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As I often use to say, while I’m doing my research for reliable online pharmacies – I manage to find a lot of different pharmacies, some of them being strange, others being unreliable, some others being focused in selling a single type of products and so on and so forth. With this being said, the pharmacy that I have found today is actually a store that’s oriented in selling muscle products – products for body builders. The website I’m talking about is named and people could access it themselves for getting an better idea of what I’m talking about. As soon as I have accessed I have seen a fairly good website, user friendly designed to my opinion, and information that’s pretty well arranged on the site making it easier to navigate through the site. been trying to get more information about this pharmacy and I did found info suggesting that they have been established in the winter of 2003 meaning that this website has been operating for a long time now and currently, Crazy Muscle is based on Lynnwood, Washington (and there’s an exact address offered). According to the information on their website, they are not selling steroids and they do not have such products, instead they have always taken the route of finding the best products and yanking products that suck off their website. For this reason, they claim not to have millions of products, however they claim to have good products – as they claim, right bodybuilding supplements at the right price. They claim that people’s trust and well being is their no. 1 priority! As much as I have noticed on their website, the pharmacy’s site is Comodo Secured which means is safe to use and they also claim that they can be followed on social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Selection of products and prices

As I have earlier mentioned, this is a store that’s oriented in selling bodybuilders supplements and as the store has claimed, they are not offering millions of products but they claim that their products are all good, helpful and of a good quality. According to the categories of products they are offering, they have products for bodybuilders depending on what you need medications for: bigger, leaner, h3er, better, stacks and bundles and there are also gears. As much as it seems, there are around 20- 30 products in each category so the selection of these bodybuilders supplements is quite good to my opinion. Since this is a store that does not offer pharmaceutical products and especially prescription products, it is obvious they do not require (as they don’t have what for) a valid prescription. I am not an expert in such products so I am not going to be able to talk about the prices, instead I can only give an example and I can say that a product for *getting bigger* named Parabol 60 tablets would cost you 50 USD. Either is that a good price or not, I am not sure, as I earlier mentioned. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their shipping page, they are offering shipping, virtually to any address in the word. However, there are 5 different products which they cannot ship to a list of countries. On their site is given the list of products and the list of countries to which they do not ship to. As they claim, the shipping fee is based on the package weight. But the shipping in USA is sent through first class/ priority mail which has a delivery timeframe of 3 to 5 days and pricing starts at 2 USD. Shipping to Canada is through USPS first class priority, delivery 7 to 12 days and pricing starts at 7 USD while all other countries delivery is 12 to 21 days and pricing starts at 8 USD. Payments can be done via: master card, Visa card, American express, discover, or amazon pay. Customer Support Service

There are several ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy as they claim and they claim that in order to get the fastest response times you would need to use their email, their Facebook chat or calling them at the phone number. however there are other methods to get in touch with their store: you could use the live chat function on the site, use the mailing address on the site and lastly – use the contact form on their site. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any coupon codes on their website and there’s also no offer given by this store like free pills or free shipping or anything in this matter. The only thing that I can mention here is that, according to the store’s information, there are some products which are having discounted prices. Like for example those that used to cost 126 USD are offered for 85 USD, those that used to be 80 USD now are for 50 USD and so on. But only some products have these discounts. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews on independent websites about this store and regardless of how much I was searching, I couldn’t find any and this is a sign that the store is not used by customers who are in search for these products. Therefore, I wouldn’t say that this is the best store to purchase anything from since we cannot be sure that the store is actually worth it. No customer reviews made me want to check the information on where I found that the site has a low trust rating meaning this site may not be safe to use as it has a trust rate of only 9 %.


With no customer reviews anywhere online and with such a low trust rate given by meaning there’s a high risk ordering anything here I would say that the best option is to stay away. I found a forum discussion where other people say that they would stay away from this site either, although nobody said that they ever ordered anything. Not being a trustworthy website, I am going to rate it with 1 out of 5 stars.

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