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Direct Pharma Shop is your online pharmacy or at least that’s what this pharmacy claims and that’s the pharmacy I will review. is the internet address that you can search for if you’re willing to check their website. This pharmacy claims that you can order your medication online here without a prescription and while this can be good news for some people out there, this also is a bit alarming as ordering prescription medicines without a prescription online is illegal so this means the pharmacy is illegal either, which therefore means that the pharmacy might disappear any minute and might rip you off money. they claim that their aim is to provide prescribed medications at lower prices. plus to that they claim to offer free shipping, the claim to offer same quality of medications but at better prices, they have fastest and on time delivery, confident purchase and transparent information. All of this is what I read when I entered their main page on the site. Generally, they seem to offer a user friendly interface of the site which is very good and gives a sense of reliability, however this could be a false sense due to reasons I mentioned earlier. People can register here an account and login to their accounts. I have tried to find out information on their website which could help us determine when this online pharmacy has started to serve customers and where they are being located, however there is no such information and to be honest, that’s a bit disappointing, but it is not a surprise, keeping in mind that this could be an illegal pharmacy – obviously they wouldn’t share their exact address. Selection of medications and prices

As much as it seems, there are 87 different medications that this online pharmacy has. When you click on *product lookup* page, you are given 6 different pages and on each page there are 15 products displayed. That’s the only way you can search for medications except for search function. The medications are not categorized by health condition. With this being said, I wouldn’t say that selection of medications is really big and wide, and that’s especially after I was searching for Viagra, sildenafil, Cialis or some other ED treating keywords and I wasn’t displayed anything. I can assume, therefore, that they do not have any ED drugs. So for giving an example of prices (but I cannot comment on the prices are they either cheap or expensive) I’ve taken a random product on their site, named Augmentin BID 1000 mg (a much as I know this is an antibiotic) 875+125 manufactured by GSK 14 tabs and I can say it costs here 67 USD. Either that’s a good price I am not sure. as mentioned earlier, this pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription for ordering any medications from them. Shipping and payment methods

Unfortunately, there’s very little that I can say about these points since this online pharmacy is not having a FAQ page on their website and you cannot go on checkout page without actually trying to buy something. The only thing that I have noticed is that when choosing the country where you want your products to be shipped there’s a very long list of countries meaning that this pharmacy, as much as it seems, ships medications world wide. I am not sure what are the delivery methods and delivery details though, such as what are the shipping fees, delivery timeframes, tracking etc. etc. plus, there’s no information anywhere on their website suggesting what are the payment methods accepted by the pharmacy. Customer Support Service

When you search for answers you’re searching for FAQ page (as I did) but I couldn’t find such a page. That’s why, if you have some questions (which I guess it is obvious that many of us might have many of them) you try to contact customer support. People can do it by filling up the contact form available on their website or by using either of the 2 email addresses. However they are all basically the same method of getting in touch with the pharmacy and that’s to my opinion, by far not enough.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

The coupon codes, discounts, or any special offers and deals are a great way to make new customers and to keep the old customers to return back and that’s why, to my opinion, any pharmacy should offer them. unfortunately, I could not find anything. I haven’t found any discounts, coupon codes, special offers, free pills or anything. There’s just the pharmacy’s claim that they are offering free shipping (but I am unaware in under which circumstances they are offering free shipping). Reviews

I want to be honest here and say that simply by checking only the pharmacy’s site I already do not have trust in this pharmacy (but that’s something rare) but I would gladly change my mind if the customer reviews could confirm the pharmacy is actually reliable so that’s why I started to search for them (especially since I can’t judge the pharmacy without firstly ordering here or checking the reviews). However I couldn’t find any customer reviews anywhere online to change my mind and confirm this pharmacy is reliable and worth using. There are no reviews so that’s another sign that having trust in this pharmacy is not advisable.


To be honest, I do not think that it is a good idea to purchase anything form first of all it is illegal as it is offering prescription drugs without requiring a prescription. They do not offer any phone numbers, do not have a wide selection of medications and they have a strange site with no FAQ and other essential for a pharmacy pages. This all pushes me thinking that ordering here is very risky and I rate the pharmacy with 2 out of 5.

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