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I’ve been doing my research for an online pharmacy and then I found one with the domain address of diplomat.is and according to the information that I could find on their website, Diplomat it is the America’s largest independent provider of specialty pharmacy services which is bringing personalized medication therapies to people with some specialized needs like for example: blood disorders, oncology, autoimmune conditions and inflammatory, HCV and some more. Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. is having their headquarters located in Flint, Michigan but they are having facilities all across the United States territory and they are dispensing medications all across the 50 states of US. This Diplomat pharmacy has been founded back in 1975 and this pharmacy has been mostly working with people living with chronic diseases. According to the information that I was able to find on their front page, Diplomat is HiTrust CSF Certified, it is URAC accredited and they also claim to be accredited by VIPPS as well but if you search for the full list of accreditations you would find some more accreditations either. Analyzing the front page of this online pharmacy I would say that they are having a user friendly design/ interface of website and that’s very good because it makes it easier to navigate through the website. Since this is quite a big pharmacy across the USA territory, you can obviously find it on social media pages like for example Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and some others as well.

Selection of medications and prices for them Diplomat Pharmacy

There are different types of medications at this pharmacy but I couldn’t find erectile dysfunction medications. As it was mentioned a bit earlier, they are mostly oriented in helping chronic patients and so, by clicking on *areas of excellence* on their website you can see such things as: HIV/ AIDS, Oncology, Fertility, Hepatitis, Immune Globulin, Cystic Fibrosis and some others. The problem is that by clicking on whatever on those you’re only going to be given information about them and you would be required to send your prescription / enrollment. There are no prices on this website which I could talk about and that’s quite a bit of problem since we can’t judge without knowing what the prices are. It is obvious that this pharmacy is requiring prescriptions for getting any prescription medications from this pharmacy.

Shipping and payment methods Diplomat.is

I’ve tried to see what kind of shipping and payment methods they are accepting but there is no Frequently Asked Questions page and there is no information about shipping and payment methods unfortunately. I’ve tried to search through the whole website but I was unable to find information about shipping and payments. I’ve only found different types of articles and news, and there are even article and news in Spanish.

Customer Care Department Diplomat.is

For getting in touch with this pharmacy you firstly need to know what you actually need as they are offering different phone numbers for different needs. Like for example, if you’re *already a patient and having a specific question* then you need to call a phone number. For *general assistance* you need to call another phone number. But if you’re a licensed prescribed then you should call another phone number. There’s also fax number, there is also mailing address too but unfortunately there is no live chat function which you could contact them. One last method is by going to one of their locations directly if you love somewhere near. You can find the map with their location on their website.

Is Diplomat.is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Diplomat.is Coupon Codes

Exactly as with shipping and payment methods, I’ve tried to search for coupon codes on their own website or on external websites and unfortunately I have failed to find any. Besides the fact that I couldn’t find coupon codes, I have also failed to find any types of discounts or anything that may make you save money, unfortunately. The only and the best thing that you can expect from Diplomat Pharmacy in terms of *saving money* is that they seem to offer free shipping nationwide.

Diplomat.is Customer Reviews

Due to the fact that this pharmacy seems to be quite a big pharmacy in the USA which has so many locations all across the USA territory, I expected that I would get a lot of customer reviews about it but I was wrong as the number of customer reviews isn’t as high as I expected, nevertheless I still found some. The reviews that I found were all written only on yelp and on facebook page. According to the small number of people who rated Diplomat pharmacy on yelp, an average rate of this pharmacy is 3 out of 5 while those people rating Diplomat pharmacy on Facebook rated it with 4.3 according to 90 reviews. Although there are mixed results and mixed reviews, it is easily noticed that most of the reviews are positive. However there is also a number of negative reviews and that’s a bit worrying. Like for example Michael Smith on Facebook said that he has been lied in face. He said he sent his prescriptions and bene waiting for the medication and only in the day he had to administer the drug they told him they haven’t received his script. Other people were happy with the services of Diplomat, however some other people agreed with Michael on his 1 out of 5 rate. Like for example Bill Reynolds says that he has health problems and he contacted their team for 2 weeks with no response back and each time he recalls they tell him to wait.


This is a pharmacy that is providing specialty medications for those patients who are having long term special needs and this means that most of their patients are having, often life threatening conditions meaning that this pharmacy needs to be super careful about each of their patient. According to customer reviews they are caring about their customers but the problem is that seemingly not about each of them. There is a number of good sides this pharmacy has, but lack of discounts and coupon codes with some people being unhappy with their services makes me say that Diplomat.is deserves a rate of 4 out of 5!

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