/ Crazy RX Discounts Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy which claims that you can save a lot of money by purchasing medications here and for this reason I will review this pharmacy and will try to find out if this is true (if you can save money here) and whether is this online pharmacy reliable or not. So, there’s an page *who are we* and obviously tried to find out who are they because knowing as much as it is possible about an pharmacy is good, however, I couldn’t actually find too much information on that page as there isn’t too much information about the pharmacy at all. There is no information suggesting where this pharmacy is located or for how long it has been running. All that I could find is their claim to offer affordable medications world wide and they claim that all of their medications are approved by FDA. They claim not to be a pharmacy but they are acting as an intermediary service which is providing access for buyers to a range of products that are being offered by licensed pharmacies. Therefore they claim that using their services, the customers are able to get the medications that they need really fast, safely and with a degree of convenience that exceeds that of regular pharmacies. Whether is this all true or not we’re going to find out later.

Selection of medications and prices

The pharmacy claimed to have a wide selection of medications offered to their buyers and indeed it does seem to be true. Lots of online pharmacies are listing the medications on the left side of their websites and the medications are being categorized by health condition. There is no exception for as everything is exactly the same here too and checking the list of categories of medicines I would say that their selection of medications is indeed really wide. I doubt that there are some people who wouldn’t find the medications that they need here or at least some alternatives/ similar medications to the exact medications that they are in search for. In short, it seems the selection of medications doesn’t have any problems with different medications for: pain relief, ED trial packs anti fungal, asthma relief, cancer and many many other types of medicines. Checking the ED medications I found Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in brand and generic forms so yes, they do offer generics and brands as well. in terms of prices, I can mention that generic Viagra 50 mg 80 pills is going to cost you 1.28 USD per pill and that’s a total of 115 USD for 80 pills and 10 free pills (90 pills). Although I have seen better prices at other online pharmacies, these are still competitive prices. This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to require any kind of prescription for ordering any kind of medications from them in any dosages or quantities.

Shipping and payment methods

The shipping seems to be offered for free to everyone by this online pharmacy and they are offering shipping all over the world so regardless of your order sum or where you live – you would get free shipping. However registered shipping only which has delivery time of 14 to 22 business days and doesn’t have tracking online. But there’s the second shipping option Express shipping with delivery time of 7 to 17 business days and does have online tracking, but this option would cost you 25 extra USD. Delivery insurance would cost you extra USD as well, depending on order sum. Payment methods include credit cards VISA and Master Card, however US customers have the second option: echeck as well.

Customer Support Service

Those people who need some assistance they are able to get it by filling up the contact form on the contact page on their site. However this would require some time as they would respond you back by email and this needs some time. For urgent enquiries you’re able to call them at their toll free phone number and claimable, they should respond as soon as possible since they work 24/7. Unfortunately, there are no other methods to get in touch with customer support.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Although there are no coupon codes available, there are discount codes which is quite the same. Except for the discount codes this online pharmacy offers 10% discount for people who are going to register an account on their website and 10% discount as well for people paying with master card and 20% discount for people paying with echeck. There are also savings offered by the pharmacy if you order in bulk and also free pills offered too, the more pills ordered the more free pills. Free shipping, as I mentioned, is offered to absolutely everyone regardless of their order sum or country where they order. Reviews

As sad as it sounds but I wasn’t able to find any customer reviews anywhere online except for their own website where they have testimonials. However, to be honest, those testimonials sound very similar to me as if I already read them somewhere else, and to be honest, I do think that I already read them somewhere else meaning that these reviews are simply copy/ pasted which means that 99% probability they are fake. And except for this fake reviews I couldn’t find any reviews anywhere else and that’s why I had to go on scam warning websites (although no customer reviews on independent websites is already a big problem). has 0% trust rate and the reasons are: domain age is 1 year, site operates from high risk involving country: Russia, it is considered Rogue internet pharmacy by and a malware report has been detected for this website.


With only fake customer reviews and such factors given by I definitely cannot recommend this online pharmacy because all of these signs are suggesting this online pharmacy is fake and not worth using and unfortunately, there’s a high probability that this is true. For this reason I am going to rate with 1 out of 5 and say that ordering here poses a high risk of losing money.

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