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The next online pharmacy that I am going to review is a Canadian online pharmacy, as much as it seems from its name: As much as we can see, this pharmacy is claiming to offer discounted drugs from Canada and I hope is true as searching for online pharmacies I’m trying to search for discounted drugs as well. Their user friendly designed website can give us all the sense of reliability which is good but that’s not always true so I recommend everyone not to rely only on the pharmacy’s good looking site and their promises. In regards to the pharmacy’s promises, they claim that by ordering from them people can obtain savings of between 40 % to 90% on brand name and generic prescription drugs. They claim that each of the customer that is purchasing anything from their site can be assure that their medicine is delivered: safely, with the highest quality and from a reliable source! By doing more research I found out their claim that since 2002, Discount Drugs From Canada has been a trusted source for safe and affordable prescription and non prescription medications. They claim that all medication orders are being filled and shipped by a fully licensed pharmacy and they are being delivered directly to your doorstep. They also claim to offer the highest quality medications at low prices by filling the prescription medications with less expensive medications from their licensed Canadian pharmacies and international pharmacies. Although the name of this pharmacy is Discount Drugs from Canada, I found an exact address suggesting that this pharmacy is actually located in Great Neck NY, USA. All in all, the pharmacy, to my opinion, looks pretty good, it has good claims and promises and seems to be overall good. The problem is that I’m not very sure if all these are only fake promises or they do keep their promises. These are the things that I’m going to check later. Selection of medications and prices

There are only 2 methods available to search for the needed medications and they include: either by keywords search if you know the exact drug’s name that you’re searching for or by first letter of the drug which also requires you to know the name of the drug that you’re searching for. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy does not seem to offer a list of categories of medications and for this reason I’m not able to talk about the selection of medications. But I’ve clicked on random letters and I found there are indeed a lot of drugs and that’s why this makes me think that the selection of drugs should be pretty wide here. I’ve searched for ED medications where I found both brand and generic forms of medications meaning that you can find at this pharmacy both types of drugs. Talking about the prices I can say that they seem to be some really high prices. like for example, getting generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) 20 pills you would need to pay 80 USD (for either 50 mg or 100 mg, regardless which ones you choose) and there does not seem to be discounts by ordering more pills at once. According to the information on the site – all orders require a valid prescription! Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the shipping policy page, their standard shipping fee per package is 12 USD and this shipping fee applies to all standard packages shipped to destinations in the USA. Nonetheless, there’s no information suggesting that they are offering multiple shipping options or that they are offering shipping anywhere else outside the USA so I’m not sure if they offer any of them. They claim that the packages are insured and they can be tracked online and they claim that the delivery time is anywhere between 8 to 12 business days according to the information on their site. according to the information on their site, they are accepting cards such as VISA and Master Card. They also accept bank drafts or international money orders and lastly, they accept personal checks either. Customer Support Service

The customer support service, to my opinion, is very important for every pharmacy. like for example the methods available to get in touch with this specific online pharmacy include: toll free phone number, toll free fax number, using the contact form available on their website or the exact address given on the site to write them a mail. I think that paying them a visit is also available as long as you have time on your hand.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy is claiming that those people who are using their services can obtain discounted meds that are anywhere between 40 % to 90% less costly compared to other places where you could get your medications. Nevertheless, by comparing the prices for same drugs with other pharmacies, I doubt that you would save anything, and that’s especially since this pharmacy offers no free shipping, no coupon codes, discounts by purchasing in bulk or anything else in this matter. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews that are so important to check before judging a particular pharmacy, I could not find any and that’s quite disappointing as this means the pharmacy is not popular among buyers. And when an online pharmacy is not used by buyers this makes me think there’s something wrong. I had no other options than to check the information about this pharmacy on and other scam warning sites. To be honest, I haven’t found information there encouraging me to purchase anything from the site. According to legitscript, this is not an approved internet pharmacy, according to that’s not an approved pharmacy either. On, the information suggests that care should be used when browsing through the site as this site has been threat listed.


I’m not going to ever recommend this online pharmacy that barely has any trust from scam warning engines like scamner, scamadviser, scamvoid, legitscript and others with no customer reviews anywhere online. All in all, my rate for this pharmacy is 1 out of 5 due to its very low trust rate, no reviews, no coupon codes or discounts and high prices for medications! There’s nothing to make me want to purchase anything from the site.

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