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As much as it seems from the pharmacy name:, this is an Australian pharmacy and that’s because of the pharmacy’s domain address ending .au. I’m going to try to determine if that’s true but as for now, I have accessed the pharmacy’s main page and I have noticed a really well done design of the site, to my opinion as it is user friendly and information that you can easily check and read unlike other online pharmacies’ sites I’ve reviewed with chaotic arrangement of the information. I have noticed that people can register an account and login to their accounts and later I will try to find out if this is mandatory to do for ordering drugs here. I’ve also noticed the pharmacy offers coupon codes and they have a few other offers and discounts. There’s also, on the left side on their main page, the categories of medications suggesting what types of products they are offering. Nevertheless, I have accessed their about page trying to find out more information and there I confirmed this is an Australian site since they claimed that this site is managed by QVB Pharmacy – Sydney City Pharmacy, nevertheless, there’s no information on their site suggesting where exactly they are located (exact address) and there’s also no information suggesting for how long they were operating. All I found is that they are proudly independent and is a QCPP accredited pharmacy – your guarantee of quality. Plus, they claim to try to beat any other online pharmacy prices so if you find a product cheaper somewhere else you should contact them and they would offer a better price as they claim. All in all, they claim to be one of the best pharmacy offering the best online prices. To my opinion, there should be more information on the site. Selection of medications and prices

As I said it earlier, there are categories of medications that you can check on the left side of the main or any other page. They seem to offer quite a wide selection of medications as they are offering products for: women, weight loss, vitamins, men, oral care, sexual care, general medicine and others. That’s why I can assume that the selection of drugs is pretty high here, however by checking all the medications a bit more carefully I noticed one thing – they are not selling prescription drugs as all the drugs that are there, as much as it seems, are all OTC. There are Electric Toothbrushes, condoms, tens machine, thermometers, sports braces and such things, however there does not seem any prescription products. With this being said, I have big doubts that this online pharmacy would require a valid prescription as there’s no products to require a valid prescription for. In order to give an example of price I can say that Advil Liquid Caps 90 tabs (for pain relief) would cost you 17 AUD (I assume the currency is in AUD). Either is that a good price or not, I am not sure, as I only wanted to give example of the price. Shipping and payment methods

There is not a FAQ page and it is quite hard to determine these points without it. however, I have tried to find this information right from their billing page where I noticed they offer a list of countries to which they ship products. By analyzing the list of countries there I can conclude that they are offering world wide shipping, as much as it seems. Plus to that, there is no option to choose another shipping option so I can assume there’s no multiple shipping options. There is unfortunately no shipping delivery information or shipping fee (as it seems that the shipping fee is calculated after you choose your country). As much as it seems from the methods available to pay – they are only accepting PayPal. Customer Support Service

It is very important for an online pharmacy to offer enough methods to get in touch with them as there might be a lot of people who might want to ask a lot of questions. To do so, people can either use their email or their contact form available on their site (but both methods are technically the same). Except for email and contact form people are able to use their phone number to get live assist, but these are all the methods available. Coupon Codes

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy claims that they are offering coupon codes and you can see the coupon code right on their front page. With the help of the coupon code DISCOUNTEPHARMACY you can get 10% discount off your total order. In addition to this, there are some certain products which, as they claim, have discounts – anywhere between 20% to 40 %. One last thing to mention here is the fact that this pharmacy claims to offer free shipping to orders over 140 AUD! Reviews

I’ve searched for customer reviews and unfortunately I have managed to find only 2 of them (both on and even worst is that both of those reviews stated the same – scam company/ scam website – don’t buy from here. and plus to that, both these reviews were recently written meaning that if the pharmacy used to be functional in the past, it is not functional anymore as the reviews said this is a scam company., strangely, states that it is safe to purchase here, nevertheless, I noticed couldn’t determine that the pharmacy uses gmail as their email and that’s not a good point for the pharmacy and plus, I still think that reviews are much more important to take in consideration.


Since there are only 2 reviews and since both of them are recently written and since both of them said that this is a scam pharmacy who took their money and never gave them a product, a refund or a reply to their messages, I can easily conclude that is an Australian scam pharmacy that needs to be avoided. Scam pharmacies can’t earn more than 1 point on a scale from 1 to 5.

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