/ Crazy RX Sales Reviews & Coupons / Crazy RX Sales Reviews & CouponsI personally I am searching for online pharmacies because this is a very good opportunity to local pharmacies as medications obtained from online pharmacies are offering medications at much better prices than those at local pharmacies. But the problem with online pharmacies is that a lot of them are scam pharmacies and for this reason I write these online pharmacies reviews. is the online pharmacy which I will review since, judging from its domain address name, it claims to have very good discounts for medications and that’s exactly what I am searching for and plus to that, judging from this website’s user friendly interface it does seems to be reliable. However, whether is all of this true or not I am going to find out now. The website features options for foreign customers as they can change the site’s currency and language in case customers don’t use USD and don’t speak English. People are also able to create an account and login into it so I will find out whether or not this is mandatory to do if you want to order medications here. Sadly but there is no information about where the pharmacy is located and for how much time it has been operating. There’s just information suggesting they are offering FDA approved medications at affordable prices all over the world. So, let’s take a closer look at these medications.

Selection of drugs and prices for them

You’re able to search for medications that you need by entering the product name in the search box and use this function in case you know the exact name of the medication of your choice. However, if you don’t know the name but you do know your condition (which I guess is obvious) then you can use the categories of medications that are categorized by health condition. According to the categories of medications, I can assume there are lots of medications since each category seems to have lots of medications and there are lots of categories such as: antidepressants, pain relief, antibiotics, ADHD, weight loss, smoking cessation, skin care and dermatology and many other categories of medications meaning that selection of drugs is very wide here, assumingly. They are also offering brands and generic versions as well, or at least that’s what I noticed by checking ED medications where I found generic and brand Viagra, Levitra and Cialis too. Tried to check if this online pharmacy requires prescriptions for ordering here and it seems that they do not, or at least they haven’t mentioned this. In terms of prices I noticed that they are not the best (compared to other online pharmacies, but they are still much better compared to local pharmacies prices) and to give example of prices I can say that their brand Viagra is priced with 8.30 USD per pill if you order 10 pills, but if you order 40 pills then you’re given 10 free pills and price per pill is 3.72 USD.

Shipping and payment options at

This online pharmacy, as I have mentioned is offering world wide shipping, plus their registered shipping (regular) is free for everyone and every order. But registered shipping has a 14 to 22 days delivery time and doesn’t have online tracking while their second shipping option (EMS – Express), although it costs 25 USD, does have online tracking option and it has a 7 to 14 business days delivery time. payments can be done via credit cards (only visa and master card though) or via echeck. However echeck is only available for customers in USA.

Customer Support Service

Having a good customer support service is essential for any online pharmacy because I can assume that there are a lot of customers who might have a lot of questions and these questions should better be answered in the shortest time and in the best manner if the pharmacy wants loyal customers. Those who have questions can address them at the pharmacy’s phone number listed on the website or write an enquiry on the contact form on the contact page on the website. There are no other ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy like online live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

While I was searching for methods to make you save some money (because as I said, that’s what we’re looking for when we search online pharmacies) I have managed to find lots of them with some of them that I already mentioned through my review. They are offering: free world wide shipping to everyone, they are offering free pills and the more pills ordered the more free pills. Also the more pills ordered the bigger the savings as prices per pill gets lower. In addition to this, there are 10% discount if you would have an account here, 10 % discount if you pay with master card and 20% discount if you pay with echeck. Plus, there is a discount code which you can validate and get 10% extra off by writing code: MERRYXMAS. Reviews

There are customer reviews (testimonials) on the website itself but they are often fake reviews written to manipulate with people. In fact, I read those reviews and they seemed very familiar to me which means that I have definitely already read them previously somewhere else. This means that the reviews are fake, they are copied from some similar website and for this reason there’s a very high chance they are fake (I am nearly sure they are fake) so I searched for reviews on other independent websites. I found only one review on with a person saying that this website is quite good. but the review was written 2 years ago. Went on and found some alarming signs: the website was created a year ago, the website is from a high risk involving country: Russia and the website is rarely visited with the overall trust rate of only 44%.


Despite the fact that the customer review is positive, it is only a single customer review all over the internet, the website has fake customer reviews (which isn’t a good sign) it doesn’t have trust from scam warning websites and generally there are few other things that are alarming, but there is nothing except a single customer review which was written 2 years ago to make me have trust in All in all I give it a rate of 2 out of 5!

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