/ Deal Pharma RX Reviews & Coupons is the domain address of the online pharmacy which I am going to review since this is an online pharmacy which does seems to be reliable by entering its main page and analyzing it for a few minutes. Having big hopes that today I am going to add another pharmacy to my *reliable online pharmacy list* I have started to search for more info about The first thing that I can mention here is that the website is user friendly, it has a good design and these things facilitates the navigation through the site which is very important in my opinion. Except for it having a good design the websites offers different things like: subscribing to their newsletter, reading their blog, and others. Honestly talking, this all seems pretty good. Anyway, I have tried to find out more information about the pharmacy itself, to find out where it is located or for how long it has been online. Now the problem is that I couldn’t find answers to any of these questions. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing about the pharmacy. There’s not an about us page (there is one, but it is completely empty) and no information about the pharmacy whatsoever anywhere. To be honest, I don’t actually love this *mysteriousness*.

Selection of medications and prices at

As soon as you enter the front page of this online pharmacy you can see the *categories* of medications, as most of other online pharmacies – on the left side of the page. Except for searching for drugs through their categories you can also do it by using the search box function if you know the exact name of the drug that you’re searching for. I’ve checked their entire list of medications and it seems that selection of medications doesn’t lack anything, or at least there are a lot of different medications such as: asthma meds, weight loss meds, antibiotics, diabetes meds, cancer treatment, eye/ ear care, men’s health and many many other types of medications. Therefore I doubt that there are any problems with their selection of medications since there seem to be so many medications. As in regards to the prices of medications, they have caverta which is sildenafil citrate and they also have simply: sildenafil citrate (this is the ingredient used in Viagra) and the price for sildenafil citrate (since it is cheaper than Caverta) is between 1.85 USD and 0.77 USD per pill (depending on the quantity you want to purchase – from 30 to 700 pills). There are sites having generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) for cheaper prices. Their FAQ page isn’t working so I am not sure if this pharmacy requires a valid prescription or not.

Shipping and payment methods at

As I have mentioned, their FAQ page isn’t working so all I could find out about shipping is that they are offering, seemingly, delivery internationally, with a delivery time of 12 to 15 calendar days. Plus to that, they also have express shipping which has a delivery time of 5 to 6 business days. Not sure about shipping fees. In terms of payment methods they claim to accept all the major credit cards and it seems that besides all the major credit cards this is an online pharmacy which still offers COD payment methods (cash on delivery) and that’s the safest method of paying since you only pay after you’ve received your goodies. That’s quite a big surprise to be honest. However cash on delivery is only available for USA customers.

Customer Support Department

There is none. I mean, there’s not a single phone number listed, there’s not an email listed, there’s not an address and nothing at all, absolutely, not to mention the live chat function online. The only thing which they seem to have (on the contact page) is the contact form where you need to mention your name, email address and enquiry. Claimable they should write you back. That’s a really big problem.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

The only things that I could find this online pharmacy is offering in order to make you save money is: orders above 250 USD are going to have free shipping. They are also offering 30 day return money back guarantee. I have also mentioned a bit earlier that claimable, the more pills you are purchasing, the less of a price per pill they are offering. However, except for these there’s nothing else. There are no coupon codes or any other discounts than the one offered if you’re purchasing in bulk. Reviews

The customer reviews are of a great help for us all in order to have a better image of how trustworthy the online pharmacy is. They are helping us to determine whether it is or it is not worth purchasing medications from the store and that’s why searching for them is so important. I did have found some customer reviews on their own website but they are often fake reviews made to manipulate with people so I haven’t paid attention to them. instead I was searching for customer reviews on independent websites and I did have found some, the problem is that those few customer reviews I found (because there were only a few of them) were negative. There are a lot of people saying that this online pharmacy took their money and never sent them anything back – no products. And no need to mention that these people tried to contact them but never got a response back. The problem is that it is not only a single person saying that so I doubt that this is only a coincidence. People said that they never get a response from the pharmacy and they never got a parcel from them either.


When there’s an online pharmacy that doesn’t respond to their customers then it means that the online pharmacy, most likely, looks to scam people around and it does seems so in regards to the pharmacy. By analyzing the website more detailed I found out that they have big problems on the website, a lot of information lacks and there’s no info about the pharmacy and no way to get in touch with them either. Due to all of this and due to negative customer reviews I rate with 1 out of 5!

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