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Dillons.com / Dillons Pharmacy Reviews & CouponsDillons is another supermarket company that is going to be reviewed now due to the fact that it has pharmacy stores. This grocery supermarket chain is being headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas, United States and since 1983 has been run by parent organization Kroger company and for this reason their official website dillons.com is very similar to Kroger’s website and for the same reason I assume that many other things are going to be alike. Anyhow, Dillons company is offering their customers to create an account and to sign in to it. In addition to that, this company is also having social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. One more thing is that they are offering their customers to download the mobile application for iOS or Android device. The website itself, exactly as it was Kroger’s website, is well done, user friendly, good features and it is all easily navigable. There are *departments* and I’ve been interested in the pharmacy department, obviously. On Pharmacy page there are different options such as: find a pharmacy, easy fill, add a prescription, prescription pet meds, diabetes needs and others. There is information suggesting that Kroger Co. is operating nearly 2,000 retail pharmacies in 31 states. You can also find a lot of different information about health, medicines and so on and so forth.

Selection of medications, prices for them, shipping and payment methods Dillons.com

For the reason that Dillons company is being operated by Kroger company I can also assume that nearly all these points are the same as they are at Kroger’s. As it was expected, there isn’t a list of medications available on the website so obviously there is not listed any prices for them. For this reason I am not able to say anything about the selection of medications and prices for them at Dillons pharmacy and I can only assume that they are both high! There is also no information about shipping and payment methods at Dillons, but what I can assume, again, is that they are only offering shipping throughout the US territory only (and not sure if they offer shipping to all states) and payment methods include debit and credit card online and the same payment option if you go to one of their store all along cash. Since there’s no information about these I can’t say anything more.

Customer Support Team Dillons company

According to the information on *contact us* page, you’re able to get in touch with them by some methods which includes phone and email, but it seems that the phone number listed would make you call Kroger company. Make sure you want to get in touch with them in their hours of operation and also make sure to dial the right phone number because there are different phone numbers for different departments. Getting in touch can be done via social media pages too, I assume, as an online live chat which is not available on their own website. Going to one of their stores yourself would surely make you have your questions answered.

Is Dillons Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Dillons Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Once again, the company is run by Kroger and a lot of things are similar and among them – coupon codes too. Kroger company is only offering coupon codes (as any other supermarket chain company) for grocery products and seemingly there are no coupon codes for pharmaceutical products and I couldn’t find anything that would make you save some money by purchasing some pharmaceutical products. I am not very sure if they don’t actually have anything (but on their website I couldn’t find anything) but I assume that calling them would give a better idea whether do they have anything or not.

Dillons Pharmacy Reviews

This company, unlike lots of other supermarket chains that I have reviewed so far, doesn’t have as much customer reviews, nevertheless, it is still a supermarket chain company with a lot of stores across the United States and therefore it would be nearly impossible not to have any customer reviews (which would have been an extremely big problem as customer reviews, as I often use to say, can judge the company at its real rate since they had real experience with the pharmacy). As usual there were employee reviews about Dillons company as well which were suggesting what it is like to work for this company, describing what are the cons and what are the pros, however unlike you plan to work for Dillons anytime soon, I assume that employee reviews aren’t very helpful for us, or at least not as helpful as customer reviews which I did have found some. On yelp there are reviews about a pharmacy store in particular and the problem is that most are negative. Like for example a person which presented as H R. said that actually 1 star is too much! Said that the pharmacy staff are rude and incompetent saying to do a lot of mistakes and been doing it carelessly. I did have found some positive reviews as well and in opposite to the previous review, a person said that the staff is very helpful and friendly. I guess it depends one each store in particular. Generally the reviews are mixed, some people are happy with their services while others are not but even on yelp there is information suggesting that the Dillons pharmacy is price, which was expensive since it is run by Kroger and we all know that Kroger is one pretty pricey company, and it is super pricey compared to online pharmacies prices for medications.


What really matters is the customer satisfaction and when the pharmacy fails to do it, regardless of how big and well known it is – the pharmacy is simply not worth using. To my opinion there are online pharmacies that have a much better/ higher customer satisfaction rate/ index and much lower prices and this is very important. These things are all very important and should be taken in consideration so I rate Dillons with 3 out of 5!

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