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Curant Health which has the motto *improving outcomes. Improving lives* is the pharmacy that I am going to review. People can check the information about this pharmacy on where you can find information suggesting that this is a healthcare system that is providing pharmacy services in Smyrna, GA. They claim to help people to get their medications on time and with convenience but that’s something we would check later if it’s true. They claim that their aim is to provide a good healthcare journey for the patients and that’s by their *great outcomes* – from their motto. They claim not to be an ordinary pharmacy as you can find as the product management you can find there is being oriented in the patient education and reconciliation. Generally I can mention that this pharmacy has a good looking website, it is user friendly and information on the site is well arranged, nevertheless, there misses a FAQ page and it seems that many questions remains unanswered, questions I am going to pay attention later in my review. Except for sharing an exact address with their headquarters in GA, they also share an exact address in St. Petersburg, FL, USA either. In addition to this, the pharmacy claim to be a mail service pharmacy URAC accredited and a Specialty Pharmacy URAC accredited pharmacy either. Plus to this, there are seals on their website suggesting that they are VIPPS accredited pharmacy and they are also accredited by American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics as well. this company claims to be founded in 2000 and currently they claim to treat tens of thousands of patients through the USA every year through its medication management protocols. You can check all of this on their website but there are other things I want to check either. Selection of medications and prices

If you think to become a Curant Health customer then new patients are able to simply fill a form online and then to transfer their prescriptions to them. patients can easily manage their medications online with the help of the site and all of this means that only those customers having a valid prescription can order drugs here. Sad news is that there is no information suggesting that they are offering a wide selection of medications or not as there is no categories list of medications and no price list which means that I am not able to comment on the prices either. I can assume that you can only find prices for the medications that you need by contacting the customer support service. assumingly, they should have a wide selection of medications but I am not very sure. to find the medications’ availability you would, again, need to contact the customer support as well. too bad that there is not a list of medications with their price list as I think that people can easier decide to become a customer or not with such data being shared. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the site, they claim that your order is going to be shipped within 24 hours and they claim that you would get your products ordered as soon as possible, nevertheless, there are no shipping details being offered such as what are the shipping methods, what are the shipping fees or where exactly they can ship medications to. What I am sure about is that they do not sell medications outside the USA and I’m not even sure if they sell drugs in all 50 states of USA. There’s also no information about the payment methods either but assumingly, they should accept credit cards and debit cards, not sure if any other payment methods are available. Customer Support Service

Customer support service for such an online pharmacy, to my opinion, is extremely important and that’s because the customer support should be able to promptly answer me all the questions and there are a lot of questions that I would ask: such as drugs availability, drugs prices, shipping and payment methods and others as well. Anyway, to get in touch with this online pharmacy there are several methods and it includes: the toll free fax or phone number or the address in Georgia to write a mail. The exact same methods are for the headquarters located in Florida. But they also have an email listed and a contact form on their website is available too.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This pharmacy claims to offer products at the most affordable prices and they are working with insurance companies in order to ensure this. Either due to this, or because they do not even have a price list on the site or whatever else might be the reason but the pharmacy does not offer any coupon codes. There are no special offers or deals either, unfortunately. Reviews

The reviews are essential as I’m usually saying it due to obvious reasons. There are customer reviews on their own website but I usually recommend people not to have too much trust in them since they often might be fake reviews. I checked customer reviews on independent websites and I found none on yelp but I did found some on facebook. Although most reviews seemed to be positive, there are negative reviews as well. plus to this, I couldn’t find any other reviews on any other websites. I have checked the pharmacy’s legitimacy and it indeed seems to be a legit pharmacy which is legally and safely selling medications to people in USA. However, although it is legitimate, it is still not very popular online and therefore it has very few customer reviews.


I would call this pharmacy average due to the fact that they are not offering customer reviews, they are not popular online, not offering any coupon codes or special offers and not even a drugs/ price list. Being an average pharmacy I rate it with an average rate of 3 stars due to the fact that it is legitimate according to different sources.

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