/ Dean Care Reviews & Coupons is a website that I have found by doing my research for a reliable online pharmacy. After analyzing the front page of this website I realized that I’m not actually on an online pharmacy website but on a health plan company. Dean health plan is a member of SSM Health and this company is providing their customers with healthcare plans. According to their information, Dean’s Medicare Advantage Receives a Five Star Rating for 2018. According to the information I could find on google, Dean Health Plan, Inc. is a company which has its headquarters in Wisconsin, United States and it has been founded in 1983. The company seems to be around for a while and those people who want to get themselves a plan by Dean Health Plan company can go on their website and enter the following: Zip Code, Name, Email and Phone number. After filling this up you can see the plans and prices and therefore the company promises to provide the best plans at the best prices. They seem to have a special plan of Medicare Plans for Seniors age 65+. The website owners also seem to care about foreign customers, or at least on the bottom of the website you can change the site language to approximately a 10-20 different languages. I doubt they are providing health plans to people living outside USA, but I guess this done because many foreigners live in USA. This company also can be found on social media pages, of course, such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. The customers have the opportunity to create an account on their website and to log in to their accounts. According to their information, they claim to be one of the largest integrated health care systems in the country. Tried to see more information about the company and on their website they have listed that they have been established in 1904 so it seems the information in google isn’t quite right. Here’s a list of things that this company claims to provide: Medical and health services through a network of locations throughout southern Wisconsin; Health insurance services through Dean Health Plan; Ancillary health services within our locations; Clinical research and education, through Dean Foundation. Also according to their information, they claim that the system is serving right now more than 400,000 health plan members. And plus to that, their network consists of more than 60 clinics in south central Wisconsin and also pharmacy benefits company Navitus Health Solutions with approximately 500 of their physicians who are providing primary, specialty and tertiary care in the clinics.


Usually my reviews are featuring selection of medications on the website, the prices for those medications, whether they require prescriptions or not, shipping and payment details and things like this. Due to the fact that this is not an online pharmacy but a health care plan organizer company such things would be excluded since there’s nothing to say about them. Instead you can analyze their website and become a member of the Dean HealthCare Plan provider in case you would like the prices after writing down your details. According to the information on the website, each plan is individual depending on one’s needs. In addition to that, on this website you can find a lot of information in regards to different health conditions and not only. Like for example you’re able to search what’s your need (like for example arthritis) and they would refer you to a rheumatologist. There is a lot of information for those who need some in regards to different things.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with such a company who claims to be a leading among such companies in the country should be extremely easy. They claim to have registered nurses on the line 24 hours / day, 365 days/ year. You’re able to get in touch with them by different phone numbers or by email. You can also contact them by filling up the form and waiting for a response in your email. Unfortunately there is no live chat function online because if there would be one I might have discussed with them asking a few questions in order to make a conclusion about their customer care department quality. However there’s no live chat function and so I never contacted them. Those who are interested might do it by the methods I mentioned earlier.

Coupon codes on

Coupon codes might be applied for getting discounted on medications and on a lot of different things as well, coupon codes are generally made to make you save money and, although it is a healthcare plan provider, could offer coupon codes that would make you save money. Unfortunately that’s not the case as there are no coupon codes and I couldn’t find anything like discounts or something to make you save money.

DeanCare Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential and having customer reviews makes us all having trust in anything that has lots of customer reviews because this means the product/ service or whatever else is worth using/ buying. I have tried to find customer reviews about deancare health plan as well and I found on but it seems that those were addressed specifically to a single Dean Health System clinic. While there, I was able to find a total of 3 positive customer reviews and 4 negative customer reviews. With the total rate of 2.5 out of 5. According to facebook page Dean Clinic West the rate is 4.2 out of 5. On I found a page about Dean clinic – east and the reviews weren’t good at all. with a rate of 1 out of 5 out of 5 different reviews. Although this healthcare provider claims to be among the best, it seems that not all their customers agree with this.


The fact that this is not a scam company is very good because dealing with scams is the worst. However not being a scam doesn’t make it perfect and it seems that many people do agree with this. Due to the fact that there is a big list of negative customer reviews I can’t rate it with more than 3 out of 5.

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