| Discounted Labs Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy that I have found and I will try to find as much information about it as possible. Discounted Labs seems to be a pharmacy with a very well done website, the site seems to be user friendly which is very good and by analyzing the front page a few minutes, the pharmacy does seem to be reliable, but I wouldn’t rush to conclude this. I have noticed that the customers of this pharmacy can create an account and can sign in to it. There are a few reasons why this online pharmacy claims to be good and worth using and among those reasons I can say they have mentioned: lowest prices; 5% first order discount; no doctor visit; they claim to serve most US cities; the pharmacy claims to have no hidden fees; and lastly they have order good for 90 days. So far, this all sounds very good, but I am going to check whether is all of this true or not as I have often come along online pharmacies that were not honest about their promises and claims. On their website you can *find a location* where you would be able to have your lab. With the help of zip code, you can find a LabCorp Location but they claim that they are not able to serve the states of NY, NJ, MA, NH AND RI. NO LAB LOCATIONS IN VT, ME AND HI. You can also *choose your test* online as well. I was not able to find information suggesting for how long they have been online and where is their headquarters located. However, I did have found information suggesting that they are having social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. drugs selection and the prices there

According to the information that I was able to find there, this online pharmacy is not actually a pharmacy but as claimed, a lab which only offers their customers *tests*. There are categories including: heart health, kidney, hormones, diabetes, men’s health and many others. But those categories does not display any medications at all but only tests. For example, there is ED Panel; Cystatin C Blood test; Testosterone, Thyroid and Estradiol Panel; Aldosterone, serum and many others. All these tests and many others are there so there’s a wide selection of tests offered, but no drugs or pharmaceutical products to use. All these tests are also having prices listed as well and for example, Basic semen analysis would be 194.25 USD, ED panel would be 204.75 USD etc. I cannot be sure whether these are good prices or not but I simply mentioned them to have an idea of what kind of prices are here. I am in doubt that anyone can order these tests, but I cannot say this for sure. there’s a chance that only physicians can order here. Shipping and payment methods

I am not very sure if I am going to be able to comment on this as there are no medications so I am not sure if they have shipping policy, but I will try to find out. Although there is *FAQ* page there is not a single mention about *shipping* and *delivery*, in fact, there’s not a single word about these. With this being said, as I have assumed, I doubt that this company is offering any kind of shipping, but that might be something you could ask customer support. There is not a single mention about what payment methods this pharmacy is accepting except for the seals on their website suggesting they accept: PayPal, Maestro, Visa and American Express. As in terms of insurances, they claim that they do accept them, but in the end, it is up to each customer’s insurance company to decide whether they want to pay for these lab tests or not. Customer Support Service

It is obvious that people might have a lot of questions, especially when it comes to lab tests etc. and although they are offering FAQ page, it still could be the fact that customers would have questions. For asking these questions, people can use the contact form on the website, they can use the company’s email or use the social media pages as well, I can assume. There is not a single phone number listed. Coupon Codes

As much as I could find, this company is offering some discounts for some special tests, like for example there are some tests which used to cost 75 USD and now they are offered for 30 USD. However by far not all tests are coming with discounts. Also, as I said, they claim that on the first order people can get a discount of 5% but besides this, I couldn’t find anything else which is able to make you save money by having lab tests with this company. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this company I did have noticed quite a few reviews about it including a forum discussion about it which can greatly help understand if this pharmacy is worth it. I did have seen people saying good words about this company saying that they have used it previously and they would recommend others to use it as well. However there are people who are not very happy with their services. That’s because they said that the coupon codes for the 5% discount doesn’t work, the lab test results are delayed and so on. Nevertheless, there doesn’t seem to be anyone to say that they have paid and never received anything and that’s very good. according to facebook reviews, most people are happy with their services, but not all of them! scamadviser has trust in this company, but the owner hides their identity.

Conclusion is not an online pharmacy so getting medications here is not possible, but you can get lab tests here and according to customer reviews, they are reliable and will not scam you around. However there are people saying that it is not worth it and that’s why I rate it with 4 out of 5 although there are more positive reviews.

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