharmacy claims to send you the medications that you need in time without you asking for it as they have auto refills, you do not need to pay for the shipping and their application is always reminding you that you’ve got to take the medications and as they claim, all of this is free of charge. Nevertheless, there’s nothing else, no coupon codes, discounts or something in this matter which makes you save some money.

divvyDose.com Reviews

According to legitscript.com this online pharmacy seems to be legitimate internet pharmacy exactly as it seems to be accredited by VIPPS, this is all very good. this pharmacy, as I said, is relatively new in the business and I guess for this reason there are very few customer reviews, none on yelp.com and on bbb.org unfortunately, but there are 2 of them on facebook which seem to be positive and that’s very good. With all of this being said, the pharmacy seems to be reliable and customers who have had business with them doesn’t seem to have gotten scammed and that’s important. Nevertheless, this is not an online pharmacy, which saves you money, and there are no privileges in terms of saving money when purchasing medications.


I will rate this online pharmacy with 4 out of 5 and that’s because the customer reviews are happy and positive and the pharmacy seems to be reliable and all legitimate. Nevertheless, I will not rate it with maximum due to the fact that you are not going to save money here as you would do with other online pharmacies and to my opinion that’s extremely important – that’s the reason why I keep on doing my online pharmacy research.

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