TADALIS (tadalafil) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

TADALIS (tadalafil) Coupons, Discounts & Cost
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Tadalis (tadalafil) Coupons, Discounts & Cost

Tadalis is a drug for patients with erectile dysfunction of any etiology. One way to save money on the Tadalis retail cost regardless of income and insurance status is to use Tadalis coupons or discount cards from RXCoupons. Use this Tadalafil coupon at this online pharmacy and receive up to 75% off the sale price.

What should you know about Tadalis?

Tadalis is a drug for patients with erectile dysfunction of any etiology. It is available in the form of tablets containing tadalafil. Tadalis is chemically similar to Cialis. The active component of these two drugs is tadalafil.

Tadalis improves blood flow in the penis. The active component stimulates a healthy erection. Your orgasm will last a little longer thanks to Tadalis.

It does not matter what time of day you take the pill. However, a large amount of alcohol or food can reduce the main effect of therapy. The drug is taken with a small amount of water. Tadalafil is absorbed in just 30 minutes. The drug will work for 36 hours.

How to use Tadalis

The optimal time for taking the drug is 30 minutes before the planned sexual activity. Consult with a doctor if your problems with potency are chronic.

It is recommended to start using this drug with a minimum dose of 10 mg. You can also use this drug only as needed. In any case, the maximum dose should not exceed 20 mg per day. Undesirable side effects may appear if this rule is ignored.

It is best to drink plain water during therapy. Juices (for example, grapefruit juice) can provoke unwanted side effects.

Tadalis contraindications

Tadalis contraindications include: sensitivity to tadalafil, chronic kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, fluctuating blood pressure.

Do not use this drug with agents in the nitrate family (nitroglycerin).

Do not use in women and adolescents under 18 years.

Tadalis unwanted side effects

Do not use high doses of this drug. Long term use is associated with undesired side effects such as diarrhea, redness of the face, allergic reactions, dizziness, mild headache, back pain, muscle pain, mild nausea, rhinitis, painful erection (rarely).

Infrequent adverse reactions: blurred vision, nosebleeds, rash, urticaria, hyperhidrosis, chest pain, prolonged erection.

Tadalis important information

Tadalis should not be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with cardiovascular diseases (the potential risk of cardiovascular complications is very high).

Patients who have an erection lasting more than 4 hours should seek medical attention. Such reaction (priapism) can lead to damage of the penis and impotence. Possible symptoms include: shortness of breath, swelling, pain in the chest, skin rash and urticaria.

Tadalis should be used only in accordance with the directions and prescriptions of your doctor. Do not change the dose without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

It is necessary to inform the doctor about the following conditions: pregnancy or lactation, allergies, any other diseases or disorders. Tell your doctor if you also take other medicines, vitamins or food additives.

Some antibiotics (erythromycin and itraconazole) increase the concentration of tadalafil. Antacids may reduce the rate of absorption of tadalafil. Ketoconazole, ritonavir and other HIV protease inhibitors increase the effect of tadalafil. Rifampicin reduces the effect of tadalafil.

Tadalafil enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrates (it is strictly prohibited to mix Tadalis with such preparations). It is extremely undesirable to combine Tadalis with nitric oxide donors (some drugs for the treatment of angina pectoris).

Store Tadalis at room temperature. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use the drug after the expiration date indicated on the package!

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