/ Cure Online Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons, as much as we can understand from its name, is an online pharmacy and today I am going to review it. Their logo is *it’s easy to get meds* suggesting that you can get them by using this online pharmacy. But I recommend everyone to do a vast research about an online pharmacy before actually ordering anything from any online pharmacy and that’s what I am going to do now in my review. The online pharmacy’s website seems to be really well made with user friendly interface – easy to navigate and understand everything on this website and that’s, to my opinion, is very important. Tried to find out more information about the proper pharmacy and since there’s an *about us* page that’s what I inspected closely. Here are the following claims made by the this pharmacy: they are over 7 years of experience online so they offer 100% delivery guarantee, they have highest quality generic drugs, fast and free delivery, safe and secure payments, money back guaranteed and free pills with every order. They have also shared their exact address which is located in Los Angeles, CA, USA. This is all very good, but hopefully it is true as well.

Selection of medications and prices at

When entering the website you can see that there’s a search box function so you can search for the medication that you need by entering its name. but before doing that you’re able to select a category through which you can search and next to each category there’s a number suggesting the number of medications found in each category. So here is what kind and how many medications you can find on this online pharmacy: ADHD 4, anxiety 13, diabetes 1, injectable steroids 7, man’s health 2, oral steroids 10, pain relief 18, sleep aid 5 and lastly weight loss 3 medications. Seemingly these are all the types and total number of medications you can find at At man’s health there is only brand Cialis 20 mg and Black Cobra 125 which is sildenafil citrate. Prices are not displayed since they are both 1 USD and brand Cialis can’t cost 1 USD. Generally prices are strange on this website. Seemingly this online pharmacy has their own physician which they claim that your order is going to be sent to you all along with a prescription and I am not sure if you need one or not.

Shipping and payment methods at

They claim to offer worldwide shipping to all countries and there are 2 shipping options: Trackable Courier Service as well as International Registered Airmail. Courier service has a delivery time up to 10 days while airmail delivery is up to 10 days. Courier is trackable but airmail is not. there’s no information on shipping rates but on their checkout page that’s the information I found: *Customer matched zone “Flat Rate Shipping”* and shipping cost is 65 USD with no option to change to either express or airmail. This is all very strange. In terms of payment methods, this vendor is accepting: western union, money gram as well as bitcoin.

Customer Care Department on

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy’s customer care department can be done via regular mail sent to the address mentioned on their website. But besides mail you can contact them via email that you can see it listed on their website and there’s also contact form that you need to fill up and you would get a response back to your email. Sadly but there is no live chat function and there’s not even a phone number listed meaning that there’s no way you can talk with them in real time. Coupon Codes

One of the key points that online pharmacy are having and often are taking advantage of are the coupon codes and discounts or special offers and that’s because by offering such things the online pharmacy is attracting customers. Either because there’s something wrong with their prices on the website (since they show 1 USD per pill of brand Cialis 20 mg) either because the price is real and it’s already too low, or whatever the reason, but the online pharmacy is not having/ offering coupon codes. Instead they are offering free airmail shipping for orders over 200 USD and free courier shipping for orders over 300 USD. One more thing they offer is 2 pills of Viagra 100 mg/ Cialis 20 mg/ Levitra 20 mg with every order. Strange they offer medications that they don’t have for sale at all. Honestly talking this is all too strange. Customer reviews

After checking customer reviews about I realized why this is all that strange – this is a scam website and that’s what multiple people on multiple websites are suggesting and since they all suggest and claim one thing: this is a scam online pharmacy and there’s not a single person saying that they had a good experience it is very easy making a conclusion about this online pharmacy and that’s without checking anything further. Like for example on a pharmacy forum there are few people saying that they wouldn’t try this pharmacy because it looks too sketchy which I do agree with them. However on ripoffreport site there is a person who said that has paid and has received nothing with no money back and exactly the same thing has been said by another person on another pharmacy forum saying that has ordered from and has lost his 65 USD. He recommends everyone else to stay away from (or .net).


I guess everything is clear here and without checking what scam warning websites to tell us since there are already too many people warning us that this is a scam online pharmacy which we should avoid. This is exactly what I am going to do myself and this is exactly what I am going to recommend everyone else to do – avoid since it is a scam online pharmacy and scammers can’t get more than 1 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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