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I’ve been writing my pharmacy reviews for a while now but I’ve never written reviews about some famous pharmacies like the one that I am going to be reviewing today: CVS pharmacy with the website I guess a lot of people heard of it and a lot of people living in USA reading my pharmacy reviews, most likely, had business with CVS Pharmacy at least once. According to the information on Wikipedia, CVS Pharmacy it is a subsidiary of the American retails and health care company CVS health which is being headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It has been founded back in 1963 and until 96 it has been formerly called: Consumer Value Store (the reason why it is currently CVS). I am not going to write here down all the information about CVS that you can find it yourself on Wikipedia or on a lot of other sources simply by writing down CVS in google. What is important to mention here is that CVS is one of the largest American pharmacy chain with their brick stores that can be found nearly everywhere on US territory.

Selection of medications and prices on CVS

It is obvious that such a big pharmaceutical company can’t sell any other medications than those approved by FDA and it is obvious that such a big pharmaceutical company is selling all sorts of medications for all sorts of needs so I can assume that selection of medications should be extremely much with a lot of branded medications and I can guess that they should have some generics as well. While selection of medications is without any doubts extremely big, what’s more of a problem is the price. Although CVS might not carry the biggest prices for medications, it is definitely among the top pharmacies with the biggest prices. Or at least I’ve searched for the prices for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications. I guess the reason is that it is because they are one of the largest pharmacy chains and they are having lots of brick stores. Whatever the case, what’s more important is the fact that the prices for medications on CVS pharmacy is among the highest and it is extremely high compared to the prices for same medications on online pharmacies, and that’s extremely important!

Shipping and payment methods CVS pharmacy

It is obvious that you can go to one of their store nearest to you and you can pick up the medications that you need there and obviously, while there, you can pay for those medications with cash money. in regards to payment methods they should accept credit/ debit cards as well, however I am not sure if there are any other payment methods (regardless if you pay online or at their store) other than credit/ debit cards. In regards to shipping, although this is a brick store, they are still offering shipping, however the shipping is only within US territory. They are offering a number of shipping methods and delivery times and shipping fees depends on it. The standard is free and is longest in terms of shipping time: 5 to 10 business days. 3 other shipping methods costs more but less of delivery times.

Is CVS pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on CVS pharmacy

This online pharmacy does seem to offer coupon codes because as soon as I have entered their website there’s a claim: 30% off sitewide and free shipping, no minimum. Regular prices. online only. Excludes photo. Coupon code: 30FREESHIP. Plus to that, they have express free 1-2 day shipping on orders that are over 49 USD. I also found information mentioning that ordering in bunk is going to save you some money.

CVS Pharmacy Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important regardless if that’s a brand new pharmacy or if that’s an extremely large pharmacy chain company like CVS. For this reason I have checked customer reviews online about CVS and since this is such a big pharmacy chain, of course, there are a lot of customer reviews. What’s the big problem is the fact that most of the reviews where negative. Like for example on it had a rate of 2 out of 5 out of 312 reviews, on it had the same rate out of 468 reviews. A better rate (but still low) was on yelp with 2.5 out of 14 reviews. The best rate I found was on with 4 out of 5 rate. Many people complained on delays, on rude customer support and even on the fact that they have lost money by using this pharmacy. even though this is such a big pharmacy company, it still seems to have problems with dealing with customer needs as there are a lot of people complaining on their services. It is obvious that there were positive reviews as well with people being happy, however the negative customer reviews number outnumbered the positive customer reviews. What I have noticed is that lots of people are complaining on their prices as well so my theory of the fact that they are having one of the biggest prices for medications is true.


Even though we definitely cannot say that CVS pharmacy is a scam or fake pharmacy which is definitely a good thing, there are still people saying that they have lost money by using this pharmacy and although I think that this is due to mistakes, such mistakes kill its reputation of such a big pharmacy. In addition to the fact that there are many customers who are unhappy with this pharmacy’s services (and judging by the number of positive and negative reviews there are more unhappy people than happy) the prices are something very important when it comes to a pharmacy and since this pharmacy doesn’t have the best prices there are 2 big minuses. That’s why I think that 2 stars should be removed, and since everything else looks fine I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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