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An online pharmacy which claims to be deluxe can be found at their domain address name of and obviously the reason I said they are *deluxe* is from their name. I have accessed their website in order to check for more details about this pharmacy and I have found a very cheaply made website. Although everything seemed to be well arranged on the site which makes it easier to navigate and access the things that you need on the site – everything looks very cheaply done. Although this doesn’t mean the pharmacy is scam automatically, this does gives a sense of none reliability. Anyway, I still tried to find out more about the pharmacy where I found that they are offering incredible savings up to 90%! They claim to be a confidential online pharmacy, they are offering 100% guarantee on top quality of the product, discreet packaging etc. This pharmacy claims to ship from different countries and according to their website there are such countries as: Pakistan, India, UK, USA, Hong Kong and Philippine. I have also noticed that patients/ customers of this pharmacy are able to create an account and login to it, not sure if that’s obligatory to do for ordering here but we would find out this later. As for now, I was trying to find more details about the pharmacy like where they are located or for how long they have been in the business, unfortunately I have failed to find such information. To be honest, I do not really like when an pharmacy hides such information. selection of medications and prices for them

According to the information on their website, there are only some categories of medications which means that unless you’re searching for medications in these categories, you would need to find for other sources. As for the ones that are here, each category of medications is having a number attached suggesting how many medications ca be found there. So there are: ADHD meds (14), Anti anxiety (31); injectable steroids (8); oral steroids (11); pain killers (13); sex tabs (2) and lastly weight loss (2) as much as we can see, there are less than 100 medications found at this online pharmacy. on sex tabs there is Cialis and Viagra both of which are, claimable, brands. The prices goes: 2.50 USD for 100 mg Viagra Pfizer pill and 2.00 USD for 20 mg Cialis Tadalafil Citrate. If those are indeed brands than those are extremely good prices so good that I am not actually sure if this ca be possible. The pharmacy claims that all medications here can be obtained without showing a valid prescription and this leads me thinking that this online pharmacy is illegal as such medications does require a valid prescription to order them. Shipping and payment methods

There is not a FAQ page available on the website and that’s the reason why I had to search for these points only by going to the checkout page and there I found out that this pharmacy is offering world wide shipping. Or at least that’s what it seems from the list of countries where you’re selecting the destination where you need your items to be shipped to. There seems to be a single shipping option which is Express delivery and it seems that regardless of which country I was choosing (USA, UK or others) its shipping cost is 70 USD. There does not seem to be any other shipping options or shipping costs and there’s no information about delivery times. This pharmacy is accepting payments through Bitcoin or via credit/ debit cards such as VISA, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Customer Support Service

I have went online to the pharmacy’s contact page to find out methods to get in touch with this pharmacy to get very disappointed, pretty much as nearly anything on this pharmacy except for their prices for medications as much as I can guess. That’s because I was not able to find any method on this online pharmacy except for the contact form available on their website. There’s not an email, phone number, live chat or anything else with the help of which you could get in touch with the pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have been trying to search for any methods that can make you save money while you’re purchasing medications here but unfortunately I was not able to find absolutely anything else except for one thing. The pharmacy ask their customers: have a coupon? So if you have one you’re able to apply it on their website. Not sure what this coupon code might give you and what’s more important is that I am not sure where to get those coupon codes. But except for that question, I couldn’t find anything else like free pills, free shipping or anything. Reviews

I am very glad that I am always searching for customer reviews before actually ordering from a pharmacy and the current search proved this. In fact, I was already expecting this pharmacy not to be reliable due to reasons I mentioned above but the customer reviews confirmed this. I have found quite a lot of customer reviews on quite different websites and out of all those reviews, only 3 of them were positive while a number of more than 20-30 were negative with people saying that this pharmacy is a scam. People paid for their goods and never received them and no refund back. People reported to lose 150 USD – 400 USD by trying to purchase here and they are all saying the same: avoid this pharmacy unless you want to lose money.


I guess it is obvious from my previous words that recommending this online pharmacy is possible. What I can recommend is against ordering from as you WILL lose money. This is a scam pharmacy that offers incredible good prices to customers just to scam you and steal your money. That’s why it gets a rate of 1 out of 5.

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